The Immortals’ Code #8

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16 Responses

  1. amaka says:

    Desire is heartless! Geez! just like that. only God knows what captain created in these girls.
    sally this is masterpiece writing.
    well done!

  2. the king says:

    Masterpiece is an understatement! Sally your imagination has no limits. Damn!

  3. tedypine says:

    I’m confused tho. In The previous immortals’ code, I remember this particular episode was written in the guys’ POV

    • Sally says:

      Tedypine, it seems you missed out the part in the beginning of this when I said I was restoring the original version of the immortals’ code which I originally took down. Well, this is it.
      But all the same, it’s the same story and I can tell it a million different ways

  4. the king says:

    Fadalaud! Desire can kill!

  5. Dayo says:

    Whao, really lobe reading this story again

  6. Dayo says:

    Really love

  7. wasmakelly says:

    Aaaaaarrrggghh! dis desire self is heartless oo. chai. Sally u r 9 much.

  8. kenny j says:

    Desire baddest, Captain maddest, Sally greatest……captain had been ruthless right from day one….but I can see where all shreds of humanity was taken away from him, couple with vengeance on his mind, he became a cold mad man…… every human actions have a reason behind them

  9. Adeleke Julianah says:

    This is….
    Lady Sally, keep them coming.

  10. tomii says:

    Being a silent reader for three since the days of noble igwe’s 360nobs series..Wow sally, only you and all this gifts??? Good job jor.
    But Desire sha, heart colder than ice…
    Sally pls give us more, God bless ur ocean of thoughts and imaginations

  11. anomuogharan tanrose says:

    What a way to take one into the reason 4 Captains Block heart. Thanks Ma Sally for another awesome delivery.
    Desire can kill Cha. My heart beat returned to normal waiting for another splendid episode. GOD continue to bless your works.

  12. Seye Seye says:

    Boy…this serial is just wow-ing.
    Feels like I’m seeing a movie.
    Bravo Sally


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