It’s Another Saturday…#27

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26 Responses

  1. sandra says:

    Yaaaay first???. Been waiting forever. Lemie gaaan read nau..

  2. CHINNY says:

    #Ekene weirdo. Mary gaan marry biko. Thanks Sally, kept checking in all through yesterday.

    Honey shouldn’t hug that her mean Aburo…#juju tins are real#. she should take them to the family house abeg, make the Onuorah’s treat their eff ups.

  3. AOS says:

    You won’t marry gini? If I slap you from here you will marry by force. Hmmmm, Honey don’t ever stay with your siblings alone before they kidnap you bcuz of money.

    Sally The Great, Always on point Lady….*xoxo*

  4. tessy says:

    Yeayyy! So happy for Mary cos I know she will marry ekene, the meeting in Jide’s family house and honey’s family going there is leaving me suspense filled. Nice1 Sally

  5. bee says:

    Hmm… I wonder what Honey’s siblings are up to. So Mary’s marriage is a match made in Heaven. That Kene guy sounds like one of those people that will become mumu for their partner later after all their macho man moves. Love must prevail in the end. Bia, what of Tari? Thanks for this Episode Salls

  6. Jumes says:

    Mary please say YES!!!! Now, Honey’s family are creeping me out especially Harry. Sally thank you very much for this episode….

  7. topsy says:

    Happy Sunday and also wishing you the best of the new month Sally . Mary is just been girly about the surprise Kene gave her, hope things end up well for her. Oh Honey! I don’t know what too say but God be with you Sugams

  8. Kemi Otuyemi says:

    Mammo! Sally iya awon story teller, awon da, won lenu nbe

    I am happy for Mary o

  9. Doughyeen says:

    Lol.. This was a funny one.. I like ekene.. Thumbs up madam Sally

  10. Dupe says:

    Mary what are u waiting for? Marry by fire. What are honey’s peep up to again o? Nice one Sally.

  11. temidayo says:

    Dat guy called ekenedilichukwu sef hm get guts marry me jst like dat…lolzzz. Ok wat does jideofor wnt 2 do abi he wan propose 2 honey ni dat wil b so swit…..weldone ma’am love ya loads.HNM greetins to d fam.

  12. Knonye says:

    ‘Hey winched up the blanket and I stole in… I slid all the way down, taking his Calvins’ along’. You slay me all the time with your unique and polished choice of sentences. Mary is gonna get married this year baby. This people should leave my sugams of. What non sense!

  13. aminat says:

    If I hear sey u dinur marry him

  14. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Thanks Salz. Have been patiently waiting and refreshing.
    No share button

  15. Sally says:

    Updated Comment…
    Hi guys,
    My host company explained the reason why the site was down on Sunday. It was due to a high rush in traffic to read this particular episode. It seems I will be sneaking in the episodes at odd hours from now on. Lol!
    I apologize to all those who wanted to comment but were unable to. I have opened the comment section, although it’s late.
    I will give a bonus for this wahala. I promise.

  16. Rida says:

    I was wondering what was happening. I couldn’t drop a coment and then i couldn’t share. Thanks sally

    Meanwhile, on Mary and Ekene…i want to see how it will go. this series sweet gaan!

  17. Kate says:

    Can you give us another episode tomorrow? You left us hanging inthis one. And you know i don’t like it, Salome

  18. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I’m watching from here to see if Mary will accept Ekene’s proposal because she feels something for him or because of the prophesy. I’m watching her.

    When a guy can handle a girl coming to his place at odd times without any prior planning, she’s with a faithful geek.

  19. Ijeoma says:

    Love this episode…Hope Mary says yes and stop forming superwoman there…Thumbs up Sally.

  20. Tee says:

    Kisses, cnt wait 2 see what honeys pple ar up to

  21. Jehaan says:

    Taaaaaah Mary, you will marry ekene o! The love will grow…… Aunty Sally…. Godiya muke

  22. harrison says:

    Thanks Sally

  23. Chichi says:

    Sally, you are the ‘bestest’.

  24. Omowunmi says:

    What is Jide hiding from honey? N what are honey’s siblings up to?

  25. Adekola Funmilola says:

    I just love this thrilling episode! This Xmas is gonna be fun! Cos I’m just going to relax and reread all the episodes.


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