The Fourth Finger #7

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  1. Tee says:

    looks like i’m the first winch to comment. hehehe
    This series eh! it’s bursting my head gaan!
    the many characters and their lives and there i thought IAS was your best!
    Anyways, i think the creepiest character is Salma… or is it Christie sef. But i think she suffered abuse as a child and if she did and nothing was done about it, I am sorry, she will be messed up somehow and i think that’s what is happening now
    Omo, but i don’t know who is the creepiest.Raji is just a horny goat sha
    Thank you Sally and God heal your family
    When you share about your daily struggles as a mother, you let us know that we mothers are not alone. it didnm’t easy.
    Lots of love, girl

  2. doughyeen says:

    Seriously.. I had my mouth open. What?? You are the best best best ever.
    This heat+NEPA can make some one a winch.
    My creepiest character is Christie.. I don’t understand that woman and of course Mr Andy.

  3. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Association of Night people. Another wonderful story to keep the night going smoothly.
    Salz, easter is fast approaching and am yet to get Leticia’s phone number.

  4. Rs says:

    Hmm both Andre and Raji give me the hibbie jibbies… btw thank you Sally for posting these intriguing stories we appreciate all your hardwork and effort.

  5. Carah💋 says:

    I agree with d first comment
    Christie is creepy and she’s beginning to annoy me sef
    This raji ehn , I don’t know wat to say abt dt one yet(reno’s elder brother…. Sleeping with everybody)
    Love me some Andre baby💕💕 I love dt guy abeg( d jide of ds story ). Thank you sally💋💋

  6. OG says:

    My creepiest character should be Christie, she keeps sleeping with that Raji somebody. Such trauma she must have suffered in ” HE” s hands. I’m tempted to beliive that the abuse she suffered is the root of this behavior
    Now I understand why Andy is a stalker. I just hope Toni doesn’t get burnt my her own fire.
    Nice one aunty Sally

  7. Noncapax says:

    And the intrigue heightens with every episode. You truly are gifted, Sally. I hope your family gets better soon.

  8. HP says:

    What a wawuu!!!! 😱

  9. Jay says:

    Nooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! Andre is married😱
    Okay now let me go back and continue with the story. Read only a few lines and had to run down here to express my shock

  10. omotola says:

    This one naa serious ghen-ghen, wasn’t ‘hexperring’ it, God bless u sally, may ur source of beautiful stories never dry..may God heal ur family.
    much luv

  11. Pacesetter says:

    Cheating will not save u

  12. Adeola gem says:

    Na Wa o. So sorry Ms Sally. It’s well.

  13. Temmy says:

    Christie is something else, really
    About Toni I dnt even know wht to say

  14. oyin says:

    Andre is married? Hell no! Ok, his wife died, Toni be disappointing me, Christie is so creepy, even as a little girl, Hian! Andre the cool guy;) nice piece Sally, sorry for the stress you have been going through, God will heal all of them. Rest well o

  15. Oluwakemi says:

    Sally….sorry about your hubby,kids and nanny. I hope everyone is feeling much better, a Big Thank you to you though cos if you hadn’t delivered as promised, we can’t fault you. Back to your question, I just don’t like this Raji dude, reminds me of Bashorun from Novocaine Knights, the creepiest seems to be …………me sef no know maybe Andre/Christie/ Toni sef. 1 of them sha. Please help us quickly post the next episode before pesin go begin dream about “The Fourth Finger”

  16. cleo says:

    So sorry about your family. I pray they get better and strong in Jesus name. Women rock!!!!!!! THey are the real heroes. I am proud to be one.
    Hot oil is about to bath Christie i swear. Salma aint joking with any woman sleeping with her husband OOOOOoooo!!!!!
    Sally totally knocked me off with Andre’s history. SO sad; I never saw it coming. TOni be behaving lime the proverbial tortoise who thinks himself smarter than all. Take heed Toni.

  17. Just Dotun says:

    Sally oh Sally!!! too much twist. You are a superMUM indeed. God bless you.
    ummm…….. christie have issues, she needs to talk to someone. Andre! dnt use ur guilt on Toni o, its not her fault your marriage was messed up. to me o, i find Folarin creepy. how can you tell ur wife u have feelings for another woman and expect her to be cool with it

  18. Nykky says:

    I knew Andre was stalking all along but why did he pick their bills nau. Raji is creepy and Christie too but being a product of abuse and instead of saying it out then she kept it a secret hence her behavior now waiting here as the story unfolds. God’s arm of divine health around your family in Jesus mighty name

  19. Tosin says:

    God help women o, it aint easy. Hope everyone is fine now . E ku itoju (smiles) hope u understand that.
    Choi, the momentum is getting faster. I never saw all this coming, Sally is the best, am enjoying how this story is unravelling. Thanks for this marathon.

  20. seyifunmi says:

    Wow, Sally 👏👏👏👏👏. You keep breaking your own records, I’m stuck on this story. Have not decided on who the creepiest is. But I’m really anticipating the end of this story. I hope your babies are fine now.

  21. ola says:

    Na wa o, see all ds drama…sweating…..

  22. 1k97 says:

    Can’t pick dE creepiest jare… All of “em are waaaaay creepy aprt even dE kidds are creepy.. Lol… Sally Ipray dE Lord Grants everybody in your household sound health…. ThumbsUp Maami SalZ

  23. modupe says:

    haaaaa, haaaa, haaaa, haaa, haaaaa, haaaa, Sally, please beg me to close my mouth ke…..biko, where did we see all these characters ehn…i sha dont wanna be in Sally head for 2 hours, ama just sink…..kilode???

    ok, Christy is damn creepy…Andre sef looks like a man that can kill…..then i have a feeling Folarin isnt as faithful as he looks…

    am so so so still in awe……biko, who is the He? Christy has been a baddosneh for long ooooo, 2 hands up for her, keeper of the realm…loool

  24. modupe says:

    my bad, i didnt even hail you for taking care of the babies, my love to them all….tell madam Kay to be strong oooo, no flu thingz biko….between, Ikoyi???? sally , come mainland na #crying face

  25. Ogundare ibukun says:

    Thank you Sally.

  26. Anthony says:

    CUDDLE BEAR, SUGAMS, BUTTERBABE, only Sally can whip up such cute pet names. I should just come for the meetup on Sunday with a notepad for a serious tutorial on that subject. Okay back to the story.
    Raji, Andre, Christie and Toni are all creeps, but Raji for president biko🙌🙌🙌. She gave wrong info yet he tracked her all the way to Ghana?? Liam Neeson is still learning work then👏👏. And Christie just swallowed that weak explanation like that. Lemme not judge them yet till i see how Folarin is comforting Salma at home, off course “he’s a man” it shouldn’t be that difficult to play her a WALE cd💿.
    And Andre, my man 😏, first to do no dey pain, but second to do? Toni knows the answer 😭😭. He’d better focus on that revenge mission, High mistress needs to have a taste of her own medicine 💉.
    And shout out to every mother here, y’all are badass super humans😇😎. Wish your family a speedy recovery Sals, more grease to your tentacles. Lol

    • Sally says:

      You’d better come on Sunday with that notepad, Anthony
      I love reading your comments. You always make me laugh

  27. brytnex says:

    Sally is the master of twist!
    Frankly, I didn’t see this twist coming. and here I was thinking Andre would be our Toni’s knight.
    still trying to wrap my head around the reasons persons cheats.
    More inspiration to your creative mind Sal!
    God bless your family!

    • Sally says:

      Andre might just be her knight.
      As per the reasons people cheat, i think it differs with everyone. There are so many reasons and this series seeks to expose some of them

  28. sarah07 says:

    can’t wait for the next episode. Thanks sally, my days are less boring with ur stories.

  29. Jay says:

    sigh of relief knowing Andre’s wife is late. I dont know how i would have handled the situation if it were to be otherwise. Toni girl, you are gonna beg for Dre’s love sooner, just get ready. love u still.

    Christie is creepy but not the creepiest. Raji is just a man that cant put his penis is in trouser for too long (reminds me of Dike) and Chris happen to be his prey this time.

    Sally, you keep getting better with every episode. Big ups and the Lord strengthens you.

  30. sarah07 says:

    thanks sally, looking forward to the next episode.

  31. Chioma says:

    Christy is creepy
    Andre is creepier
    Raji is raji is the Devil!

    Sally you write good stories all the time. Bless you.

  32. Oyenike says:

    My my my!!!!
    I have never read anything so mind stimulating *fans self
    You are a fantastic writer.
    They are all crazy,wow!!!! Even my Dear Andre who I thought was the same one in this circle!

  33. calabar gal says:

    Sally – you got me there. I was like – OMG!! Andre is married? Why is he chasing after Toni? Now I understand. It gets more intriguing day by day. More grease to your pen Sally!

  34. kalliboom says:

    Sally is at it again ooh! Bursting my brains lolz. I think my creepiest person is christe and andre. As for Raji he is up to no good. Love dis episode get well soon to ur hubby lil ms kayla and zane and nanny.God ll heal dem. thanks sally u rock! As usual. Let’s I 4get plz wat is WTF? And wat is d meaning of dis phrase “Old flames don’t start burning with a different fire just because they are fanned”? I really love the words plz don’t lauf me ooh thanks

    • Sally says:

      WTF is well, what the fuck, which i’m assuming you know
      About the second phrase, i think it means with an old lover, you simply fan what has been there before, kinda rekindling the flame

  35. Abdulmutalib Saidat says:

    Cristie cristiee badest mama jama so far.well done sally this one keeps me wanting more. Thirsty me.

  36. Dayo says:

    All this characters eh, i think d creepiest is Andre n Raji, and for the ladies is Christie, i wonder who the He she’s talking about is.well done Sally. More grace

  37. Adeleke Julianah says:

    I saw this immediately you put it up, but I was unable to open and read.
    You are a wonder lady Sally.
    But this Christie-Raji-Salma saga isn’t funny atall o.
    And thanks for dropping the light on Andre.

  38. Sandra says:

    Mean, this is undeniably my best episode yet.. Lov lov..

  39. pelumi says:

    Omdz! Bet why name Christy?

  40. anita says:

    Jeeez….. Sally i m speechless. Dat andre guy he is something else nd Christie i knew she was a slow water run deep.too pius. Welldone

  41. Temmie says:

    Christie is weird, Andre is creepy! All these web of lies and deciet! I love the suprises though.. Sally is the best!

  42. Deola says:

    Ok nau I hv got to admit Christie is kinda creepy, and Andre, knew something was off about d guy.

  43. Seye Seye says:

    Well done Sally. My best wishes to your fam. I salute your dedication to this against all odds. Your strength is daily renewed.
    So who’s the creepiest? Each of them has his/her ‘thing’ jare so one can’t say.
    Seems I’m right about Andre. I had the feeling there’s more to him than what he’s shown. His cockiness and confidence are at variance with how he’s been getting at Toni. All good now, we know where we face, at least we know his story now.
    Christie runs, Raji goes after her, the kind gobe wey this adultery go land them ehn!
    It gets better with eacch episode. Thanks Sally

  44. AOS says:

    Christie is creepy…..infact they are all creepy. Hmmmmmm Adultery, its hard to stop once one start….but there are some who got favoured from it. It’s an eye opener, just like the forbidden fruit. You just have to play your card well.
    Thanks Sally, you just got me thinking about so many things or incidents….xoxo.

  45. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I read Episode #8 before dropping this comment. My creepiest character has got to be Raji, with Tayo a close second. Raji keeps on popping up where he’s not expected and lying about not wanting anything with Christie. Tayo never shows up where he’s expected and wants nothing to do with Lade.

  46. The Word says:

    Hands down, Christie takes the creepiest character award. Toni comes second. Andre is getting more awesome by the day. Loved the way he handled the whole Toni situation. I’d be disaPpointed if he ends up with her though. She’s too much of a confused woman to stick with.

  47. toyenlon says:

    Hmmm, Raji is sure a creepy being, going after Christie even when she didn’t disclose her destination. Na wa o. Trust your family is fine now, regards to them.

  48. Marion says:

    I like dress a lot , hmmm Christie what are u doing?????😣🙄


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