It’s Another Saturday…#19

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  1. Feyilag says:

    yay!!!1st 2 comment.tnk u ma 4 d bonus update.Reno,i cant wait 2 c u suffer,Honey dnt get preggy yet o,Jide wont like it cos e warned u,peace beht y???? Jane,dats so nice of u.tnk u Mrs Sally& av a blessed month ahead

  2. Noncapax says:

    Sally the awesome!

  3. MissBosola says:

    Whao! It’s getting more interesting, can’t wait for the next episode. You’re doing a good job Sally.

  4. Victor says:

    Oh my…Reno is about to get it…shit just got real…next episode biko

  5. ola says:

    yahyii…….Reno will def get his fill…..and for mary happily ever after in sight. I hope

  6. Olori says:

    Thanks so much Sally for the bonus. See life, Reno and Peace are so messed up,chai! Reno go hear am with soldier boys,lol! And i think Honey is going to get pregnant after this deed,lol! It’s Another Saturday,yayy!

  7. chibaby says:

    Thanks sally,yeah the heat is on…

  8. sandra says:

    Wooooooowwwww…..I nor fit laff o…ghen ghen ghen .. sally I lov you is an understatement. I can’t count how many nija literary blogs I follow ..but Mehn. .they are all learners. None comes close at all…Ur just effortlessly blessed. Like a zillion kisses for this post.

  9. gbemmy says:

    *laffing wicked laff* hahahahahha. Reno yaf enter tunnel!

  10. Peachesgurl says:

    Oh yes!!!!!! Cee Cee to the rescue. Now I can breath easily. Hav been holding back my breath on this RApe issue. Reno will get his due. And then honey and Jide!!!!! Kia Sally you hav made my day. And it’s not even a Saturday!! Muuuuuaaahhh!!!!!

  11. temidayo says:

    ghen ghen d battle as just started. reno wont know what hit him.. and pls y is peace like that she deserves 2 learn a lesson kai only if celia had recorded her sha…mehnnn madam sally u just 2 gud didn’t see that twist coming. i honestly wish i could tap into ur d gud wrk going madame. love ya bunchs.

  12. temidayo says:

    and tnx 4 d bonus cus 2day aint Saturday yet. u d best

  13. Rukayat says:

    This episode ‘s gat me going haaaaaaaa n ohhhhhhhh. Many gbosas 4 u aunt Sally!

  14. kalliboom says:

    Chai! Now I believe the saying dat says its wat is in ones head dat comes out wen wine goes in. Finally d truth is out abt Reno raping Mary and how Honey’s mum is been killed,Nemesis on evil doers,thank u jane for telln d truth n stealing d will for honey,dis episode is so interesting I learnt a lot frm it. Thanks Sally God bless You!

  15. harrison says:

    Sally,Come nd Be marrying me o! All this Stories You’re Dropping! There Is God o! And to think that I read this Episode Driving!!

  16. Tgirl says:

    This bonus episode was all shades of awesome. I’m glad Celia has taken action against Reno and he is finally getting what is coming to him. Jane also came through for honey in a big way and that makes me super happy. Thanks for the bonus episode Sally, I think you’re a pretty fantastic writer.

  17. bisi says:

    Awesome Sally…thank you very plenty for this episode. So sweet….

  18. Olly says:

    Welldone Madam, u’re gifted .

  19. Amadex says:

    Thks so much for ds bonus episodes. More ink to ur pen nd ds is getting more interesting. Hope dere is anoda episode on sat☺

  20. Toyin says:

    Haha See Gobe for Reno, truth will always come out see how vindicated Mary. Thank you for the bonus sally. Can’t wait for Saturday.

  21. elly says:

    Tanx sally.yuppy d whole truth is out,can’t stop smilin.

  22. haryoka says:

    Hmmm punch line “I will send my boys”

  23. Mariam says:

    Peace! Who would have known! Now Mary is vindicated, thank God she doesn’t have to wait for years before the truth comes to light. As for that Reno, I pity his sorry arse. Thanks a lot Sally, this episode and the last one were really long. God bless you love!

  24. Bridget says:

    Omo see gobe for Reno!

  25. Bee says:

    Happy new month to you too Sally!!!

    Thank you for this very long bonus episode…..I soo oo love you!

    To the matter now,
    Chai!! Reno done find trouble o!!
    I’m happy Celia has come to her senses. High 5, to sister Jane. I can’t get over ‘She dey use Squadi soak garri’

    • Sally says:

      would you believe it if I told you that the garri and sqaudi part was done by a girl in my school. And she did it, not once or twice. I still don’t understand the addiction

  26. Dayo says:

    Was so surprised wen i saw this notification.. thanks so much Sally… so so happy Reno will be punished.. he wont believe what hit him…good job Celie

  27. knonye says:

    It’s another. Wednesday!!! *whoop* I read this episode until a flight attendant quietly asked me to turn of my device. Wow. I. Just love you sally, you gave me a. Pre-weekend package, bless you. #Jideney are gonna be parents soon!!! *whoop* Reno is. Going. To. He’ll!!! *mwah*

  28. Amypinky says:

    Awesome.I love u auntie Sally. First time 2 comment tho

  29. tedypine says:

    Yaaaaay, sally made my day. I was dancing when I got the email notification for this post.I’m not kidding.lemme go read it the 2nd time as I normally do. When is boys with toys gonna be on okadabooks cos I alraedy refilled my account in anticipation. I believe in you sally.

  30. Aidee says:

    It’s a ghenghen. Things are hapz

  31. Babypaul says:

    Reno I pity u, sugam don’t get pregnant oo. sally, God bless plentifully 4 did 1. CNT wait 4 d next episode

  32. Jumes says:

    “I’ll send my Boys”. . .Gengen!!!Reno you are so in for it. . . Celia you have sense. Honey’s inheritance is back Yay but those her Siblings are wicked o. Sally thank u for dis sweeet episode. Looking forward to saturday.

  33. Aramide says:

    Wowww,,,sally you are so so so good. Reno is time to pay for your sins and i cannt wait. Honey dear dont get preggy yet ooooo

  34. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Singing: Reno iyaf enta it, hiya hiya yoo# We’re expecting a baby o! Uncle Olajideofor, fine tune your midwifery skills o

  35. Oyin says:

    Thank you so much. Let me go back aand read

  36. Dee says:

    Yaay… thank you Sally!

    Why does it feel like Honey has something up her sleeve?

    “I’ll send my boys”??? Chimo! Reno has entered hot soup

  37. chinny says:

    Reno is so going to get it

  38. Princess says:

    This bonus is superb, cant wait for saturday. Or will u borrow us saturday’s own? 😉

  39. amaka says:

    Yeeee aunt sals…u yaf kilt someone o…I just dey pray make e no finish…ur work na beta work…put anoda one tomorrow na abeg….hope say ur family dey kampe

  40. esson says:

    we get served what we deserve eventually.. I hope they mix reno properly. Aunty sally now u got me counting down to saturday

  41. ritzy says:

    All I can scream is yes!!!!!! Reno will not know wat hit him! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank u Sally. Thank u!

  42. Gloria A says:

    OMG!!! Peace…. who would have thought. I’m so scared for Reno n what is about to befall him. Sally sha! The picture u paint of Jide n Honey can make a young lady go gaga….. lol… eagerly awaiting the next episode

  43. Dupe says:

    Wow, Reno you are in for it baje. Well done ma’am Sally.

  44. Sucre says:

    Ghen ghen!! Thanks for the bonus episode yaay!! Peace’s maid’s story got me LMAO.”squadi,gooda..” loool.
    Jane wa gbayii!

  45. Adeleke Julianah says:

    You should see my dance when I read the last part!
    *still dancing away!*
    Reno must to suffer. Serious one sef.
    And I’m so happy that Jane helped Honey.
    So far so good, my best episode yet!
    Yay! 😂 😂 😂

  46. cleo says:

    Sally you’re the best. Awesome episode

  47. gift says:

    Reno thinks he’s smart,,, I just pray this joeys men do no kill him with confam beating o
    honey shld tread carefully with this her wicked family o,,,Sally please see to it that karma visits honeys wicked siblings abeg,, thanks for this surprise,,

  48. King says:

    Sally, I love you

  49. Morain says:

    Na so! Na so!! Na so!!! Na sooooooooooo!!! Jidenna’s madness is just a primary school learner whr dis 1 is coming come 4rm! Choooiiiii!!!

  50. Dan Auta says:

    Joey send me too o. I ean burst person head

  51. mary says:

    Sally pls surprise us with another episode na.please,I am begging.

  52. lola says:

    I just finish reading. I didn’t even notice it’s past midnite and work they tomorrow.whew sally u are just the best.May God increase ur knowledge.

  53. Olamide says:

    I woke and just picked my phone to check d time then, I realised I hadn’t checked my mail all day. Immediately I saw this episode, couldn’t wait till morning and it was sooo worth my sleep! Choi Sally, I love you. Ehn ehn! Now, Reno can go to Hell without qualms. Peace needs help fast! Mary is finally going to get her happy ending. I sense a baby for Jideney! Awesome episode!

  54. classiq IJ says:

    Baddest episode!!! Like i always say Sally, U ARE BEST! *kisses.

  55. classiq IJ says:

    Baddest episode!!! Like i always say Sally, U ARE THE BEST! *kisses.

  56. damsel says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh…..”Dancing Skelewu”…reno will finally get wat he deserves..yipeeeeeee…all these rapists going scot free,that s**t has got to salivating for d next episode,plsssss hurry make B.P no kill person

  57. wasmakelly says:

    Speechless. I luv shady 4 dat, a man need 2 let dis lady knows dat dey r d head. Mrs Sally. U r d best.

  58. wumi says:

    thanks Sally. almost cried for Honey. as for Reno, when soldier handle you, you will confess to a sin you have never committed. Celia, thanks for that calls without any consultation. Peace displayed what many women do with their husbands and children, indulging their bad habits and suffering the consequences.

  59. sirgreg says:

    Reno don die well

  60. adeola gem says:

    Nemesis! Karma! Reno, ur cup don full…hehehe! Thanks Celia, now you are back to your senses. I op Mary get her succour from this. Sister Jane thankyou o, at last u got Honey her right… Why is everyone telling Honey not to get preggy? I pity you Tola, u no no say most times olomo lo loko. My best lines “she dey use squadi soak cornflakes, “I’ll send my boys” thanks Ms Sally for giving us this bonus episode. Loads of lessons learnt. Una do well o. Warm rgds.

  61. Yakori says:

    Now the real bitchy yet idealistic Celia is back in full gear.
    I wonder what happened to her to have sided that Reno. I believe women like Celia, independent minded, assertive and opinionated need to be shown their weakness to keep them on track. She needed Shady’s reprimand to get her to realize and correct her faults.
    The hot seat judge is back on track.

    Honey and Jide are my favorite couple in here. Even though it’s obvious they’re the main characters of your story.
    Jide reminds me of another protagonist in your story. The story centered about the Jos family. The shy male character that always leaves his shades on his eyes.
    And Mary also reminds me of another female character in TTAV. A female friend to the male protagonist in the TTAV story.

    Jane is really God sent. She came out differently from the lot of her maleficent siblings. Am glad she’s someone Honey can depend on, anytime, anywhere.

    I hope Celia’s brother and Mary can now hook up for good. I really like Mary. She’s such a peaceful soul but doesn’t get her needs realized nor is she appreciated by others.
    A misunderstood lady I can describe her as. Still on the journey to fulfillment and discovery about herself.
    Hopefully, soon she’ll be all smiles.

    I wonder what guts Tola has to think she can dish such bias thoughts of hers to Jide. Am sure she’s forgotten so soon, she’s gotten married to a man whom has a child by another. And he has a duty to fulfill towards his child.
    She’s just possessive at times and very insecure too.

    I so much loved the part you described the spiritual angle that lovemaking is. It’s just so on point and the best I’ve read. No one really does it like you do.
    In PSquare’s voice; No One Be Like You. :-p..

    On that note I want to say am now back in full gear on the commenting trend. Back to claim my space, *winks*…
    I can see I’m being missed.. *smiles*
    I miss being here so so so much.
    Kudos sister. xoxo

    • Sally says:

      Glad to have you back, Yakori.
      I have missed you here so so so much.
      And missed your analysis as well.
      God bless your soul, darling
      I owe you a phone call. Yafe ni and my silence

  62. Mariemummy says:

    Ghen ghen. What Reno got from Jide was actually chin-chin. Morticians are preparing a space for him in mortuary

  63. Mariah says:

    Sally!!! I hail o! Tuale x 100

    YES!!! Finally!!! Reno totally deserves whatever comes to him. Payback is such a bitch. I hope Mary & the Lieutenant get their happy ending because Mary really deserves a break.

    Thank you for the lovely piece. I’m guessing Honey will get pregnant all that talk about period na wash.

    As usual… on point.

  64. lola says:

    And finally the truth is out.sally u are the very best.
    The best in lengthy stories,
    The best in updating and
    The very best in story line.#big hug 4 u alone#

  65. jumai says:

    Thanks Sally. …love u plenry

  66. James says:

    I’m so loving this…

  67. Ibhafidonian says:

    Wow,I’m so happy that Reno is going to get what’s coming and he wouldn’t know what hit him.he is a monster.thanks for the bonus part.ekushe so waiting for this Saturday jor.

  68. Bukky says:

    thank u madam Sally 4 d bonus u ar d best. Reno own don finish patapata as for Mary pls giv h e r happy endin d girl don suffer too much and pls giv us details abt Reno an Mary in d past wat really brought them together. thanks once again.

  69. Seye Seye says:

    Reno is so gon’ gerrit HOT!!! The nice turn in the rape saga is sooooooo pleasing.
    As for Jane, she got on an angelic assignment for Honey (to the normal eye) but my paranoid self still has reservations about trusting her absolutely 😀
    So Honey’s period came, and I don’t expect her to treat us to news about embarking on a 9-month course, ‘cept she’s one of the very rare cases that I have read and seen.
    When The Bible recorded wine as being a mocker, Peace wouldn’t have known it would also land her in trouble. Now, the chicken has come home to roost for oga Reno.
    Shebi Yaaa serving us episode 20 tomorrow Sally? God bless you always.

  70. itheword says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYY GOOOOOD!!!! I’m going bananas right now! If you can’t tell, I am! WOW! Man, I need more. I’m so sad. It feels like the show is coming to an end!

  71. Oluwakemi says:

    Hmmnmn,what can I say. As always, first thing first. Thank you so much Madam Sally. I have read this episode at least 3ce and I am been sincere. After I read through the first time,I felt I missed out some part cos I was rushing. Read it d second time to savoir it and read it again this night in anticipation for tomorrow. May God continually give you the inspiration and may you never lack ideas on how to make this gift a money spinning one for you in Jesus name, amen.

  72. Olaedo says:

    You’re doing really beautiful work with this, Sally 🙂

  73. Odera says:

    Sallychukwu…plss, episode 20 should come early already. And plz, always inform us anytime you want to have midweek service. Imagine, I’m just reading Episode 19 now.

  74. Marion says:

    Mrs Sally, u are a good writer I must say. Am from delta state urhobo to be precise. I love d way u write. U give me d feeling of been in d story like am watching a movie or its all happening B4 me. Pls continue d good work. More power to u.

  75. kemi says:




  76. Phaevour says:

    Gobe. Seems lyk honey zs gnna b expecting a babe vry soon. (Crying) n nw d luv story z gnna turn sour.
    sally if i ws a guy dn marrying u wuld b 1 one my wishes 2 santa. Thxs 4 always makin my day with ur stories. Cnt wait 4 next issue. I’m addicted already

  77. Nene says:

    I can’t wait for Reno to get what is coming to him! I love how Shady’s outburst was resolved. I think it would help bring them together. As for Jide, he should know he’s about to become a daddy!!

  78. toyenlon says:

    I think Honey just played Jide cos she wants to get pregnant.

  79. Fragile says:

    Celia made a very stupid move. Reno will get beat up again but Peace will defend his to d end n Noka n d other blind ladies won’t still believe Mary. Y didn’t she just stop for a second n think? Aunt Sally bless u for this episode.

  80. Nwanne says:

    Ghen Ghen. Payback time.

  81. 'Bimbola says:

    Nd then the table don turn. Reno is really in for it. N I always like Jide n Honey’s session.

  82. mayreecollette says:

    My head wants to burst oo

  83. imotolab2014 says:

    Omo I’ve missed oooo. Dz s so wow!!! Reno, God yaff catch uuu.

  84. yougeecash says:

    Eketeke! Ikot Ekpene oooooo!
    Someone gon’ git it!!!!

  85. bert says:

    Never getting tired of dis awesome series. 1 of the best reads. Awesome piece

  86. Dotun says:

    So Happy the rest of the series are back. now my seriorgasms drought is over..

  87. Deee says:

    Got me glued again😘😅😀👏👏👏👏👏. Pls I cnt find episode 20. Kindly repost…thanx…


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