It’s Another Saturday…#20

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  1. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Aunty..I almost had HBP..I refreshed this page over a million times today-Finally it came up..
    I’ve not read through tho,but I know for sure it’ll be interesting…I guess I’m the first to comment too

  2. seyifunmi says:

    Wow!!!!! Am short of words! Why do I have a feeling kene will fall for Mary. As for peace ehn. . her mumu na stage 100. Thanks so much sally. Great writing as always

  3. amaka says:

    Lol! Terela
    nobody ever told you about gypsies and their curses.i’msure you anoyyed her and she cursed you that’s why. go and watch drag me to hell
    as for kene, i knew he will come back. exes are likeherpes.
    I can nowsleep nicely,sally

  4. favour says:


    Thought I was the only one with the uncountable refreshings

    Thanks Sally ….you rock

  5. knonye says:

    thank God for this great deliverance. Jide is free aT last!!! whoop Reno survived?

  6. Morain says:

    The way I prepare to settle 2 read this piece sha. Like one preparing for an exam. Lol. Chai! Thank you. Dazol I can say.

  7. Dupe says:

    Hmmmmmm, Tari baby, you are in for this one o, ti e ti ba e pooo. Sister Peace, well what do we say here, is it that your love is blind and don’t know what is good for you? Nice one Sally, more grace.

  8. itheword says:

    Oh no, not this crazy bitch again. I thought I was done with her. Oh well. Perhaps, she’ll fall off a bridge or something. She definitely needs rehab. And speaking of Rehab, Mary and co should just free Peace, man. The woman isn’t worth it. Why do they even bother? And Mary needs to get new friends. Stick with Honey and leave those fake chicks. They’re only friends when things are good. But the moment things go bad, they’re never around to back her up. Rubbish!
    I predict, Honey and Jide breaking up!

  9. Amaka Chinedu Nwoye says:

    Choi! I almost had a heart attack when I thought Jide and Tarela were back. U do have a beautiful way of messing wit my head. U rock, sweet momma. Thank u for a sweet Saturday. Kisses and hugs.

  10. Jumes says:

    Sally I checked your site like a million times today. I just decided to try again and Whoop! It was here, i almost had heart attack. Kene should just stay on his own lane o. Can’t afford anything disturbing JINEY. Good for Aunty Tarela, she has seen nothing yet. Mary should front for them Celia well ooooo, and I don’t mind Mary and Kene being ‘MAKE’. SALLY THANK YOU VERY MUSH. YA D BEST. I still want MORE. . . *WIDE SMILE*

  11. AOS says:

    Good Reno got beaten well, peace is in 100%
    Mary you have two people for you oh, either Kene or Joey….but be prepared for military wahala bcuz they aren’t smiling @ all.
    Tarela u can kill yourself if want….repercussions of voodoo.

    My able Sisi Sally forever, I love you scarra dearie. Keep up the good work…*xoxo*

  12. Rukayat says:

    *singing* aunty Sally o*!!! I almost fainted when I was reading d beginning of Tareala’s part

  13. Etoros says:

    Its nice mary agreed to see a psycologist and has honey for support. All i seem to know bout kate is that she was knocked up pls even if it is 10 lines. Todays episode was an epistle oliver should be shot if he asks for more

  14. Chreez Chreez says:

    And that is how Terella starts to ya we-ere (hope I spelt it right). Sally, well done. I feel so sorry for Peace. She reminds me of that character in FBC that loves to roll with guys who speak well through their fists. And she’s dying too, mentally. I hope she wakes up and confront the devil that is herself, her lies… And Bobby, I miss him. I really want to see him in court action. Maybe a case against Harrison and co.

  15. brytnex says:

    Thank you Sal!
    This episode was worth the wait.

  16. Feyilag says:

    tnx 4 d update ma! am not d 1st 2 comment 2dy tho.i kept on refreshing d page ova& ova again.dis episode didnt showcase Jidney 2geda.peace,smh 4 u o,u ar a dog going back 2 its vomit,can’t blame u completely tho,our society expects couples 2 stay 2geda 2ru thick&thin.reno,pele tie oo,(u avnt seen anytin yet)mary,am hopeful abt kene/d soldier 4 u.Celia,I dey watch u.tarela,gerrarahia mehn!!! kene,u don miss road,tola,u av his ring na
    Jide,do sumtin fast abt Honey ooooo,or il lend her 2 kene for a lil tym.finally,Honey peperempe,b careful& watch ur back,i luv d fact dat ders anoda guy in d pic but pls biko stick wit my Jide ooo
    its Jidney or notin.tnx Mrs Sally,God bles u,ur hubby& kid(s) IJN!!!

  17. Aramide says:

    Wowww,,,i love every piece of this,i hope peace gets help and as for tarela that serves her right.

  18. CHINNY says:

    So he survived Joey’s guys??? Oloshi-rapist! But Peace sha, may God help her abeg. She truly needs Jesus.

    I just knew Tarewerela was dreaming her yeye dream – making love with Jide indeed. Thanks Sal, enjoyed the episode.

  19. kenny j says:

    werey dey, jazz backfire…Jide na lucky man see as he dodge karishika

  20. temidayo says:

    *Tari iyav run mad oo* lol.. Dat peace of a woman is jst so….I lack d wrd 2 call her sef. Biko wetin do ekenedilichukwu he ad beta warn hmsef b4 I start 7 days fasting on him. U just 2 mch madame sally. Gritins 2 d family

  21. gift says:

    lol, @morain,me too o,,am in d bus I say no am not that settled I read something else, am watching TV I say no I’ll be distracted I read something else,, Sally ure the bestest o,,,,tarela ntoooooo,,,Yaba left is her future home
    Hmmmmm peace matter sef, women can be so gullible ehn all in D name of love

  22. elly says:

    Tank u,tank u God bless u real good

  23. Aminat says:

    I am so attached to dis site, I kept on refreshing……….can I share dis work of urs ma??????????? if I read it alone den its bin stiiiiiiiiiiingy

  24. toyenlon says:

    Hmm, Tarella is done for, that’s obsession of the highest order. Kene should just free Honey abeg, na by force? All in all, wonderful piece as always, kudos.

  25. miss B says:

    I almost passed out thinking tarela and Jide got back together,meanwhile biko peace should change her name to disaster kawai.her own na sorry case

  26. Peachesgurl says:

    Tari has gone mad oooo. No more comment.

  27. Jumai says:

    Nice one sally….more grace

  28. Unique Ell' says:

    Ha ma’am I almost had a heart attack thinking Tarela and Jide were doing stuff! Thanks for the episode! Great job

  29. Seye Seye says:

    These recurring decimals ehn! Saratu sef nor try sha. She knows this thing Honey’s got for Jide yet she’s tryna set her up with Kene. She knew the guy lives in the neighborhood before getting Honey a place there. Let’s see how this will end.
    Tarela’s evil seems to have developed Usain Bolt and has caught up with her. That babe has gone bunkers mayne! Good for her.
    Peace’s situation is simply pathetic. Has issues of her own to sort while grappling with what Reno’s situation is. Na real wa.
    What Tola wants to achieve by having Jide as her midwife will only cause another problem. I just wish Jide and Honey end up together.
    Thanks Sally. I am addicted to this

  30. Dan Auta says:

    As Tari don mad na Godwin 🙂

  31. Adeleke Julianah says:

    I’m just loving the turn of things.
    Mary should marry our soldier uncle abeg!
    I love that man already. He sure knows how to dish out punishment! 😂 😂 😂

  32. mary says:

    Tarela biko go and find a place 2 Bury yasef 4 d sake of all d men out der.

    Sally,I hail o!

  33. Calabar Gal says:

    Thank you Sally! Loving what is happening to Tarela right now – no rest for the wicked…. See u next saturday!

  34. Oyin says:

    So glad to see the episode I have checking all thru yesterday. Thank you sally you are awesome!!!

  35. wumi says:

    thank you for finally posting this. this Peace reminds me so much of Peace in Lekki wives, when I read her that’s the picture I have created for her. Until she stops living in denial, no respite for her. Mary, Mary! you are an overcomer. please what is Tola’s ish? she didn’t read the MOU before signing ni? she should just go and find a seat.

    • Sally says:

      Thank you, Wumi. Glad you can relate with Peace’s character. I have never watched Lekki wives though. I just wanted to depict the lengths at which many Nigerian wives would go to protect and defend their husbands’ reputation

  36. Gannie_perrie says:

    Wao… At last ah almost had an heart attack wen ah read tarela’s part…. Y du ah av dis 4ny feeling about Kene and Mary…………. Sally, u remain my own personal person #winks#

  37. ayo says:

    whoa, peace is so finished and as for tarela, her craze just start.. Aunty Sally u really got me there with d whole tarela calling jide’s name n how he’s improved so much in sex cos i was like OMG!!! more grace ma’am.. I also did loads of refreshing.. lol

  38. Yakori says:

    I like the fact that the characters friendship in IAS brings to light the significance of understanding and trust as the bonding gel in any relationship or friendship.

    They’ve created a family out of strangers. An exemplary manner to be with friends, not the common sort of relationships one is used to experiencing nowadays.
    Being with the folks during good times and in troubling periods they desert you, reason others try not to get deep with their buddies. They just keep it minimal.

    But it pained me when they disbelieved Reno had raped Mary. Why would they think she’ll make up such a melodramatic story to heal her single status. Which I doubt she flings at them. She’s comfortable with her status just that she found herself caught up loving her male best friend.

    Anyways, that’s now settled by Peace letting the truth slip out of her. Hence, everyone wearing their thinking gears properly.

    Am not at peace having Honey’s ex in the same neighborhood with her. He’s up to warming himself towards her and that’s not welcoming to me.
    Hopefully, Honey grows a thick skin and keeps him at arms length.

    Glad to see the girls are back together to get Peace to rehab. I hope she’ll be positively influenced in the rehab clinic.
    Am loving the promising affinity between Mary and Honey. Am sure they’ll enjoy their friendship together well.
    Am so happy about what happened to Reno. Next time he won’t cozy up to another woman, thus violating her.
    He sure got what he deserved from that invigorating beating.

    Obsessed Tarela is reaping what she sowed. Let her enjoy the game she started. I really hate women that in reality go as far as embracing voodoo to achieve their aims. Very eerie and absurd.

    Let’s see what the next episode have for us. Can’t wait for the weekend to come by.
    Kudos dear. You alway dish out the best lot.
    My humble respect to you.
    Love and peace. xoxo

  39. Babypaul says:

    sally! u almost kil me wit HBP, I thought it was Jide 4 real, I 4 no continue. weldone swtty. waiting 4 d next plzzzz

  40. Oyenike says:

    Lol…..Dr Freeman as in our Ebola Doctor?

  41. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Hmmmm! I feel so much for Peace, I pray she finds peace! Reno is a selfish bastard! Karma na bitch, n she don bite Tarela for yansh. Finish!

  42. vina says:

    My first comment on this site. Impatiently waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Me likey much.

  43. Yettie says:

    Sally u wan make I faint………tarela Don hamma madness,enjoy o


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