The Fourth Finger #10

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  1. Sally says:

    This post is not an Easter bonus. It is specially for Modupe Monebi and everyone that was at the meetup last Sunday. Thank you for supporting me.
    I was surprised that it was ghost readers that turned up. What a twist. And all of you who have been bugging me in this comment section for more than a year didn’t even show face.
    No wahala. I’m still here for you. You can always bank on that.
    But back to the story, do you think Salma and Folarin will be justified if they fell into some sort of emotional affair, that is they manage not to sleep with each other?
    Express yourselves.
    Happy Easter….
    Dunno if there’ll be a post tomorrow o!

    • modupe says:

      Thanks Sally, now i can so brag about this ehn……

      • grace says:

        I live in far away benue state, but i still look forward to meeting you someday. You carry a lot of creativity that i am in awe of.
        i think salma and folarin are already in a emotional affair. they need the support from each other. as far as there is no sex, they can cry on each others shoulders
        i cant imagine toni’s plan for mark and nkechi
        thanks to modupe and co for this episode. i was elated when i saw notifications for 2 TFF posts in my mail box.
        Happy easter to you and your family

  2. OYIN says:

    Unfortunately for me, I’m not a lagosian so I missed 😢
    I’m not even bother about Salma and folarin, they will do fine.
    It’s that comfort that scares me. She’s already taking salmas place.
    Toni is not just mouth. She has Mark by the balls. I just like her.
    Poor Lade. I hope she finally leaves Tayo. Big curse is hanging on his head. He needs deliverance
    Happy Easter Sally
    Please bring another tomorrow

  3. Mariam says:

    An evil part of me wants Salma and Folarin to get together but if they do, it doesn’t make them any better than Christie and Raji. I’ve changed my mind Sally i think the dark side has won…….. If they get together i would love Christie and Raji to catch them at it. Sometimes its good yo let people have a taste of their own medicine, sounds mean but life is mean too. Lol!

  4. olly says:

    Nice work Sally,been waiting for this, Salma and Folarin should hold on on the affair till the right time, that wld be perfect revenge for Christie

  5. miss b says:

    I won’t mind folarin and Sal to get their groove on Christie and Raji can feel the pain but I see comfort pushing Sal out of the show. As. For tayo his case na God.i kinda like Andre sha.weldone Sally waiting for kd/jos hook up with Sally. Am so loving Okada books.

  6. Temmy says:

    Oh my!!!
    This is so intriguing,i don’t think it’s justifiable for Folarin and Salma to have an affair even if their partners are cheating….nice write up sally, happy Good friday

  7. ola says:

    Well payback is a bitch, folarin and salt Might just be justified is getting squared, dre marriages is been messed up by 2 ppl dey love, so it’s tit for tat, that is if dre morals will let dem do dt, dey seem lk two very principled person

  8. Neymar says:

    Am first to comment oo! Hw lucky. As par ur question, dey will surely fall into emotional affair bt sleep with eeaach other, I don’t fink so Sal!

  9. Noncapax says:

    Folarin and salma, under normal circumstances, would end up having their own affair, but then, cliché isn’t your style.

  10. Dotun says:

    Hi sally…. *guilty face*
    i see folarin and Salma having affair soon but wnt last.

  11. Tola says:

    We will be happy if they have revenge sex. We really don’t mind. Somebody needs to deal with those other two
    Meanwhile I hate Tayo.

  12. Jay says:

    Hollup Sally. I think I need a plain white sheet for each character. Comfort has shidren for Raji? Whao! And she still stays around? No wonder Salma is bitter. No do no do Fola and Salma go eventually kiss one day. Pain is a powerful chord that binds two unlikely people together.

    Toni wear condoms o! Or else your miss Beyonce-independent lifestyle would soon be over when you dance shoki with Andre this night o, ehn ehn!

    Nice one Sally. You really psychanalyzed the characters wella.

  13. Ijeoma says:

    I believe that Sal nd Fola may still have an affair just cuz of the emotional attachment they r feeling right now cuz of their partners…Toni is so going to love Andre I cant wait for more…I love you Sally….I’ll keep reading to see how the story unfolds

  14. Sandra says:

    So Toni is most likely Joyce missing daughter… I can’t seem to get enof of Tondre
    Ehm an emotional affair? Is most likely going to result out of ‘Salarin’ after all they say misery loves company… But is it justified… Never. Sally Oshe oooo and complements.

  15. anita says:

    @Sandra u hit d nail on d head bout toni. I m not bothered bout sal nd fola cos if it happens its going to b a one off thing. Comfort? dosnt ve raji. Raji’s for Christie nd he wnt let go just yet. Fola knws more dan he is letting bout d affair. He is arranging his evidence. Chai sally well done. I missed seeing u. Had hosp. Wahala

  16. anita says:

    Tayo is an emotional boy com man dat witnessd abuse frm d father nd some how is like him cos of sitted bitterness wit evry one includin his father whether dead or alive nd dat has made him to believe dat being vulnerable is a sign of weakness so he hates pple dat re like his wife. He is afraid to show love cos he was not given wen needed

  17. modupe says:


    Now this made my day….

    Thanks Sally, Arent you just the best?……

    In other News, so Tayo and Toni are family abi…and that Christy of a woman sef.

    Being someone who is trying to fight for custody of my son, I can understand Salma and her wanting to think things through cuz somehow the court always favours the man when they feel he has “means” issshhh……

    Thanks again Sally

  18. wumi says:

    Happy easter Sally and all readers. Toni is Tayo’s sister, the stolen baby. Salma and Folarin relationship is not justified, so Sally don’t make them do it. Christie! “The suffering Folarin will suffer you is doing press up”. Mark’s head and brain is between his legs and that is where Toni controls.
    So, madam Sally we should expect Easter post.

  19. mide says:

    amnt a lagosian and cldnt mk it. tanks to all dose dat did. fola and sal emotional yes. sex no, it wld cloud dere payback strategy cos dey seem lyk gud pple.dere mind go jst dey disturb dem. let d payback b big. seem fola has a character u hvnt showed us cos we knw his a VGBG we jst wanna c d badguy

  20. Rukayat says:

    amnt a lagosian and cldnt mk it. tanks to all dose dat did. fola and sal emotional yes. sex no, it wld cloud dere payback strategy cos dey seem lyk gud pple.dere mind go jst dey disturb dem. let d payback b big. seem fola has a character u hvnt showed us cos we knw his a VGBG we jst wanna c d badguy

  21. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Bring it on!!!
    Wonderful lady Sally. You are the best!

  22. AOS says:

    Emotions are not easy to control, Fola n Salma…..nobody is perfect, shit happens. Toni n Tayo, I knew it…..please go bond with you sister n calm down jor Tayo.
    Well done madam Sally, thanks alot….xoxo.

  23. You see your life now Mark, I hope you’re ready for what is about to befall you…. I don’t have any word for Raji and Christie for now and as for Fola and Sal, I’m sure they will be fine… Thanks for this wonderful episode my sugar Mama Sally, God bless you.

  24. Nykky says:

    Happy Easter Sally and fam here. Christie and Folarin are definitely going to kiss but don’t make them have sex tit for tat does not solve problems but make you guilty at the end. Toni is the Joyce stolen baby but the reunion though. Tondre should not be a fling o make them work abeg. In another news we are waiting for today’s update. Always the best kudos

  25. Jay says:

    Hi Sally *covers guilty face*
    No, it is not justified if Salma n folarin’s do the same thing as their spouses. I will like to have them do the right thing at the right time.
    So my girl is sibling with that arrogant tayo, and the rubbish tayo knows this and still don’t care! Pls what kind of a man is that? I await the day Toni finds out and also gets to know how he’s been treating their mum badly…
    And yes Tondre love is budding up.💏😍💃 I support nykky their love should have a happy ending.

  26. Seye Seye says:

    Shebi you know if I’m in Lagos, I’d have been at the meet up. Hoping i’ll have that opportunity soon.
    Tayo may never find a reason to let go of his reservations towards his mom because it took years for him to be fed taless about his mom, and how terrible a mother she’s been. Of course, stuff heard from childhood sticks and it takes a lot to re-tune the mind. I hope he finds a way tho, cos that is affecting his outlook to life.
    Christie and Raji have given Sal and Fola the best template to cheat in return. What better revenge is there than being with the partner of a cheating partner. I’m scared it might become complicated anyways. We keep watching. How both Christie and Raj will wriggle out of this is what I watch with bated breath.
    As for Mark and Toni…the pull some people have over us ehn! Mumu button things. And Andre be weakening Toni’s defenses already, but has she not weakened his’?
    Well done Sally. Thanks and thanks again.

  27. Rikitava-'Bimbola says:

    Oga Folarin is ready! I’m ready for when shit hits the roof too… I can’t wait.

  28. The Word says:

    Time for Lade to step up and move out of Tayo’s shadow.

    Folarin and Salma will be more than justified. Hey, it may not be the popular choice, but it’s the realistic choice.

    Also, I think it’s about time we met Nkechi. We hear so much about her but when is she going to make an appearance?

  29. Adekola Funmilola says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the meeting with you. I live on the outskirts of the mainland and island is like traveling for me o and I have a three months old. Will definitely make it to the next one. Christie is still going to be the biggest loser. I have a feeling that the first meeting between Tayo and Toni will be bloody. Folarin and Salma, no. Folarin and Comfort, Salma back to Raji.


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