The Immortals’ Code #3

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27 Responses

  1. haryoka says:

    Irony of life it takes them nothing to kill another person but they are afraid to lose their own loved ones darris God o…Sally job well done God bless you dear

  2. nate says:

    this is some cool shit. i’ll pay top dollar for this

  3. gift says:

    Sally please I want to ask,, is this immortal code different from the first one u wrote?if i can remember it wasn’t completed, and I feel reluctant reading this one that’s why am asking,, followed the other one u were posting on moskeda lounge then cos it seemed a little different

    • Sally says:

      Hi Gift, they are two different versions. I already thoroughly explained that. But if you’re reluctant to read, it’s OK, really. Not everyone is crazy about the series. Only few understand it and I’m fine with that cos it takes a different level of commitment for me to write this, so the audience for it is special

  4. mide says:

    well tins we do for dose we love. cant blame desire and safia. lost deir souls and dey are abt to lose d only tin dat mk dem sane.

  5. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Sorry for what was taken from you.

    Glad Immortals’ Code is here to stay.

  6. Adewunmi says:

    Sally, Thanks.

  7. Rukayat says:

    Thanks u aunt Sally!!more ink 2 ur pen

  8. mavise says:

    Sally i bless God for your talent. Your special, beautiful story like always

  9. AOS says:

    Thanks madam for bringing this back…*xoxo*.

  10. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Holi Molly!
    This is one captivating piece!
    Well done lady Sally.
    A job well done…

  11. iru says:

    nice one. always looking forward to n
    ew updates. love your stories.Ever since i came across your site i have no reason to regret. its being fun all the way.

  12. Adeola says:

    I really wish to be getting update via mail. I have subscribe but it was not activated. pls help.

  13. Atoba says:

    I’ve missed commenting! Bad network. Sally thank younfor immortal’s code. Seriously you don’t know what this means. This was awesome. And it will definitely suffice till another comes. God bless you!

  14. Tobislim says:

    sally is bae sha. its been an amazinggg journey. i am done with no heart feelings, almost done with to tame a virgin and seriously stalking the websites for new posts on the other stories.
    I thank God for ur talent and appreciate the fact that your episodes are long and well edited.
    Thank You to the Real MVP.

  15. Phortunate says:

    Sally, once you arw doing any writing, I must be doing a-reading. More ink to your pain. May your bamk of ideas never run dry….

  16. chinny says:

    Thanks saly

  17. Sekinat Thomas says:

    Sally :)… Been waiting so long for this “Immortal Codes” Didn’t read the first one. I am loving it, I love reading about the darker side of life, not everytime lovey-dovey story… Just did a binge reading. Sorry about your modem. And thanks for taking your time to fill this bucket of water with a spoon.

  18. gift says:

    u really didn’t get me,, I love immortals code but my point is if it’s the same immortals code I read some years back its better I wait until you get to where I stopped reading since u were not able to complete it but then if it’s a different one then I start reading ,,sorry I never knew it has been thoroughly explained

  19. Seye Seye says:

    Oh dear, some real deep shiiiii is about to go down. If Celia and Desire even get to cut a deal, there’s neither to trust.
    Thanks for this Sally, lemme goan read the next episode.


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