Two Lives And A Soul #17 by Ojay Aito

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16 Responses

  1. Tobislim says:

    Long, suspence-filled and captivating read. Welldone. i almost felt it was the finale episode but Thank God there is more *cantwait.

  2. Faithzy says:

    Wow great read ojay thank you….looking forward to the next episode

  3. Tomii says:

    Wow!!!!! This is a lengthy one o, thanx Ojay.
    Ehen, come o Ojay, what is “comeuppance “

  4. Atoba says:

    Ojay! My guy, this is sense-making. Nice weave. You too much baba!

  5. Tolu says:

    What greater suspense is there to this series? This kept me on the edge. A lot of things seems fishy with sally’s grandma. Hope she’s not who am thinking she is tho. Good work! Good piece

  6. Mariam says:

    Long episode, full of suspense. Oya Sally and grandma unveil yourselves!

  7. Toyenlon says:

    Wow! This is wonderful, and suspense filled. I enjoyed this particular episode more than any I’ve read before, kudos.

  8. anita says:

    Wow!!…. Now i m intrigued. It was quite a long way to dis. Tnks. Waitin to read more. * just thinkin*how did sally steal d watch?

  9. AOS says:

    Great now am enjoying it….more please. Thanks.


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