It’s Another Saturday…#24

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74 Responses

  1. Adedamola says:

    Finally ..!! I have been refreshing this page like Ki lo de

  2. Dakpemien says:


  3. amaka says:

    I doubt that their issues are over. and i feel like honey is still pregnant, hence weight gain. but then she drank cocktail…
    ok,lemme stop assuming
    welcome back sally

  4. Feyilag says:

    yay!!!i tink am d 1st to commen!tnx 4 d update ma,i kept on refreshing dis page.d update was long but I tink I want more!!!(runs away 4rm mrs sally)

  5. Oluwakemi says:

    Finally oh, I hope I’m the first to comment. Yippee, Honey is still pregnant, this made my day!

  6. seyifunmi says:

    Wow…. Jide and honey… Mary and ekenne. I can feel it. Thanks Sally. Hope you had a good trip… Miss you like kilode

  7. Rida says:

    Emeka just cracks me up, i dunno why. he’s so unserious
    i doubt that honey is pregnant. if she’s psychotic, it will explain a lot of things
    i miss this story die. ilove you sally. please don’t even think of ending it

  8. Aramide says:

    Sally is back oyoyo,,,,wow honey is bipolar,,,,dat is unbelivable i just hope she overcomes it. Nice writeup as always sallly

  9. Tee says:

    o wow. bipolar. that’s a serious type of depression. jide shd not play with it o. tnk God he knows Honey needs him more than ever now

  10. Rukayat says:

    Yay! This episode ehn. *teary eyed*

  11. wumi says:

    Everyone has got a secret. I feel for Honey. Jide, please be her strength and don’t run again. Nice read. Thanks Sally, hope you are good now.

  12. itheword says:

    After waiting for so long, this certainly lived up to expectation. No rest for the wicked. No sympathy for the devil. I have still not forgiven Honey, despite this shocker – though now I understand why she’s had some weird-ass behaviour in the past. Let’s see how things go. Glad this series is back.

  13. adedamola says:

    Finally ..!! Another lovely Episode

  14. Olamide says:

    Yaaay! Welcome back Sally. This is so sweet. I’m glad that Honey is still pregnant. This twist Sally brought again is something. Let’s see as things unfold.

  15. classiq IJ says:

    Sweet episode… missed it sooo much. Welcome back Sally, hope you enjoyed your trip. Readers meeting makes sense.;-)

  16. Tgirl says:

    Honey being bipolar explains a lot about her erratic yo-yo behaviour. Thanks Sally, this has sure made up for last week. Now another Saturday feels so far

  17. AOS says:

    My Lady welcome back. How are you?
    Oh Honey oh…..thank goodness Jide is a medical professional, he can help out in many ways. Finally, Peace is finding inner peace. Mary n Kene, am waiting for you both to hook up.
    Welcome back once more….miss yah scarra….*xoxo*

  18. gbemmy says:

    Gosh, this piece is da bomb! U just whet my appetite for more! Well done madam

  19. Adewunmi says:


  20. tessy says:

    am so happy aunt sally,tanks for this!

  21. adeola gem says:

    Thanks for posting this episode Ms Sally. I have missed reading this o. I hope you are good. You finished your cakes already? Happy birthday in arrears. Was in an exams period then ni. Warm rgds to the family.

  22. knonye says:

    Welcome back Sally!! Honey is still preggers, oshay…

  23. Mariam says:

    Welcome back Sally!

  24. Cynthia says:

    Oh my goodness… I don’t want trouble for this babe o..just her happy ending. thanks ma. God bless you.

  25. Jumes says:

    Sally, i have longed for this post ehn. .. I am literally feeling JINEY’S pain right now. I can’t wait for them to have the ‘talk’ and sort out their issues. . . Why has uncle Mex given Tola STD na??? Thank you for this episode i would read one more time again.

  26. Funmilayo says:

    I av just bn smiling ever since i read dt..Thnx Sally..It was worth d wait..

    Please waheva happens,kip Honey safe..n for dt Emeka dt thinks he is enjoying life nw,it aint gonna last forever..

    Welcome back Sally..I misd u like madt…

  27. temidayo says:

    Welcome back ma’am. Missed U soooooooo much. Lovely episode and long enough to cover up for last week…. oops honey bipolar ke oga o jide shld pls b strong for her o. may not be easy though..pls why are people thanking God honey is still Preggy abi I miss a line for the story…..u c dat guy called mex ehnnnn he Neva know Wetin he enter for yazmin hand.good wrk sally. God bless U more n more.Can’t wait 4 next Saturday to come sharperly

  28. Odera says:

    I love Honey and Ekene and I love Sally more.. 😙😙😁😚😚

  29. Nene says:

    Welcome back! Hope you had a great week!

    I sensed she was still pregnant, but her drinking the cocktail threw me off! Oh my, bipolar makes a whole lot of sense!

  30. Odera says:

    Nooo.. I mean Honey and Jide.. Who is Ekene.. Ill like to kill that one myself….

  31. Deola says:

    *whoop whoop* been waiting for dis episode for ages. I’m so glad honey and hide are back, and I’m so happy peace has finally taken d best decision for her life. Missed its another Saturday badly.

  32. Oluwakemi says:

    I forgot to mention my thanks in a bid to be the first yo comment. Sally,thank you so much. U owe us nothing if you decide not to post these awesome stories and on behalf of all your readers I say Welcome back and a big thank you. Thank you for bearing all my disturbance asking ehe

  33. Niyi says:

    Sally you’re the driver,just keep driving us on

  34. Oluwakemi says:

    When the new post will come up. 10 gbosas for you Madam Sally. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  35. Amaka says:

    Our dear aunty Sally is back. Nno! Thanks for this.

  36. tina says:

    Great and nice. Sally welcome. Pls how do i read fish brain series, pls reply.

  37. Babypaul says:

    welcome back ma’am, its worth d wait, tnk God Honey is still pregnant,Jide be don’t leave sugams no matta wot, as 4 Mex double wahala 4 u, Ekene come n get Mary so we can rest. God bless u Sally 4 did 1.Next plzzzzzzz

  38. Babypaul says:

    welcome back ma’am, its worth d wait, tnk God Honey is still pregnant,Jide plz don’t leave sugams no matta wot,sugar lips stop doing strong head, as 4 Mex double wahala 4 u, Ekene come n get Mary so we can rest. God bless u Sally 4 did 1.Next plzzzzzzz

  39. oyin says:

    Thanks for the long episode. Jide should not leave our darling Sugams alone, she really need him now than ever.

  40. neymar says:

    Yeyyyyyyyyyyyeyyy! Dancing shoki, welcome back Sallllllly. So happi n glad Honey is still pregnant. I want. Tola for Mex only. Yaz is trying too much biko. miss u loads. Waiting 4 dis week post thou!

  41. Sandra says:

    Oh thanks a loads. ..and d post was definitely lengthy. .loved it

  42. toyenlon says:

    Wow, what a new twist. No wonder she ended the relationship, she doesnt want to trouble him but she should rather speak out than suffer in silence.

  43. cleo says:

    Welcome back Sally. I believe your trip was fruitful. Great work here. Bipolar? I love Jide the more. I need a jide in my life

  44. Omowunmi says:

    Welcome back Sally. Bipolar! This certainly explains a lot. Mary n Kene should hook up o . Hope too much sweet things won’t kill Emeka sha!

  45. Kany Dahl says:

    YAY!!!!! Sally is back and my favorite fiction couple are gonna get back together again

    Having mania and bipolar disorder is not a reason to leave someone…for 9ja e no be sickness, plenty people get am and are still considered normal.

    OAN…women una wahala too much. You love some 1 and yet you go ahead and break up with them, without concrete explanations and you home and cry. Weird shit

    Finally, welcome back Salz. Always a pleasure visiting moskedapages

  46. Asma says:

    Welcome back Sally! God bless you, I’m so happy Jide and Honey are back together 😍

  47. Rs says:

    Yaay thanks hun!! Thanks for bringing my favourite couple back together

  48. aminat says:

    Do me a favour sally……can u print out dis boook. Its too real

  49. Peachesgurl says:

    Welcome back Sally! This post is long overdue. Thank you so much. *dancing shoki* Please let things with honey and jide get better. Biko!!!

  50. Unique Ell' says:

    Welcome back ma’am Sally! It’s good to have you back. Breathtaking and suspense filled episode! The readers meeting will be a nice meeting but it should be on a weekend!

  51. iyanu says:

    Wawu such a secret!!!!! Welcome back Sally missed you

  52. Carah says:

    Welcome back Sally!!!! Today’s episode is the issh mehn . I almost started a twitter campaign but I refreshed the blog and found it. Lol
    Jokes apart….. Honey has what?? Bipolar what?? I can’t believe ds. I just pray she opens up to Jide and he stands by her as he is her strength. Honey needs to b strong fr d baby as well. As for Emeka , dt one doesn’t know d mess he has hot himself into. It is just me or Whoelse is beggining to like Tola cos I never really liked her. All d best to peace and Mary’s knight in shinning armour shd show up already, d gal deserves it. Welcome back Sally . I really did miss you.

  53. kalliboom says:

    Wow! Our sally is back! We miss u so much welcome!hope u had a nice trip,tnx for the long post,we appreciate,ah! Honey and jide is back, am so happy d pregnancy is still there,plz sally mke it work for JIHNEY to strong again, and mary too,she deserve so good,thanks,God bless you real Good!

  54. 'Bimbola says:

    Jide sure knows aw to choose am. #drama

  55. tomii says:

    Salllllllllyyyyyyy, thank you for this episode.
    Can’t still wrap around that bipolar isshh. Honey and Jide just fit each other
    Emeka is acting a typical olden days Ibo men who likes plenty women in their abode.
    Why do I feel Ekene n Mary will start something soon.
    Good job Sally Dadzie

  56. kosnie says:

    Welcome back Sally…This episode was worth the long wait Thanks Sally #TeamHonJide

  57. Oyin says:

    Wao great one have missed you have been waiting like kilode

  58. Tife says:

    Of course she has bipolar. Sad something.

  59. CHINNY says:

    Welcome back Sally, I have so refreshed moskedapages….
    The phone smashing is beginning to make sense.
    We still love Jide and Honey… Sally the matchmaker “This one that Mary is calling Ekene names”, I refuse to comment

  60. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Hmmmmm! Welcome back Sally! This is a great return piece! Yaz, be careful o!

  61. CHINNY says:

    And I just learnt another word #copacetic. #Just finished my second read. Waiting patiently for next episode. Thanks Sally.

  62. tola says:

    Sally is back…..yayyyyyyy,i av missed u loads, thanks for this episode.

  63. folakemi says:

    Finally…bt Honey why now Jide won’t think straight anymore

  64. Amina says:

    Thank you and welcome back Sal.Thank God Peace finally found peace. Yaz really called Mex an asshole. Lmao. And Joney en!

  65. wasmakelly says:

    lovely episode.

  66. lola says:

    Oga ju see queue for comment. Lol. Anywaz I comment my reserve Oops. I reserve my comment.

  67. 1k97 says:

    Welcome back sally………. Like hell yeah i so love tola, didn’t like her before sha buh shes stating to make brain… cant for honey and jide to get back cause i feel she’ll wake up before him and he wont see her for a long time

  68. Toyeen says:

    Thank you Sally…you just made my day. Welcome back

  69. chi says:

    welcome back joor…this waiting period was crazy but d wait was worth it.cnt wait for saturday

  70. mary says:


    Glad 2 have u back Sally. This episode tho…emotional roller coaster mehn!

  71. Gannie_perrie says:

    It’s nyc 2 av u bak..hope u ad a nyc trip…quite lengthy bt i lyk ao d story unfold

  72. topsy says:

    Thanks Sally this is mind blowing episode.


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