The Immortals’ Code #13

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32 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Love, sex and other stuff. Just as you promised.
    I’m beginning to fall in love with this story.

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is getting hotter. hhhhmmm I hope ishi, Lanre and Dave get out of there safely sha. Thanks for this interesting piece.

  3. tessy says:

    one word sally, this is brilliant

  4. Kemi says:

    Kay though

  5. tomii says:

    Delicious as usual..only God knows wat those three agbayas are looking for,,,i can picture dem like three rats looking for crumbs of food.
    I just don’t like this captain and princess whatever!!!!
    Leonel b switching personality like chameleon, hian!!!
    Sally, Shebi you are supposed to be on break *side eyes*
    Thank u for this episode…you are Still the ROCKET,,,soon to be JET *tongue out*

    • Sally says:

      LoL! Tomii, I’m on break. This has already been written until the twenty-somethingth episode.
      I hope you’ll enjoy today’s episode as you did with this sha

  6. brytnex says:

    Was really hoping it wouldn’t go on the two weeks break. Glad it didn’t.

  7. kosnie says:

    Oh Sally sometimes I sit and wonder what goes on in your mind…Girl you are good and your writings are so intriguing,exciting And entertaining

  8. Tobislim says:


  9. anita says:

    Dis is crafted from d mind of a genius, well done

  10. wasmakelly says:

    If it is possible 4 someone to build heaven with words on earth I have 1 candidate. Sally rocks.

  11. Faithy says:

    Awww…thanks Sally

  12. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Lady Sally, you’re too much!

  13. classiq IJ says:

    Hmm Sally, this mind of yours… More increase on your gift ijn.

  14. AOS says:

    Ishi these one death are hanging on your head better go for deliverance.

    Madam Sally thank you….*xoxo*

  15. Seye Seye says:

    And Ishi goes on excursion into the ‘forbidden house’, waiting to see how that ends.
    I already noted Captain’s pure lust for power and control. That desire drives people like him to the edge.
    Ishi and the evil dancing menacingly around him. I’ve conjured this perfect pic of him that I don’t want anything untoward happening to him.
    Well done Sally, your ink won’t ever stop flowing the right way.

  16. Dammie says:

    Madam Sally, this is officially the first time i’ll be making a comment here. I discovered your blog by providence sometime this year and it has been a pleasure going through all your works. I’m wowed by your literary prowess, you are a GENIUS and i want to say a big thank you for sharing your skills with the world. Got the Fish Brain Series on OkadaBooks and i’m patiently waiting for December to purchase the 4th series. May the Almighty increase you in all ramification and bless your home. God bless!

  17. Adekola Funmilola says:

    I wonder how you conjure up all these technical details. Sally you’re a genius.

  18. kalliboom says:

    Wow! So much luv d episode,thx sally. U rock


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