It’s Another Saturday…#28

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  1. Marion says:

    Thanks Sally u rock. Wasn’t expecting this gift.

  2. Paix says:

    Wow Sally……choosing to forgive is so powerful and frees at the same time. Happy for Honey that the root cause of her depression has been attacked. Love the strong support that Jide’s entire family gave Honey.

    Hope Emeka is not scared for life….like becoming blind in the eye o… the contrast between the 2 actions, Honey – forgiveness and Mary – unforgiveness and lack of self control.

    Great write up with so many learnings, thank you Sally ….keep up the good work.

  3. tomii says:

    Hmmmm, I luv what Jiney did..harry and his cohorts of siblings were really conered this time around.
    Emeka, I swear I don’t envy you at all, at all.
    Mary, God don catch u o, u just have to marry Ekene by fire by force, just go hang ur shakara ontop Mango tree..pele Ekene, lol.
    Reno Mumu, I just want his character out of the story, ode!!!!
    Thank u Sally, u r d Rocket..hehehehe!!!

  4. Enny says:

    A very pleasant surprise! Thank you sally you are a darling! Such an interesting write up! So happy for Honey

  5. Dammy says:

    Tnx aunt sally more grease 2 ur elbow 1st tym commenting
    neva expected 2 av dis episode 2day,tnz 4 d jara

  6. elly says:

    Dat was hash…ohh poor EKene.sally kiss muah

  7. wasmakelly says:

    u don marry husband by force. women and hot temper, may God c u thru.

  8. temidayo says:

    Yooppy!!!! Bonus episode love u maam…lolz ekene ooo kai mary as made ekene fairer nd now she as 2 marry him bcz of damage done o lolzzz.weldone God bless u 4 dis

  9. harrison says:

    Mary yaff Burn her hubby face o……Mex and Imm Polygamous Drama……Honey Looking Alright now……Sally Pon the Story..

  10. Peachesgurl says:

    This seals the deal Mary. U must Marry Ekene. Hehehehe Sally dear,thanks for the surprise episode. So glad honey’s sibling have been put in their place. I hear Wedding bells….

  11. Adewunmi says:

    Good Morning Sally!. You have helped me to understand better true honesty in relationship. (Jide & Honey & her palava family) I understand Mary case. Hugs Sally. you made my day.

  12. bisi says:

    Wow… thanks for this surprise episode.

  13. 'Bimbola says:

    lovely episode all round. plenty drama with useful life lessons embedded. Thank God Mary already got pap

  14. Aramide says:

    Sally tnks for dis episode,,,i hope mary have not disfigure ekene face. Love how honey siblings where put in their place.

  15. Aramide says:

    Sally thanks for dis episode,,,,i hope mary have not disfigure ekene face. Love how honey siblings were put in their place

  16. wumi says:

    Thanks Sally. I love the Onuorah family support system. Honey is free at last. Mary, I know your pain but you have allowed it to rule you this far. Congratulations as you plan your wedding to Ekene. Interesting story.

  17. cleo says:

    Thanks Sally, this is a pleasant surprise. Mex and his wives. I wish him well. Love how Honey s family drama played out.
    Hmmm the stubborn angry part of Mary is really wild. I pray she doesn’t end up making Ekene blind

  18. Jehaan says:

    Hehehe now that you have successfully rearranged his fine face…….. YOU MUST MARRY AM!!!!

  19. Dupe says:

    Omg Mary, what have u done! Now it is by fire by force u must marry Ekene o if he will still accept u.

  20. DoubleDee says:

    Wow, Sally, I just love you. Keep up the good work!

  21. omotola says:

    I’m so short of words …..awesome piece, thank u so much sally.

  22. tessy says:

    wow!!! sally u have done it again ohhh. Mary must marry ekene#chanting

  23. nykky says:

    thanks Sally job well done. Lots of lesson from this episode. Forgive if you want to be free an unforgiving person is a prisoner as much as the the person you holding in the prison of your heart so learn to let go. Honey is cured already and Mary’s drama with Ekene is about the unforgiveness in her heart towards Reno. A good Family is to be cherished talking of the Onuorahs

  24. mayreecollette says:

    It’s not another Saturday and I get to read this awesome episode. *smiling sheepishly* I smell pity love that turns into real love.. I know somewhere in Ekene’s twisted mind he will thank his Chi or whatever it is they call it..

    Sally never disappoints….

  25. bee says:

    Hmm… looks like it’s all coming together. Honey and Jide should just hurry and do happily ever after joor. Emeka, Tola and Yaz, funny polygamous family. I hope they just continue their drama like that. Then…. the real matter at hand. That Mary chick, she needs to chill joor. Being raped is not something to joke about, but until you let go of that rage and hurt and bitterness, it holds you captive and you’ll have mental demons hunting you. Sounds like a cliché but I can tell you for sure, that’s one of the surest way to move on. See how the rage has made her hurt Ekene, she’ll now start feeling sorry and then she’ll start catching feelings for the dude. Salls, it must all end well ooooo….. thanks for this nice bonus…

  26. Funmilayo says:

    OMG!…Y nw Mary??.ehn….u shud av peeped first..abi ur door doesnt av a peephole ni??.ah!..calm down jo..i knw d rape experience is making u act on seriously..calm down!..

    Aww..can somebody find me a Jide??..dat was romantic to me o..standing up for ur babe wen she is in distress…shez nw an Onuorah..shey??..soon enof,it will b official!..

    u see dt Reno guy??..can he just sublime alredi??.*evil eye*..

    as for dt Mex,i dnt even knw wah to say to u..thinking u can enjoy two ladies at a tym..anuofia!.

    Thanx Sally,just lightened up my mood..wasnt expecting ds at all as i just read chapter 27 yday..

  27. CHINNY says:

    Thank you Sally *Kiss Kiss*.

    Ehen Ehen he! #Singing – Mary, whether you like am, whether you no like am, the thing be say you must gree for Ekene today.
    I love the Onuorah’s to bits…Nne hol the family tight.

  28. Tee says:

    Wow, mary y nt control ur temper

  29. tedypine says:

    Thank you sally,this made my day

  30. Jumes says:

    Mary, beht why? Reno why did you come and show your ugly face nau…Raising a glass to the Onuorahs for what they did for Honey…Harry got served!!! So what will happen to Ekene’s yellowness now? Sally thank u very mush for this episode… love ya…

  31. Tolu says:

    Mary is so stubborn, worse than I am. Hope her eyes are clear now. Ekene!! Eyan gidi,sorry jare.

  32. Olamide says:

    Sally, I love you. Thanks for this episode. I love what was done to Honey’s siblings. Well deserved! Mary, what have you done? You have destroyed your husband’s face o. I hope she didn’t cause permanent damage.

  33. Tobislim says:

    This totally brightened my uber f**ked up day.Thank You Sally for bringing sunshine to my day.xoxoxo

  34. Morain says:

    Holy crap! Holy crap!! Holiest crapest!!! Daaaammmnnnnn!!! *screaming out loud in my toilet* hey!!! Sallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Heeeey!!! Lol. I go soon craze 4 here! Best episode ever!!! Action packed!!! Shiiieeeeetttt!!!

    • Morain says:

      And why do I have this gut feeling that Pastor fine and calm might pick interest in Peace and vice versa? Hmmmmmmm. #nocommentsha. Lol

  35. Shubi says:


  36. sandra says:

    Awwww..thanks dearest.. Mary yaf peeled our oyibo pepper ekene’s body ooo..all na lov play sha..thanks again

  37. classiq IJ says:

    Sweet, sweet surprise! Thanks Sally *hugs

  38. seyifunmi says:

    Jeeeeesuuuu!!!!! Which kind kasala be this now… I hope its just mild burn ooo. Or else she go marry him oooo

  39. ola says:

    Thanks for d wonderful mid week appetizer

  40. gbemmy says:

    OMG! Mary be calm na, Emeka & wives, una do o. Jiney, I dey ya back always. tanks sally for d surprise.

  41. Omowunmi says:

    Bhet Mary Y? I asked for love not burns naa! Oga o. What is Reno looking for sef? *RME*. That pastor angle sef dey. Nice one Sally .

  42. Gloria A says:

    Jesu!!!!! Mary what have u done!!!!!! U have condemned ur husband-to-be ‘s oyibo face…lol… nice one Sally. I just can’t stop loving Jide n d Onuorahs, they handled those silly people perfectly well… thanks for this pleasant surprise Sally, eagerly awaiting another surprise cx I love surprises….lol… one more thing Sally, I’m getting married next month 🙂 ciao!

  43. AOS says:

    Holy shit Mr Fine Fresh Face oh Mary what have you done nah…..I just hope Kene face no spoil oh, now you will marry by force whether you like it or not!,..#gbam_with_stamp#

    Emeka n wives please keep the comedy going….Jide n Honey time to marry oh, enough of sugarlipz, biko action.
    Onuorahs thank you for serving Honey’s siblings hot hot.

    Madam-d-Madam, always always on point….thank you for tha Bonus Episode. How is hubby n kids doing? Hope you also doing great? Please take time out to rest oh….*xoxo*

  44. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Oh Boi eeh!!!
    Gobe raised to power high!
    This is too much!
    Lady Sally, I duff my gele for you…

  45. Bee says:

    Mary yav buy market o!!!!
    It’s such a wonderful story Sally, thanks a lot for the bonus episode, it’s helping get over Bayern whooping Arsenal’s ass

  46. doyinsola says:

    Mary don enter am now, na to marry Ekene by force now, she gat no choice, weldone Sally, keep it up

  47. james says:

    Sally, you’re simply the best

  48. Engr Wissy says:

    Wish sum families would give the kind of backings *the Onourahs gave honey.mary mary,u can’t run frm what destiny has install for you

  49. Atoba says:

    It’s not even ano

  50. folakemi says:

    Mary Mary u no get choice again o….happy for honey,free frm depression at last…..tnks sally

  51. topsy says:

    Interesting episode Sally

  52. Dayo says:

    Whoa, thanks Sally.. was realky surprised n excited wen i saw the update.. so happy for Honey,i hope d hot water dont damage Ekene face o.

  53. Tara says:

    I took a break from moskeda pages and wen I came back i slipped into ghost mood* I love you sally.ur creativity blows my heart away.. The way I rant about moskeda pages ehn, pple are tired of me Choi!!God bless you plenty.. Am so going to miss this series cuz I smell the end soon,I don’t have a favourite sef they all do it for me sha
    Thanks salz…muah

  54. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Now Mary’s got no choice than to marry Ekene!

  55. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Sally, this is like dessert without letting the main dish sink in. Totally unexpected episode and absolutely sumptuous. You spoil us silly. Thanks.

    Ekene had it coming sha. He will eventually marry Mary but he needed something to dampen his braggadocio.

    I dislike it when folks apologise for the sake of apologising, or when they’re sorry not because of what they did but because of the consequences of what they did. Go Mary, go Mary, go!!!

  56. toyenlon says:

    Happy for Honey, that she has some sort of closure with her siblings. But Mary is behaving irrationally, even if it were to be Reno, hot water? Wow! Lovely as usual, thanks Sally

    • Oluwakemi says:

      It is rape o, i don’t blame her at all. Rape is no walk in the park, it causes issues that run deep both psychologically, emotionally and all the “ally” you can imagine. May we not experience such, especially when it comes from someone you trust. Its just painful Ekene took the fall and not Reno.

  57. Isaacola AA says:

    this is wickedness Sally. When I just adjusted my seating to enjoy the whole thing, you clamped me with a cliff hanger.

  58. Oluwakemi says:

    Madam Sally me hail o. Imagine me “doubting thomas” when is saw the email update today, i didn’t believe my eyes. I thought i didn’t read well, opened the email, saw the excerpt and i was still thinking maybe i am just receiving saturday’s update until i checked properly and saw that it was an episode i had not seen. Dalu o!
    I love love the Onuorah family, I love the way Jide expresses his love for Honey and i am a bit happy, Ekene will be able to come down from his high horse after been bathed with hot water, I am also happy Tola is not leaving her husband for Yazmin and she is getting some action as she needs it specially. Lol!

  59. toyenlon says:

    I guess you are right, rape is really a traumatic experience, may we not ezperience it. Sorry for Ekene though.

  60. feyilag says:

    Tnx Mrs sally!NYC updates,my house was burgled on sun,my phones& laptops are part of d stolen items so I’m not online 4 now.I’ll b back with my comments wen I get a new smartfone-Feyilag.

  61. tina says:

    Wahala dey. Sally weldone.

  62. Cynthia says:

    Mary boo, why nau…your own stubbornness get grade o…I hope Ekene will be okay.
    Gosh! what an episode.
    Good job ma

  63. aminat says:

    Dis z so deeeeeeep. D hot water part cracked me up….ahhahahahhahhahahahh

  64. iyanu says:

    Tanks Sally for d bonus…omg!!! Poor Ekene

  65. Temmy says:

    Stupid silly Mary

  66. phaevour says:

    lol….cnt jst stop laughing. wen d guy ws hndsum u no gree bt nw dt ……. cnt wait 4 da nxt issue.
    jst luvin it n U esp

  67. felicity says:

    Thank you sally for always giving cause to smile. WELLDONE.

  68. GRACE says:

    laffing so hard, ekene sowie o. sally tnx for dis epsodes

  69. Adefunke says:

    seriously I need a Jide in my lyf

  70. ojay says:

    Always rocking Sally.

  71. Oluwafunke Omojuwa says:

    This is interesting i didn’t see this on time thanks for this episode, hope there will another episode on saturday.

  72. Dan Auta says:

    Chai!! Ekene Nwam..Love don kill u

  73. Zee says:

    Ah! Gimme some Jide! I like Jide’s dad. Mary ,ur journey to marrying Ekene begins

  74. Leon says:

    Mex is balling big time,Be enjoying the best of both world. #Envying

  75. 1k97 says:

    The all mighty Harry and Queen Jessie.. All kinging on Honey like she’s just one scum, look how they were reduced to nothing and put in where they fit… Really happy for honey, now she can live her life without fears…… Mex u better turn a boy cause queen TO 2d LA is back and better so yazmin gotta parkwell… BlessUp salz.. Straight to dE next ep

  76. brytnex says:

    Thanks for the pleasant surprise. You rock!

  77. Seye Seye says:

    Good to see Harry and co cut to size. Guy meet wetin pass am, he mellow straight. Honey’s finally found a family in the Onuorahs, very good for her.
    This Mex-Yaz-Tola triangle ehn! E get as e be. Each one marking territory and all that.
    So sad Mary lost control and Ekene was at the receiving end. Like I’ve come to know, prophecies are meant to be for edification. I’m as skeptical about “God said”, and I prefer realism but one shouldn’t ignore signs. I really hope and wish Mary won’t lose out in all of these.
    Thanks once again Sally. Big ups

  78. Bee says:

    I know I’m late but i just found out about this blog and so far I’m enjoying it. Please when are you going to continue this and probably we have a good end to the story

  79. Azubuike says:

    Please how do I get the conclusion of this series

  80. Busayo says:

    So intriguing. Sally, you rock. I am equally new here. How do I get the concluding parts of your works.


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