Two Lives And A Soul #14 By Ojay Aito

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8 Responses

  1. Mariam says:

    Honestly he needs to wake up from that nightmare. It seems all odds are against the poor guy.

  2. Atoba says:

    Find the watch oga or wake up or leave the watch.. Just do something that won’t kill you further.
    Thank you Ojay

  3. tedypine says:

    This search is starting to get tiring o

  4. Tomii says:

    This cracked me up “My father’s words at this time would have been Akika! ” hahahahaha!!! Eli abeg u need to wake up from this nightmare or find d watch/clock, we are tired on ur behalf.
    So Ojay, u used Sally’s name for one of d
    Good job Ojay, keep it up

    • Ojay says:

      Tomi you must be a real local breed to understand the ‘Akika’ part. Yes, I used the name Sally. But watch out, you might just find a Tomi somewhere down the line.
      And for all those getting tired about Eli not finding the time piece, I say, “Patience. Patience ye, my people.” It’s a weekly affair, so imagine you are just a slow reader.
      Many thanks everyone, but I really do hope you are ready for the coming episodes!
      Umendikayat ibrusem. Sem

  5. AOS says:

    Till next week biko no comment oh. Nice OJ.

  6. anita says:

    Nice one


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