The Fourth Finger #6

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65 Responses

  1. Nneka says:

    Sally u’re simply the best. Thanks for this. Love u plenty

  2. Yugo says:

    *Grinning* o seti go!!! Sally ooo

  3. Dupe says:

    Legend had it that a guy once climaxed just looking at them (I laughed at this). As usual, Sally you are da bomb, thumbs up. More grease.

  4. Yugo says:

    *Grinning* o seti go in psquare’s voice.
    I jt love Dre, go and scatter that gathering joor

  5. HP says:

    Thank you Sally another captivating episode!!!

  6. modupe says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaay….i kept refreshing and refreshing….then i saw the good news….

    so i have a feeling that toni and folarin have/have had a thing….i also have another feeling oooo, i wont tell……

    dont i just love this marathon…..sally is bae

  7. cleo says:

    This Raji sef. I repeat; Christie borrow sense oo. Salma is ready to kill for her man oooo.
    I can’t wait to know who Andre is. Some high school lover who had a surgery? A secret admirer? Tony’s friend? Her father’s match making him?
    Sally your suspense game to bahdt gon.
    Please Lade even if you leave your husband, not for Manny abeg. I don’t like Manny
    Great read.

  8. CHINNY says:

    What is Dre? STALKER Alert!!! But Salma, a woman pushed to the wall. Thanks Sal. Nice read.

  9. kalliboom says:

    Wow! Am first to comment! Hmmm getting tougher story line unveiling..liking dis episode. Thanks sally u rock always!

  10. Mariam says:

    Can’t wait to read about Andre, Toni and Mark’s encounter. It seems Toni has finally met her match in Andre. Thanks Sally!

  11. doughyeen says:

    Wowza…salma/folarin.Dre my You the best ma’am.

  12. Leon says:

    Tell me they’re fighting again,”
    Raji* pressed the pause button.
    The movie continued.
    Why do i have this feeling that Folarin would hit on Salma.
    Sally i’m really enjoying reading this series.

  13. Tola says:

    Andre what do you want to do? Tony will humble you

  14. Abdulmutalib Saidat says:

    Hmmm sally more ink in your pen mam

  15. Adeleke Julianah says:

    OK. I so enjoyed this.
    But this Andre is creepy abeg.
    Lady Sally, she’d some light before I think he is some serial stalker and killer o!
    Great write as always.

  16. bisi says:

    Thumbs up Sally..always on point. More grace. Much love

  17. Rikitava-'Bimbola says:

    Wow! This episode deep gaan. I noticed an error, When Salma came to visit Christie……You wrote that RAJI paused instead of FOLARIN. Does not minus from the greatness of the episode sha.

  18. Noncapax says:

    On point as usual.

  19. Just Dotun says:

    Andre wants to do oyinbo kind of tough love on Toni, she will break him.
    left to me Tish shldnt be all up in her friend’s business joor. dose kind of help that will just make things worse
    Lade dear, you will prevail o.
    As usual Sally ROCKS!!!!

  20. Dayo says:

    This is becomimg so interestin and scary at d same time

  21. Dayo says:

    This os becoming intersting and scary at d same time

  22. sleekdami says:

    Folarin would deff sleep with salma…..then they can be even secretly
    Anthonia….this your revenge game…9 years is long enough to let things go…but i like you…its something i would do too

    SALLY… know na…thank you
    This was extra long…I LOVE

  23. sleekdami says:

    Folarin would deff sleep with salma…..then they can be even secretly
    Anthonia….this your revenge game…9 years is long enough to let things go…but i like you…its something i would do too

    SALLY… know na…thank you
    This was extra long…I LOVE

    I cannt see the comment i posted , i tried to repost and it says duplicate comment

  24. Oluwakemi says:

    Sally, this is becoming more interesting……Abi Salma and Folarin will begin frolicking together too, Who is this Andre sef……Intriguing and Suspense filled, I wish I can come into your head and read up all the story. I pity Salma sha, many women are in her position and most of them just keep suffering and smiling because of their children.

  25. Hinnymi says:

    I still don’t like Andre tho no matter how hard u try to paint him right….dude gets on my nerves *eyes rolling* meanwhile, I pray the tests are wrong, Lade can’t be pregnant now, she’s finally listening to me after all these while. Well done Sally, u rock

    • Sally says:

      Hinnymi, you’ve come again. When people are already doing #Tondre hashtag
      I will make you fall in love with him

  26. MissBosola says:

    Sally, hmmm this is getting more interesting. I wonder what Andre is up to. So much suspence, when is the next episode I can’t wait.

  27. Sandra says:

    Hmm.. Dis one Christie is travelling and has married 2nd wife for Folarin so…it is well o. And then I guessed from the start Andre owned dat delivery company.
    Was I d only one who felt d episode was short😀? Aunty Sally MORE PLEASE!!!

  28. Anthony says:

    I’ve missed this site, feels good to be back here 🙌🙌🙌. That line about frolicking camels along the seashore had me in stitches. I had to stop and ask if thats remotely possible, then i saw Christie’s reaction to the thought in the next line #Gold

  29. Nykky says:

    Good read. Sally Welldone. Andre to me is a stalker and Letica is not doing the right thing she told Andre too much that’s not how to help Toni. Lade shld not leàve her husband for Manny she will be hurt at last

  30. Temmie says:

    ohhh….i hope Andre rescues Toni fast enough…………..Sally more ink,love you… are the best

  31. Carah💋 says:

    I love you sally💋💋thanks fr ds beautiful piece. I pray sal and folarin don’t start deir own cheating .
    Toni and Andre shd start dating already and stop d fronting…..lade use ur head now or never . This is an opportunity to be rid of ur abusive husband . Nice one as usual. God bless you sally

  32. Chichi says:

    Sally, keep it up. You just held me spellbound. I’m liking all the twists and turns. Double episodes tomorrow, pretty please.

  33. ogundare ibukun says:

    You are great sally.
    I don’t know how to thank you enough, you are the only writer that always satisfy my cravings for literature.
    Still hard for me to wrap my head around how you get to put all these down.
    You are a genius..
    You are influential..
    You are making a great impact..
    Pray you go beyond that greater height u desire.

  34. Jay says:

    Did I see someone said that they don’t like dre? Pls Dre is the man!!! I love me some him in fact I need a dre in my life😄
    I see folarin and salma getting together. It will be 1-1 so no qualms.
    Raji is just a flirt mbok. I’m not feeling him. Chrstie should stay at arms length from him
    Lade, hmmmmm I don’t know what is best for you but just do what makes you happy.

    And Sally, chop this😘

  35. Nykky says:

    I keep refreshing for today’s update but no show no info from Sally #sad let me go and sleep hoping I will see it in the morning. Gd nite

  36. pelumi says:

    I swear I love you silly!

    I always feel the effort,energy ,creativity and talent in all of your write ups. From fish brain to another Saturday..

    Thank you for making me happy..I have read some stories and I’m like this person should be on the farm and not behind a computer writing . I can only feel this way cos you have given too many beautiful stories and have set the platform …

    Kudos babes, ,you rock even after 2

  37. Seye Seye says:

    Na real wa o. Intrigues, and more. Everything’s getting hotter, and I’m loving it more.
    I see Leticia trying to have her friend’s back in her own way but it may not be best sometimes. I have friends who get all in your business in the name of having your back. Her reaching out to Andre to ward off Mark is right in her opinion but is not something I agree with.
    Like the controlling factors of this world always play tricks on us, Manny is the temptation that is being thrown on Lade’s path. Situations like that are just not cool, emotionally draining.
    And the Christie-Folarin/Salma-Raji situation…that 1 get as e be. Conscience can prick in a very serious way sha. Now Salma’s come to seek refuge at Christie’s but she can’t stand her presence and is leaving her own space for Salma. I remember that part of The Lord’s Prayer…”lead us not into temptation”. Folarin and Salma should be reciting that now.
    Thanks for this Sally. More ink, more strength, more everything needed.

  38. AOS says:

    Thank you madam Sally….xoxo.
    Now it’s all getting complicated n intriguing.

  39. The Word says:

    Everyone’s ignoring the fact that soon and very soon, Salma and Folarin are going to become fuck-buddies. You can thank me later for that info.

    And as for Andre, I love you, dogg, and I wish you’d stop worrying over Toni. Used to be her fan but honestly, she’s way to slutty for my taste. You can do better dude.

    Christie, lol. Got nothing for you at the moment. Your hubby’s about to begin an affair with your friend. That’s enough analysis for one episode

  40. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Andre is behaving like FBI and CIA combined! Hmmmmm


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