The Immortals’ Code #18

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22 Responses

  1. Rida says:

    Some women sha. I’ve always said it that women cheat more. This omo somebody is such a bitch. Jacan should not forgive her

  2. Rida says:

    Oh and Sally thanks for the free Fish Brain Madhouse 😚

  3. Just Dotun says:

    ohhhh that was cold.

  4. Tobislim says:

    hmmmmmmmm. Now that i am almost done with fish brain vows, i resonate more with this story. welldone. Oh and yes we still want a meet and greet.

  5. Samits says:

    Don’t mind if I get the fishbrain madman ebook for free, first time visiting ur blog today n Mehn, I must say u r indeed a wordsmith.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Samits,
      Welcome aboard and thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy Fish Brain Madhouse as others did. Before that there is Fish Brain Clan, Games and Vows. Fish Brain Clan is absolutely free.

  6. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Wonderful as always. #standard

  7. Ngozi says:

    I know there is more to this. Expecting to read Omo’s story

  8. Atoba says:

    This is making so much more sense now.. Sally, what goes on in that mind of yours? How do you do it?
    Great piece!

  9. tomii says:

    hmmmmmmm,Sally… speechless, speechless thats how u make me feel *in MJ’s voice*
    Sallyyyyyyyyy, i want to meet u in person o. u still remain my rocket and jet, thank u boo.

  10. Sandra says:

    The arrogance of Akin though! Don’t even know what to say about Omo. Thanks again Sally.

  11. Wow I feel so bad for Jacan. I await Omo’ s side of thr story, there has to be.

  12. wumi says:

    Sally the writer, keep being you. I almost believed this story happened in real life.

  13. Adefunke says:

    Hmm, this is sewiously sewious

  14. Moo says:

    Wow! Some women sha. Can’t wait to see what happens with Ishi. Plenty secrets unfolding everywhere. What becomes of Captain and the cabal? Fingers crossed and waiting. Big ups Sal

  15. brytnex says:

    Thanks Sally!
    And also thank you for the Ebook!

  16. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Talk about webs of evils and secrets!
    This is spellbinding!
    Thanks Lady Sally.

  17. Seye Seye says:

    Battle of supremacy, the desire for relevance, the will to be in charge…and then men get to do all sorts crushing anything and everything on the way.
    Big ups Sally, well done


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