It’s Another Saturday…#25

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  1. Kemi says:


  2. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Thanks Salz, you are such a darling. A good read on a boring day. #teamJiney all the way.
    I pray Mary and Peace heal fast and find true love.

  3. kosnie says:

    Hahahahahaha Lolling at claudia…Emeka the way you lay your bed is the same way you lie on it. I pray #Jiney will come out stronger than ever Tnx Sally for this unexpected but awesome episode

  4. Oyenike says:

    Nyayyyy!!!!! Jiney got a mention in today’s episode.🙌

  5. wumi says:

    Sally, I love you already *kisskiss* and thanks for this. I’m glad at the way things are turning out between Jide and Honey, they need each other. Emeka! E don try wey you don bad! Mary no fronting, Ekene loves you already. Nice read for a nice day.

  6. Marion says:

    Sally u rock, thanks a mill

  7. bee says:

    Yaaayyy…. Jide and Honey welcome back… I like that Sally is passing a message with this episode. People have to realize they don’t have to be strong and do it all themselves, a helpful support system goes a long long way. As for Emeka and his wives, they should just sort themselves out. Jiney is back… well done Salls

  8. topsy says:

    Thanks Sally for another interesting episode. Hope Honey gets well and back with Jide. Yaz………….. May God help you

  9. kalliboom says:

    Wow so loving this,am happy JINEY are back! And as for yazmin I pitied her ooh,so happy Team JINEY are back! Thank you sally, God bless You!

  10. Mariam says:

    First of all thanks Sally for today’s episode. Emeka and his ‘Claudia’made me really laugh. I’m happy Honey was able to open up to Jide, I hope they sort things out. Overall I loved today’s episode because there were of LOL moments. God bless you Sally. Mwah!

  11. Nene says:

    I really love this episode and the message passed. Thanks Sally for making my day

  12. Peachesgurl says:

    Claudia!!!!😜😅😂😁😈 Sally u will not kill me o!!!! I no fit shout. Thank you for bringing Jide and Honey back together again. Thanks for this episode. Now I can sleep easily. 😴😍

  13. Tosin says:

    Thanks Sally for this episode. Am so glad Jiney is back , Yayyyyy!
    I hope Peace and Mary find love soon. Keep writing Sally I love reading your works. I love the way you write.

  14. Oluwakemi says:

    Sally, you don’t know how much you made my day with this bonus episode. I jejely came here to read the previous episode for like the 4th time only to see this. Dalu o. Thank you.
    Nice read as usual, can’t wait for Baby Jiney o.

  15. neymar says:

    Tanz sally! Dis is great. Glad Jiney is back! Feel for Emeka thou. I pray Mary get om safe Ooo, mak shee no go enter one chance @past11.

  16. tessy says:

    Emeka is so funny… thank God jiney is back with renewed energy . tanks Sally.

  17. Oyin says:

    Thank you am happy

  18. anthony says:

    Yaaay!!! Fish brain is finally out there, lemme update my people. I’ll come back to comment biko

  19. seyifunmi says:

    Lmaoooooo @Claudia. I know Mary and ekenne will hook up. Thanks for this episode sally

  20. Oyin says:

    Please what’s your facebook user name

  21. anthony says:

    Yaaaaay!!! Fish brain series id finally back. Lemme goan update my people. Soooo glad Jiney are back together, but they’ve got their work cut out for them this time. It definitely won’t be all loveydovey cos there’s a new Honey in town and she ain’t smiling.
    As for Mex, he never start. Be forming nwanne Tetuila and be singing “i’m in love with two women i don’t know which one to take”. NEWSFLASH papi, Claudia (lmao) is about to screw your life up in more ways than you imagined screwing both women. Buena suerte Papi

  22. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha 😂 😂 😂
    Emeka nor go kee mi o!
    Claudia kwa? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha 😂 😂 😂 😂
    Kai!!! Ayaf ded o! Lols!
    So happy Jide and Honey are back together!

  23. classiq IJ says:

    Thanks so much Sally. Jiney coming back together i love.

  24. Zee says:

    Thanks, Sally. u want to do away with Yaz! they all deserve each other…Tola,Emeka,Yaz.. selfish people. #jineytrending. I love me some Jiney

  25. Olamide says:

    Thanks Sally for this episode. The message passed is really valuable cos, a lot of people suffer from depression. I’m glad Honey opened up to Jide. Emeka is just a clown. Claudia ko? He hasn’t seen anything.

  26. aminat says:

    Sally ko da ooo, u no dey reply my comments. Anyhw sha very niceeeeeeeeeee chapter

    • Sally says:

      My dear, I have not had time to reply anyone’s comment. It’s not just you. The moment I post, I run off to work and check my notifications sometimes days later. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to have time immediately I post or I have to carve out time, so it’snot a personal thing with you, dear 🙂

  27. Unique Ell' says:

    Thanks Ma’am Sally for this surprise episode! #Team Jiney all d way# will go look for listening ear, thanks for d message passed! Felt as if it was for me!

  28. tomii says:

    Emeka and his wives..Lmao. Afi Claudia na.
    So glad JINEY is back.
    Mary and Ekene be playing hide and seek * side eyes* puhleezz, they should hook up already jare.
    Sally u remain the best ever, mwaahh
    ….why am I always the last sef? Nawa o

  29. Nene says:

    Jide has lyrics shaaaaaa! I feel so sorry for Mary! I hope she opens her heart up to Kene! As for Emeka, he’s a joker!

  30. Nene says:

    You did a brave thing talking about your experience with depression! I’m glad you’ve found your happy place and hope all the Honeys of the world find theirs…

    • Sally says:

      Yeah…it’s a very dark place to be. You go through it for years and don’t even know how to get out. Thank God for my own Jide. We all need someone.

  31. Stephen Amaza says:

    Lmfao. Claudia though? I’m still laughing

  32. Dayo says:

    Am so happy that Honey and Jide are back. Really learnt alot from this episode. Thanks Sally. More wisdom from God.

  33. Morain says:

    Shit just got crazier! 2 mad people in love =#Jiney 3 madder people in a love triangle =YazMexOla. Sounds like a drug name. Lmao. Sally, Chukwu gozie gi nne oooo.

  34. imotola says:

    Jiney……………………………………………………..meks is sha one confirmed cray guy. His attitude is annoyin nd laughable @ d same time. Feels good to be back. Hi mz sally. I missed you.

  35. Tgirl says:

    Lots of funny moments with Emeka and yazmin. So glad honey opened up to Jide and jiney is back together. Thanks Sally, you’re the best mami.

  36. Bee says:

    Madam Sally, thank you for adding flavour to my day.

    My best part is Emeka and his ‘Claudia’ and they wey he was was typical Nigerian man about the whole food nd Claudia issue.

    Am happy for Peace, Mary and Jiney!!!

  37. gbemmy says:

    Mary hook up with Ekene already, I need a tata from Jiney. Emeka & wives sort yaself out! Tanks sally, am here with oils to massage ur fingers so u can type more. Kisses

  38. Bertokoji says:

    So so cool, nice writeup

  39. gift says:

    wow, so am not dreaming,,thanks sally for this surprise,,looking forward to d info you have for boys with toys,,am so not reading its another saturday now,cant read my fav series in a rush*grins*c’yall when am done with work

  40. AOS says:

    Sally please accept my FB request, I cannot download Fish Brain n how can one make payment for the others….Details Please, thanks mami.

    Wow, thank you for the bonus…..*xoxo*

  41. knonye says:

    Yayyy!!!#Jinny is back! No be only Claudia, na icloud lol. Jidenna aluta go nwa obodo mexico… Hehehehehe

  42. Queenolufola says:

    Claudia kwa lmao. More ink to ur pen Sally. Pls how can we in obodo oyinbo, download d books since u can only pay in naira? Thanks

  43. Babypaul says:

    eh eh eh! getting really SWT, weldone sally. I just dey visualize d scenes, e go too make sense.

  44. sandra says:

    Thanksaloadz Sally. Lamao…Emeka sure stole d show on this episode.lollest @ ‘wetin I go marry’

  45. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Each episode has at least one line that just cracks me up. This episode’s is “I won’t kill myself because of woman”. LMAO! Jide and Honey should stop vexing me with their on-and-off lovey-dovey life.

  46. Amaka says:

    That’s why I love you,Sally. U always compensate us. Thanks babe.

  47. favour says:

    Hi guys

    Hi Sally

    Please has anyone using BlackBerry been able to download Okadabooks app to buy the book(the link indicated one needed the app to buy the book),cuz I can’t find the app on BlackBerry World

    • Sally says:

      Aminat’s response to your request:
      “Favour download d app mobogenie, its an app used to download app, u can download okada books dere”
      Hope it helps

  48. Omote says:

    Cant believe I jus read episode 1 to 25 in jus two days..cant wait for 26…

  49. Bukky says:

    up Sally! u just made my day I laugh thru out dis episode. God bless u in Jesus name ha u are gifted. ….

  50. damsel says:

    Claudia???…:hahahahahahahahahahahaaha…sally u rock…*rolling on d floor and still laughing*

  51. DoubleDee says:

    It’s getting hot in here…. Chei some things are happening ooo.
    Sally weldone dear and thanks for touching on a very important issue that we always like to sweep under the carpet in Africa- Depression/mental illness

  52. Carah says:

    I just saw this!!! Thanks Sally fr d bonus. Emeka is just a fish😀he never see anything…. Jide and honey are back together🙌🙌🙌u ve no idea how happy I am. Massive shoutout to you Sally and May God bless you!#itsanothersaturday

  53. toyenlon says:

    Ahaah, Emeka na craze guy, he don tey wey u be bad, na from sec sch. Go and treat your ‘ on time o…thats one of the perks of polygamy…lol. Good that Jide& Honey are having a 2nd chance. Lovely, welldone Sally

  54. toyenlon says:

    I mean go and trest your ‘claudia’ on time…it was omitted

  55. sarah says:

    I am glad jiney are back together nd that they re willing to fight their love… as for emeka, that is wat he gets wen he is married to the spoilt daughter of a mexican drug lord. I am so happy for the new live of peace, she deserve it. I am hoping to see the love that will spark between ekene and mary. Well done sally, u re still the best.

  56. aminat says:

    Favour download d app mobogenie, its an app used to download app, u can download okada books dere

  57. favour says:

    Oh ok…

    Thanks Aminat

  58. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Wow! Jide and Honey back! I knew it was Yaz!Mtcheeew

  59. Jehaan says:

    The intro was what got my attention….. Aunty Sally, thankz! Not just for this episode but the words you used when talking about depression… I felt that was me talking……

    And the ‘claudia’ part is my fav. Part of this episode, even when angry he was still calling it claudia!

    And Jiney rocks! Love you!

  60. Zawadi says:

    Loving this new name for chlymadia. The twist is in Mex’s mind it has a woman’s name. On another note Mex and his big ego should be the one to talk about Yaz sleeping with another man.
    I’m team Jiney all the way. Glad some truths are being uncovered. Way to go Salz.

  61. consyspark says:

    ekene n Mary are definitely going to hook up. as for yamin abi yazmin she should just kukuma carry her puta self bk to mexico. something isnt ryt with honeys bipolar disorder. maybe cos i see it as a sickness foreign to be applied in Nigerian context. Aunty Sally hugs for you….

    • Sally says:

      I understand what you mean but depression is not a foreign illness alone. It can affect anyone, anywhere in this world and this perception that it is not our thing here in Nigeria is really killing us as a people. I have suffered depression and I have a friend who is presently on admission for the same thing Honey is going through, right here in Naija. So, it’s serious and real. And sadly, growing especially amongst young people and no one is helping because people don’t even take it as something to worry about. I wish more people would Open up and talk about it

  62. Seye Seye says:

    Really good to finally be able to sit and read this. Thanks Sally.
    It’s nice Jide and Honey found a way round the issues and started working round everything that seems an issue. Love is worth fighting for and doing it as a team makes it even more worthwhile.
    Hoping their efforts will see them through.
    So Mex finally got “Claudia” imported from Mexico. Issokay. Na to first treat bodi first and then sort himself with Yaz and Tola. I’m a little confused tho, won’t breastfeeding Tobe while being infected have an effect on the kid?
    Thanks for this once again. Blessings

  63. Atoba says:

    Sally, my girlfriend owes you a lot thanks to this. You’re amazing.


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