It’s Another Saturday…#21

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  1. Dumebi says:

    Right on time… Thanks Mami, lemme go read

  2. amaka says:

    This is a really very complicated sumtin. Emeka o! Why nau?

  3. Dupe says:

    Hmmm, there is more than meet the eye in this people’s matter o. As always Sally you are the bomb.

  4. Oyin says:

    I don’t even know what to say about Emeka’s case. He caused it for himself.
    Peace, you can now go in peace.
    Great read, Sally. But it was long sha

    • Sally says:

      Thanks for reading Oyin
      About the length, I could shorten it, you know. And I think it’d be much easier for me.
      But I do hope this makes up for last week

  5. knonye says:

    All you see and hear isn’t always what it seems. Uncle mex, 2 wives is really not a small thing. Go Peace!

  6. ayo says:

    hmmmmmmm…. Am happy fr peace… tola might need a psychologist cos she fit craze wen yawa gas… Ken should watch his back cos jide will b everywhere around him… Tanks so much aunt sally

  7. The Word says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Emeka. And I don’t trust Honey. She’s going to sleep with Kene very soon, probably after she jumps into conclusions about Jide and Kene takes advantage.
    Oh, and I’m happy Peace has finally decided to do the right thing. I still think Celia and co are a bunch of back stabbing bitches the way he abandoned Mary, though.
    All in all, the episode was too short. Lol yeah, I’m Oliver Twist. Only two things happened – Jide went to the airport with Emeka, and Peace confessed to the girls. Now I gotta wait for next Saturday

  8. Feyilag says:

    tnx maam 4 d update,som women tolerate 2 much shit 4rm men in d name of 1 of doz pple who bliv love is overrated& dsnt determine happiness in marriage alone.emeka,OYO is ur case o.Jidney luv u both jare.Mrs Sally,am an oliver twist sha but il understand if ders no bonus(runs away b4 mrs sally catches her)lolz

  9. Mariemummy says:

    Omo na serious case. Thanks dear

  10. Tgirl says:

    Yayyy…this totally made up for last Saturday. Mex’s drama doesn’t end sha. Lol @george Clooney old and posh. Yazmin sef wanted to marry him the way I see it. Thanks Sally, great read as usual. This should be a book, not an ebook o, a properly published book. I can see myself curled up in bed on a rainy day with a cup of hot tea and its another saturday😊

  11. Cynthia says:

    Wow…this episode is just so. complicated…. ma Sally you said this story will have a happy ending….so I hope jide and honey will come together( I mean marriage). for me lesson for today is… Be wise and don’t trust people too much. Only God knows what will happen to Tola.
    Good job ma

  12. wumi says:

    Very complicated episode, worth waiting for. Peace, may you find the true meaning and essence of your name. i have personalised all the characters in this story and i feel i know them. Sally, thank you

  13. adeola gem says:

    Hmmmm! My lady genius, now it’s all crystal clear. I pity peace gaan o to have endured all that. Some men can be repulsive yeah! Men like Reno. I respect you Mary for ur support n big heart. So sorry to doubt u at first. I pray you find your own loving n understanding man soonest. Honey! You av to be careful with Kene else u may end up having a rebound sex with him when ever u av issues wit jide. Peace&Reno story should’ve taught you lessons on family loyalty especially when urs is love from above😜. Newais, e be like say ur family don discover d missing documents o. Emeka, datz what u get when you have ojukokoro. U kno mex, jide only got lucky but it’s obvious you av bitten more than you can chew…but I’m sure Ms Sally will find you a soft landing😜. I only pity ur moma. This life gan is full of ups and downs. Thanks ma’am for bringing it to our knowledge so we can learn from it. You are such a dear. I trust malaria has chicken out n dat you are back to your good self. Sofri sofri o…warm rgds to ur understanding family 😊 don’t mind my long epistle.

    • Sally says:

      I am not complaining, Adeola. I love epistles, love you guys sharing what’s on your mind a lot more than compliments, to be honest.
      And you did justice to this.
      Thanks plenty!
      And I am doing better 😉

  14. Zee says:

    And the drama continues… lol…. Tola and Yaz….hehehe… Peace, u r doing d right thing…See, marriage or not,if my hubby messes up and I try to work on it and it doesn’t work, I am leaving! not interested in knowing what anyone thinks or d society… for my and d kids sakes… for my sanity.. Thanks Sally. that’s how a woman will b suffering and die one day maka marriage.

    • Sally says:

      My dear, women’s mumuness in marriage is an epidermic in this country. It’s sad that they take shit in the name of marriage. May God grant them strength and wisdom
      Thank you

  15. vera (not wang) says:

    Na wa for some people o. The episode is long? If she now makes it short, the person be complaining. Mind you, this is a novel o.
    Sally don’t listen abeg. We like it lai’dat
    Now to the matter in hand.
    1. Emeka is to blame. He bit more than he can swallow.
    2. That Yazmin is no diff from those Naija girls that like to steal people’s husbands.
    3. Peace, the truth has finally set you free, that’s why you have the strength to leave Reno. Cut his dick before you go.
    4. Jide don’t allow Honey to move to her house before she will go back to Kene. That green snake that wants to sneak into her grass.

    By the way, Sally. first time commenting.
    I love you!

    • Sally says:

      Lol! Green snake that wants to sneak into her grass. Nice one.

      Thanks, Vera (not wang) 🙂
      I hope to see more of you around here.

  16. brytnex says:

    Thanks Sal for a good read!

  17. tedypine says:

    great read. too long ke. pls can u make it longer.thanx Sally. glad it cane early today.

  18. Jenice says:

    hhhhmmm aunt Sally has made my Saturday. thanks Sally. About men like Reno, they never change. And to think that some ladies hope and believe they are the ONE haha haha or that they change after marriage smh!!what a way to deceive oneself. I had one like that in my place of work who had about 2other girls in my place of work he was sleeping with and came to me like a sheep, the minute I found out I didn’t think twice before I kicked his sorry ass outta my life. So ladies think with your head and not your heart before and after sex. If he does not get delivered by God before marriage then kick him out and safe yourself the headache. As for honey I understand where she is coming from esp. considering Jide history .look forward to next Saturday

  19. Gannie_perrie says:

    Dat suits emeka…. Dat’s appens wen guys can keep deir eye in 1 place….. Hope honey z nt having 2nd thoughts abt jide abeg o….. However sally still remains da BEST!!!!!!!

  20. Gannie_perrie says:

    Dat suits emeka…. Dat’s wat appens wen guys can keep deir eye in 1 place….. Hope honey z nt having 2nd thoughts abt jide abeg o….. However sally still remains da BEST!!!!!!!

  21. Marion says:

    Thanks Sally u are simply d best.

  22. rosemary says:

    Meeeen…..peace is patient o! Well i think i understand her,but sally you killed it. Divorce is the way forward!!! Looking forward to next week post! May God strengthen you.

  23. sarah says:

    The story Mary told d girl is not the same as the one she told jide. Anyhow sha this story just keeps getting better and better.

    • Sally says:

      Thanks, Sarah
      I think Mary’s story to Jide was altered to clearly keep Peace’s secret, and to me that’s the true definition of friendship. Sadly, Peace stabbed her in the back when she needed her most.

  24. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Hmmmmm! Mex has eye insects! Hian! Why is he still French kissing Yaz? Na wa o! Peace may you find peace o, that Reno guy is a piece of sh*t!(excuse my English). Those soldiers should have finished him and save Peace the stress of divorce.

  25. King says:

    Sally, you’re amazing

  26. AOS says:

    Finally, how are you doing madam Sally. Hope you better and stronger now? How are the kids n hubby doing too?
    Thanks for writing….*xoxo*

    Hmmmm, Peace finally you ready to act in your name….Honey beware of Kene, don’t break Jide’s heart if you don’t want the wives to put a knife to your throat.

    Thanks Sally.

  27. Shubi says:

    Wow Sallywoowoo…. I am DRAINED…mentally, and emotionally…. Hope Peace gets a happily ever after. Well done babes xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  28. Olamide says:

    Wow! Mary is such a loyal and amazing friend! She has such a beautiful heart. She deserves the best man ever. Sally, please make this happen 😁.
    I have no pity for Emeka. Ashawo! Tola is going to go crazy when yawa gas.
    I’m glad Peace finally made up her mind to leave that abusive marriage. Some women sha want to lose their sanity all to stay married.
    Jide will become Sherlock Holmes on top Kene matter.
    Thanks Sally. It was a lovely read.

  29. Olusade says:

    Mehn that Reno guy need to be castrated for raping Mary, the guy is a beast in human form. I pray that the yoke of bridesmaker has been broken over Jide so he won’t lose Honey to Kene,it will so pain me if that happens……Aunty Sally more ink to your pen

  30. Dan Auta says:

    Atlast!! now I can enjoy my weekend rest in bliss

  31. ify says:

    Sal, I dunno how you come up with this every week but you are doing a helluva job, thanks and keep it up. Mucha lov

  32. Babypaul says:

    I no vex again, tnk u sally, it was worth d wait. love uuuu muah

  33. Adeleke Julianah says:

    May Reno and all like him rot I hell!
    Kudos my Lady

  34. mayor says:

    Hmmmm emeka Nwoke n’ife, and Sally d mind twister….. God keep u sha

  35. Morain says:

    For a tinnie tiny second I thought Mr. X was 1 of the husbands or someone that will make me faint. Lol. *sigh* ok this made up 4 last weekend sha. SallySales! I’ve run out of hailings 4u as u always outdo you. Thanks though.

  36. Seye Seye says:

    Thanks for this Sally, it only gets better.
    It’s obvious Emeka has gotten himself into a real deep mess. I await what ‘Brother Olajideofor’ will suggest. Temporary measures won’t even do. I feel for Tola tho. These complexities are part of life. No one wishes them but they find their way to reality, and there’s always a whole lot to learn.
    In a world brimming with many snitches, Mary’s just a standout star, shining ever so bright. I have a friend whose mouth never closes. Never share a secret with him or you are a goner. For knowing what to say to who, I salute Mary. She told Jide what he had to know and told the ladies what they had to know.
    Peace and Reno: there was never a unit, it was just 2 individuals who wanted the marriage for personal reasons. So bad it’s been like that. Best bet will be to part ways and start afresh. Peace lost her mumu button to an undeserving he-goat and dude over pressed it till his cup got full.
    And as for Kene hanging around Honey’s lawn to know when she needs to trim/cut, that’s clearly not a welcome development. Some exes are like leeches, they just won’t go away. I hope Jide doesn’t let it slide.
    Thanks once again Sally, blessings.

  37. calabar gal says:

    Thank you Sally! I’m loving the twists, turns and intrigue. Looking forward to the next capsule…

  38. wasmakelly says:

    am feeling u sally. luv ur writing like mad. I imagine myself doing dis , cant fyt it thou. if u r destined 2 write face it. I can’t even compose a 5000 letter story. u r d best.

  39. toyenlon says:

    Peace married for the wrong reasons and its just so unfortunate that Reno is a beast in human’s clothing. Well, good that she’s finally made up her mind to leave the abusive marriage if not she may just end up losing her mind. Emeka is in a deep mess, waiting to see how he emerges from it.

  40. promise says:

    Beautiful story, since 2013 I stared following your blog and I cant stop,
    Reno also needs help and I think honey does not know what she really wants.

  41. Temi says:

    Why am I always the last to read ehn? Sally it is not fair o, I am supposed to get notifications of new episodes but na lie o, if i don’t check the website I am on my own..i truly did enjoy this, Sally is Simply the best. Like the Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can understand it..that Reno ehn he is the devil himself. I am glad the jinx has been broken and Peace has gotten her inner peace, I pray for her own happy ending. Meanyle. Uncle Mex, u can’t eat ur cake and have it, by the time the yawn gaz ehn even you will not be able to withstand it.
    Kene, please leave Honey’s lawn alone, don’t come creeping into her heart. She’s our own very Olajideofor Honey! Jide, raise ur guard up o! No dulling..
    Sally u always make my day. More grease and help find a solution so that those of us who subscribe to the mailing list can get updates regularly. Kizeez

  42. sandra says:

    Thanks Sally for the very satisfyingly lenthy post. I just remembered I 4got to comment. It’s amazing how u conjure ur characters and make dem evolve. At d beginning every one saw tola as a ‘ho’ who cld not amount to any gud and was unworthy of marrige.. (like Genesis). It’s funny dat we are all fighting her cause nau. Meanwhile show Mary some love nau…what’s happening with our military brother who has a crush on curious


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