The Fourth Finger #3

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62 Responses

  1. Soma says:

    Miss Toni has met her match. I like this Andre guy already,bold and gentle. Thanks once more Sally.

  2. pinkie says:

    Why did you have to end it there?!! Lol! Nice one sally. till Saturday again? Pls say no

  3. Ruby says:

    Guess Toni Is in love already.. This is my first time to comment on this platform.. Am a silent fan, but i think i should appreciate your work Sally… God bless you.. I pray you overcome your challenges

  4. favour says:

    Happy valentine day Sally and all readers. Nice episode, but no course like marketing in OAU ooo…

    • Sally says:

      Happy Vals dear.
      Thanks for the info but I hope you do realize this is fiction, right?
      I don’t think an really Andre Fabrice studied marketing in Oau in reality

  5. wumi says:

    Happy valentine day Sally and all readers. Nice episode, but no course like marketing in OAU ooo…

  6. brytnex says:

    Well done Sally!
    Wishing you lots of love in this season of love!

    Why do I feel like I’m reading the movie ‘The perfect guy’ ?

  7. classiq IJ says:

    Loving it already, captivating… Compliments Sally.

  8. Hinnymi says:

    Andre’s got some gut, Toni should have emptied that glass on him…what effontery?! Lade should forget hurting that a** of a man and get her groove back jare, no time for dulling. Thanks Sally, you always rock!!!

  9. Carah says:

    Interesting !!! Well done sally
    I like this Andre guy already. Such a good match for toni😻😻😻😻😻
    Let’s see how their love story will unravell 💕💕

  10. Peachesgurl says:

    Happy valentine day Sally. That ending harsh o! Oliver want some more… I mean peachesgurl want some more…..

  11. tomii says:

    Mehn, Andre Andre Andre!!!!!!!! Toni u need to go bk to ur drawing board coz ds guy is mur dan ur match.
    Sally, me I want mur oo,,,,happy Valentine my rocket!!!

  12. tomii says:

    Hehehehe… Toni say hello to Andre the game changer.. Thanks for the post.

  13. Adefunke says:

    Lol @ Tone, but seriously this Tayo guy na psycho case o, y na?

  14. modupe says:

    i love this already… serving is what Andre provide…….

  15. Patience Bassey says:


  16. Rida says:

    This is going to be fun!
    Tayo is a sicko. And abuser
    Toni will fall for Andree but the ride will be difficult

    Sally well done with this.

  17. Jkheni says:

    Tonia is in for a war…..i’m predicting a draw. Andre is my type of guy no scoping no beating around the bush, straight to the gun with enough bullets you cannot dodge…..Tayo is one hell of a cold guy….Tayo’s case is interesting..i’m on this one Sally

  18. Tee says:

    I’m loving this. Looking forward to reading more

  19. Mo'rain says:

    Hm Hm Hm!

  20. Seye Seye says:

    Tayo and Lade’s issue seems to have some undertones we’re yet to see. I don’t think a partner suddenly changes behaviour and attitude except something is very wrong. A few more episodes will reveal that.

    Andre’s the man. Game’s top notch right now and he’s rattled Toni right now. And if it’s the way things are, an Andre-Toni combo would be interesting. Doesn’t seem to me that it would be the normal relationship. I like how he hits hard, and the calmly watches her reaction. If it’s a game, he’s gorrit on; if it’s his person, she might end up falling for him, hopelessly.
    Well done Sally. Thanks for making our weekends rock

  21. First timer says:

    This is going to be an awesome series. I love the characters already, although I am yet to know them. But I’m sure Sally won’t disappoint

  22. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Always fun when you read stuff from Madam Salz.
    Please can I have Leticia’s phone number? I don’t want to be lonely when the easter holidays come.

  23. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Those two are meant for each other o jare! 😂 😂 😂 😂

  24. chi says:

    Am intrigued Jare..even the question from Andre threw me off balance…That guy is ish jooo.

  25. Tobislim says:

    Hi Sally, please do not forget about The Immortals Code o. been awhile. Thank you. Plus you look soooo different in your picture with Mama Amaka. lolz. xoxoxo

  26. Knonye says:

    Ghen ghen… This will certainly work out just fine. he knows her dirty little secret. Tisk tisk

  27. Toyenlon says:

    I guess there’s more to this Andre guy than meets the eye, waiting to see how it unravels.

  28. Jay says:

    Andre is my kind of guy in real life provided he is cute and rich. I won’t stand a broke ass nigga with such audacity, I applaud my girl Toni for that.
    As for tayo & lade, marriage do change just like that but it is left for the woman to find herself and do what she loves doing best. Have fun and pray the man will definitely come around.
    Sally dear, you re the bestest. God bless you

  29. Tobislim says:

    Its a good issue now, gets you excited in knowing you will look *another shade of pretty* in each picture.

  30. the_word says:

    Took a while, too much work, but I finally read this. Going to the next one – hopefully there is a next one. Man, this is good.

  31. AOS says:

    Tayo n Lade, hmmmmm I think Lade should find something doing than staying home, so as to keep herself busy. There is more between mother n son. Just play your card well Lade.
    As for Andre n Toni you fit each other jare.
    Madam Sally well done Ma…..xoxo.


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