Download Free E-book “Tales From The Other Side”

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22 Responses

  1. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Read it last week. Salz why you no write for them na?

  2. tessy says:

    good morning aunt Sally… download is in progress

  3. tessy says:

    good morning aunt Sally… download is in progress tanks

  4. Duro says:

    SALLY SALLY SALLY, Howm many times did i call u? (In nollywood ghost voice). Thank you for the download but i cant wait to know how another saturday end. Is there no buyable ebook of it ejo abeg biko. Yours sincerely eagerly waiting for boys with toys. Amaka.

  5. Eunice says:

    Dear Sally, u rock…#muah, already thinking of how dry today will be….tnx for d info, just downloaded ma

  6. anthony says:

    lemme goan download. Big fan of Jumoke 😀

  7. adeola gem says:

    Thanks ma’am. May God bless you more.

  8. anomuogharan tanrose says:

    Thanks ma Sally for giving the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful e-book. Would have love your pen to be in there, hopefully they would contact you next volume. GOD continue to bless your efforts in reviving reading .

  9. aminat says:

    Sally plz wld Fish brain continue??? Nd I wld suggest u put up anoda of ur book on okadabooks so dat I can buy……..

  10. tolu says:

    Done. Hope this meets up to expectation due to ur recommendation

  11. cleo says:

    Thank you Sally

  12. wumi says:

    I have difficulty reading this. I have downloaded more than three times but not can’t read it.

  13. Dupe says:

    I couldn’t download the PDF version of this book, its a video that is coming up and d e-version is not opening

  14. mide says:

    tanks so much wld check it out. bin out a while missed ur stories.


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