Naija Heels On Cobbled Streets #11 By Olajumoke Omisore

Olajumoke Omisore

Olajumoke Omisore

Olajumoke Omisore lives in Lancashire. She grew up in London and Abeokuta. Her writing has appeared in The Kalahari Review, African Writer, Naija Stories, Tales from the Other Side anthology, TNC and elsewhere. Her flash story, Ochuga’s Girl was longlisted for the Minority Contest. You can read her other series Playing the Game and Losing Hope on

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32 Responses

  1. slimshawty says:

    So it was Andrew all along… what did Niyi ever do 2u? gay oshi!!!

  2. slimshawty says:

    Pls!pls! Can we get it twice in a week. Mwah 4u jumzy(jumoke) we love u

  3. tomii says:

    What???!!! Andrew, u r a goat o, so it has bin the idiot all this while.
    JMK pls give us more, God bless u

  4. Atoba says:

    Oh wow.. Oh wow.. Oh wow!

  5. kkk says:

    i hope sade n the baby is safe? weldonek

  6. elly says:

    Heyyyyy! So it was Andrew all d way? God please help sade and niyi. Jumoke bear hug. God gives u more inspiration everyday so day I can read d next episode moro.

  7. toyenlon says:

    Wow! So Andrew is the enemy in the form of a friend, hopefully the labour pain will save Sade. Cant wait to find out, kudos to you.

  8. seyifunmi says:

    Wow!!!!! I never expected it to turn this way. Great write up

  9. Zee says:

    Jumoke thanks! but please let nothing happen to niyi and Sade,biko.

  10. zee says:

    Jumoke thanks! but please let nothing happen to niyi and Sade and d baby,biko.I hate that femi for Andrew, he deserves no emotions from me

  11. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Olori buruku ni Bobo Andrew yí sa!!!
    So it was him?
    Why are people like this naa.
    Can’t wait for the next episode!
    Great job Lady Olajumoke
    Thanks for always sharing Lady Sally

  12. Omowunmi says:

    Just catching up on the series. Can’t believe Andrew has something to do with it. Naa WA o. But you spin a mean tale jumoke.

  13. Just Dotun says:

    oh no! not the baby… kinda knew Andrew was bad new.

  14. Olajumoke Olajumoke says:

    You didn’t buy all the ‘I’m nice, lean on me act’. Thanks for reading and for your comments on Playing the Game too.

  15. Seye Seye says:

    I smile, and I keep smiling…
    Maybe I’ve come in contact with too many ‘Andrews’ that I’m never caught by surprise with what anyone does.
    Now that we’ve known who the bad guy is, let’s see how the whole ish ends.
    Big ups Jumoke. Well done

  16. kalliboom says:

    Eh! So its been andrew all along! Please nothing Should happen to sade and d baby ooh plz… Tnx JMK

  17. anita says:

    Wat!O My God dis is serious, intruging

  18. brytnex says:

    Well done!
    Enjoying the twist.

  19. 1k97 says:

    Those who act upstraight gat loads of spooky skeletons in dia cupboard… Damn this a**f***** andy… What’s his P… Niyi will drink beer from his skull if he dares hurt Sade or dE baby…. Nice one JMK


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