Two Lives And A Soul #15 By Ojay Aito

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7 Responses

  1. Tomii says:

    Eli, well done oo, be catching feelings already u hear??
    But Ojay, all I read was big big grammar today…thumbs up jare!!!

    • Ojay says:

      Big big grammar, you said? Maybe I was sleepwriting when I wrote that episode. I don’t even know how to write big big grammar like people like Sally.
      Thanks for sharing, Tomi

  2. Olamide says:

    I hope this Eli won’t kill himself. Thanks Ojay for this episode.

  3. tomson says:

    Can this series move any faster than this pace ojay?

  4. ojay says:

    nice write up

  5. anita says:

    E c dis boy oo. U wan tif am. No try am oo. Gud one


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