The Immortals’ Code #4

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30 Responses

  1. mammy says:

    Too bad hamza. And am sure u are cute too

  2. mammy says:

    Didn’t think I would be d first to comment. Sally pls a bonus episode of its another saturday will be reaaallllyyyy nice if u find time out of your busy schedule

  3. Zee says:

    have always loved immortals code.

  4. vic says:

    Hey Sally, thanks for this story, immortal code. Sincerely, I enjoy stories like this compared to romance stories. You are one talented breed. The sky is surely your starting point. Thank you

    • Sally says:

      Thank you so much, Vic. This is actually how I began writing. Romance was a challenge someone threw at me and then I fell in love with it. But this kind of writing is actually my first love.
      Thank you

  5. Rukayat says:

    I just love this story already

  6. anomuogharan tanrose says:

    Wow. Another great piece. Anti Sally. Been a silent reader but I had to drop something here. You. Are one of the best writers I have encountered in Nigeria. How can one come up become as good as you in writing? Lol. Don’t mind me… Just want to be your student if you don’t mind. Great writing.

  7. Aminat says:

    Very very nice write up but plz a bonus of its anoda saturday wld be nice

  8. AOS says:

    Yes!!! I’m getting closer to where I stopped reading…..thanks lovely madam.

  9. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Lady Sally. You are too much!
    Mehn! I’m still marveling at your descriptive prowess…

  10. wasmakelly says:

    Speechless, Dis Captain is heartless. Dat man na devil itself. I just hope desire survive dis.

  11. temidayo says:

    av read diz immortal codes over and over again, but each time feels like the first. see me fearing for hamza. madame sally honestly u r talented. God bless u . greetings to the family

  12. classiq IJ says:

    Sally… The Best!

  13. chinny says:


  14. Morain says:

    Okay, it’s all making more sense to me now. Following well now. Thanks ma’am.

  15. Fragile says:

    Aunt Sally, I have followed ur stories since 2013, tho this is my first time to comment. God bless you for ur reach mind

  16. Tolu says:

    The Immortals code, suspense filled, quite impossible to guess what happens next. Weldone Sally. Huge huge fan

  17. Seye Seye says:

    Tina dead, 1 down. Hamza should stay there and be dilly-dallying when it’s not yet sure he’s gon’ escape. Sefia infiltrated their ranks big time, and she’ll drop them one by one.
    As for Captain, the degree of his ruthlessness seems to have come from one planet far away.
    I eagerly await how Sefia and Desire are gon’ cross swords, or maybe some form of compromise. That’s sure gon’ make this juicier because I see Captain as one whose instruction must be carried out to the letter.
    Big ups Sally. Thank yu


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