The Fourth Finger #9

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48 Responses

  1. Temmy says:

    Christie why na,its about to blow up
    Toni and andre,i hope you guys last

  2. Yugo says:

    Chai”I’m practically screaming here” OMG
    Ngwanu Christie and Raji don enter hot soup….chai

  3. b-nykes says:

    U shld ve seen d smile on my face whn I refreshed the page n saw a new episode had been uploaded…lolz

  4. Tee says:

    OMG! Folarin is sooo smart.
    This is so going to be fun. If these two will keep quiet, the drama would be more
    liking it!

  5. wumi says:

    Hmmmmmmm. Issokay! I hope Toni will be wise enough to swallow her pride with Andre. As for Raji/Christie and Folarin/Salma, the picture is becoming clearer. Have a good weekend Sally and enjoy the meeting tomorrow.

  6. Adeola gem says:

    Now this is what I call “gobe” Interesting episode. Thanks Ms Sally

  7. Noncapax says:

    Sally the Sally!

  8. pelumi says:

    Haha….this is getting complicated.

    Womdeful epidode

  9. OG says:

    Folarin. The silent deadly killer. I’m happy Rajis and christies affair is about to blow up. Team Tondre any day.
    Thanks for this episode Sally.

  10. cleo says:

    i am like wow!!!!!!!!!!
    Very painful thing to happen. Salma and Folarin; big hugs.

  11. Mariam says:

    Awwwwww! My heart breaks for Folarin and Salma.

  12. classiq IJ says:

    It hurts already😢. Feel so sad for Raji/Christie, Fola/Salma. Thanks Sally * hugs

  13. Seye Seye says:

    Ol’ boy, Folarin’s playing the sleuth after that revelation by Izu, someone who’s another pain in the behind of Bernadette. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Will the duo of Raji and Christie be caught? Will they escape? Will Salma and Fola pay them back? Quite many scenarios to imagine.
    And the Toni/Andre show gathers momentum. I’m really eager to see what will win: attraction or vendetta.
    Big ups Sally. Thanks for this

  14. I Love Folarin already, but I’m waiting to know why he went back to his shell. Weldone my sugar mama Sally, I love you. Xoxo

  15. Nykky says:

    Sally Welldon.Folarin handling it well the gobe both of them will not be able to measure. #covering my face for their hypocrisy. Shame. Toni try and understand the story nau team #Tondre

  16. amaka says:

    Hmmmm,,,,aunt sals at it…me want some more

  17. MissBosola says:

    This Raji/Christie na gobe if they are caught and I like the way Folarin wants to handle it. Andre/Toni should fall for each other abeg. Thanks for the update Sally enjoy your weekend cheers!

  18. Itua says:

    Fola is really smart. What kind of fire is Christie looking for?? For his sake, i really hope they slip up. As for Toni, she needs

  19. ola says:

    This is serious hope it won’t be a full blown spouse vs spouse cheating

  20. Amina says:

    Sally have never asked for more before….Please just this once! Joor, silvous plait.

  21. mide says:

    dis story leave me dissatisfied o. biko suspense can kill. mk it blow up on raji and christie face and please dnt mk dem end up together. mk d cheatin justified.

  22. Rs says:

    Ghen Ghen!! shit is about to hit the fan

  23. Dupe says:

    OK nau, ghen ghen.

  24. Tomii says:

    Folarin is bae….Raji and christie e ku ise ooo.. I feel for Salimo!! Bia toni, won’t u fall u for Andre already ni??
    Good job my rocket, Sally.

  25. LegittWilliams says:

    Sally yu rili re interesting. Ur story concepts is rili intruiging & captivating. Dis niggas re abt 2get blown up by der own bomb, sorry for dem. Can’t even wait for D next episode. Thumb as up Sally

  26. Akan says:

    Rooting for Folarin and Andre. Toni will come around, I think for now she’s just going along cause of the guilt but she’ll fall eventually. Folarin is a smart guy. Can’t wait to find out what happened that changed Folarin. Thank you for the wonderful write up Aunty Sally. Happy Palm Sunday

  27. Jay says:

    Christie has always had the ashewo in her. See her shamelessly enjoying the moment. Folarin is smart BUT if him and salma end up having sex, of what use is his smartness? I hope they both keep their emotional sanity in check so that they will be able to deal with their spouses without feeling guilty after they must have catch them red handed.
    #Tondre be giving me the vibes😍

  28. Olamide says:

    I’ve been off this page for a while cos. I just got had a baby.
    This story is the bomb! Sally is just AMAZING! Christie and Raji are about to get caught!!!! I hope Toni borrows sense and stays with Andre. Sally, hope your meet up was fun. Have a great week.

  29. kalliboom says:

    Eh! Chai christe I told u to stop dis nw see where its going to land u. Loving toni and andre togeda I hope dey last. Thanks Sally hope chat wit sally” is going on smoothly! Happy palm Sunday…

  30. Gloria A says:

    I can’t believe this is what I’ve been missing out from this whole time. I love the Toni and Andre character already. As for Christie and Raj, I can’t wait for their sins to catch up with them and in the meantime Salma and Folarin shouldn’t do any thing stupid like the others. Beautiful piece as usual Sally dear, U always do a great job wowing me…👍👍

  31. bola says:

    Aww….i’m such an emotional rat right now, dis is so heartbreaking.
    God bless u Sally.

  32. Hinnymi says:

    *seriously crying with Salma* but why do men cheat? They have it all in total package yet they are still not satisfied! I’m sure Raji would have used the same lines he’s using for Christie for Comfort…by their words u shall know them.
    Sally why are you trying so hard to make me fall in love with Andre?! And where on Moskedapages island is Madam goody two shoes Lade?!

  33. Anthony says:

    Sigh.. That’s how i missed yesterday’s tutorials📚. Free sumtin just went like that, in this buhari times for that matter👺.I’ll live to catch another one hopefully. Even though I’ve learnt a new French word today 😸. Okay back to the story.
    What if Christie returns from Ghana pregnant with Raji’s baby but Folarin ends up thinking its his, seeing as he’s desperate for one? Does he soft pedal on his sherlock Holmes mission👮? Sigh… Lemme not assume too much, i’ll just wait for the story to pan out on that end. I pity Salma though, she won’t forgive herself if she ever gets down with Folarin. She’ll just blame “useless Raji” for spoiling her.
    This potential Sally triangle of mark-toni – Andre, e no go easy o. But hey, it’s just a rumour. And Leticia won’t kpab sense until Bernadette shows up with her own bitchy side to surprise everyone.
    President Raji for sweetness 🙌🙌🙌🙌, boss being on this Christie chase longtime. I guess Folarin will get to remind him that diabetes is real this time.
    P.S: I hope the event yesterday went well, more ink to your pen madame Sally.

  34. Dayo says:

    I love Folarin already, am glad he is matured about it, i just hope Salam will be able to bear it.

  35. Ijeoma says:

    I’m so in awe but I feel sorry for salma nd folarin….Toni nd Andre hope they work out…Nice job Sally

  36. Adeleke Julianah says:

    I’m speechless….

  37. Tobislim says:

    dendendendenden…….wahala, gbege,gbese. Love You Sally

  38. AOS says:

    Out of words…..xoxo Sally.

  39. kkkkk says:

    hmmmm this is serious.

  40. Fifi says:

    Christie is playing with fire and it hope it burns her beyond recognition since she wants to be stupid. Raji cheated once so I’m not surprised about him. What do women want Folarin is a good husband but no Christie wants boss hopefully she ends up with only herself Raji too will leave her stupid ass

  41. Oyenike says:

    Awwwn…..Pls don’t make Christie and Folarin cheat….Please….Let them remain sane.
    We need some sane characters in this series.
    Thank you genie Sally.

  42. Carah💋 says:

    Nemesis will soon catch up with ds two 😡but in d main time I hope nothing funny happens between folarin and sal. Toni and andre😻😻( my fav characters).Leticia had better borrow brain if she doesn’t have now cos dt izu will use and dump her. Thanks sally 💋

  43. tomson says:

    Sally you still owe us three episodes

  44. Happy good friday everyone! Sally pls can we get an update today to celebrate good friday??? Pretty please.

  45. Sandra says:

    I thought I commented when I read dis post last week… I just came back to re read and kill boredom and dint find my comment. Still not too late… It was amazing Thanks a zillion Sally, u rock. Btw I think am with team fola and salma not cheating… Although it will be almost impossible with d way she is already lusting after his tattoo…

  46. anita says:

    Ah… Dis shit is about to hit d fan.e go too smell…..oh. Raji vs Christie. Fola vs salma loadin soon

  47. The Word says:

    Love Folarin. So calm. So in charge. Can’t wait for him to catch Christie. And while he’s at it, he might as well enjoy Salma. Hell, they should leave those two.

    Andre, my man. Love your style. He’s always been the best character since the series started. The most consistent character.

  48. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Wow! Christie will be the biggest loser!


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