The Fourth Finger #13

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34 Responses

  1. Akan says:

    Folarin is really something else. Unexpected episodes are the best. Thank you for this

  2. Dotun says:

    Poor Christie… abeg find a way to kill Solomon off joor. no mercy for a blackmailer.
    Lade needs to be extra strong if she wants to stay with tayo o
    Toni should make up her mind joor, finally found a make with huge self control and she is messing up.

  3. Mariam says:

    Toni!!!!!!!! You better not sleep with that creep Mark. My heart goes out to Christie, I wish she told Folarin the truth about her childhood and also about Raji.

  4. First timer says:

    Oh shoot!
    Cyrus junior is a child borne from Incest?
    Poor Christie. That’s why she likes men who are in authority of some sort
    Sally, I was vexing that you didn’t use #Anton in your last episode but this… More than made up for it. Chai, Christie’s story touched me. Sad😥😥😥
    Toni, Andre get got you bad. Mark will hear it in that hotel room

  5. Faithzy says:

    Noooooo toni dont take that dark path again….. -😢 i feel so sad for christie such horrible intro to sex ….. Thumbs up sally cant wait for the next episode

  6. Tomii says:

    Sallyyyyyyyyy, when last did I tell u I love u???? Jeezzz u r d rocket, jet join sef, Spaciba Muchos!!!!
    Folarin My guy *grins*

  7. wumi says:

    Madam the Sally! Thank you for this. Getting to know Folarin. Christie has got a lot of ghost in her cupboard. This life is so twisted, don’t wish to be another person cause you don’t know what baggage they are carrying. Toni should stop being babyish jare. If she wants to stay with Andre, let her and if not Sally please separate them.

  8. Adeola gem says:

    Awww! So short of words. This episode thought me dat…we are all human after all. And books should not be judged by their cover. What a pity chris. Folarin is trying everything possible to forgive chris. I wish she comes to her senses soonest. I don’t care if Raji loose out, goodluck with comfort. Salma deserves better. Thanks Ms Sally.

  9. Tomii says:

    Toni pls don’t make me dislike u o…Exactly what do u want??? U r too indecisive jare, mchewwwwwww
    Feel bad for christie’s early years. I guess tayo sent in that Email to High Mistress for advice. Lade is such a gentle soul!!!!
    Folarin the bad sharp Nigga (in a gud way) *grins*

  10. Neymar says:

    Please don’t separate Toni and Andrre oo! This is ma best gift for a wed. Love u Sally.

  11. Nykky says:

    Hmmmmnmmm Sally thanks for the surprise episode. Toni you’ve got to make up your mind. Andre ! I like men that are in control of their extra leg and are principled about sex Christie sorry about your background but you need to come clean with your spouse otherwise it’s from one mistake to the other and so people can hardly right their wrong instead they will be committing the more even send assassin to kill d blackmailer. Only one way out TRUTH good luck

  12. Tolu says:

    Madam Sally,if only you would agree to writing some of my textbooks, am sure reading would have been whole lot of fun
    Nice work of creativity☺ owo meji loke fun mama 🙌

  13. ola says:

    Thing are rili heating up

  14. Dayo says:

    Toni better give yourself sense o, dont lose Andre .. Christie is going thru alot , i feel for her, that her brother is such an animal..thanks for the update Sally…xxx

  15. Tosin says:

    Whao, so Christie is nursing such a big secret. I hope she comes clean to her husband because I am suspecting Folarin is coming for her in a big way. I hope Tayo takes High mistress’ advice sha ( and they are even siblings). This life……so many mysteries and baggage . Thanks a lot Sally for this surprise episode.

  16. gbemmy says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this unexpected “jara”

  17. Toyenlon says:

    Hmmm, i think Folarin is planning for Christie and Raji in that anniversary dinner, only if Christie can come clean but it’s easier said than done sha. Thanks Sally

  18. modupe says:

    I had to stop reading after Chistie and Solo part….gosshhhhh, what kind of crazy family secret is this ehn….kilode…its like the craziest thing i have heard of…But the cyrus guy na man oooo…Sally, this is damn deep. lemme go and continue

  19. Anthony says:

    At some point i thought Tomi had finally given those tutorials.. Sigh😔😔
    Its difficult to understand people that remain in abusive relationships, very difficult. Especially when they return to it after physical abuse😬😬.The draw is uncanny. Lade doesn’t pity herself sha, she’s thinking with her heart and not her head. I’m just here waiting for her to meet Antonia😯.
    And Antonia sef, she wants to eat her cake🎂 and have it too. In this world🌍? Odiegwu.
    Andre be dishing out alpha male goals every episode🙌🙌💪
    Ok there’s abuse and there’s ABUSE! Chi’m! Incest?😭😭 Thats like the worst kind. For me her parents take the whole blame. Locking a kid up in the house, no TV📺, no radio📻, no communication📞 with her peers except Sunday service; who knows what they filled her head with there, no nothing. How would she have known what a normal sibling👫 relationship is supposed to be like? One can argue that it was their own way of protecting her from the harsh truths of this sublunary existence, but see where it landed their kids – one a complete ass hole👽, and the other, sigh, she’s just a victim😢. Sadly this is the reality of a lot of kids today, being holed up at home; disasters waiting to happen. Lemme stop my rant biko, sun is too much🌞.
    Good luck with your program on Saturday Ma’am👍

  20. Olamide says:

    Awww Sally. Thanks so much. This means a lot. Toni needs to let love win… I hope Lade knows what she is doing. Folarin is a dangerous guy.

  21. Seye Seye says:

    Self control earns one respect. Men like Andre got my respect, always. They may not be popular with other guys, but they’re just great guys. Andre will steadily win Toni over. Forget the booty call that Mark is, she’ll always value, respect and want to be around Andre because she’ll want to demystify him.
    Tayo’s tryna right his wrongs but won’t he lose it if Lade summons the courage to tell him her new acting path? I see Lade settling down to work already.
    So sad Christie went through that abuse early in life. Everyone has a story and her’s shouldn’t be the basis for her dishonesty. Won’t be bad if she can retrace her steps and sort her issues. Folarin, I dunno whaat to say. He wants to deal with Christie but still makes sweet love to her like nothing is wrong. He obviously loves her because all this prodding for her to confess or say something…
    Thanks for this Sally, I look forward to Saturday

  22. omotola says:

    Thanks a bunch sally…this bonus episode was intriguing, I enjoyed every bit of it. Now I really can’t blame Christie, I hope folarin forgives her eventually nd help her get out of her messy past cuz it’s got a very strong grip on her. As for Toni,’ no words for her yet ‘.very stubborn somebody. I luv u sally, u write so effortlessly that ur readers keep thirsting for more. God bless u ma’am…xoxo

  23. anita says:

    Sallyyyyy. Tnks u ve given me a little insight to Fola nd Christie now i get d feelin. Toni nids to b taught love nd committment ns Andre ll sure do dat

  24. Adeleke Julianah says:

    I just hope Christie will do the right thing.
    I’m so sad she is in this place.
    Well done lady Sally. Thanks for the bonus.

  25. modupe says:

    Sally, so i had to go back in time, i went to episode 4, just to read about Cyrus Snr and the child with Christie,..ok, that done, sis sally, its time to talk about Dapo too, is he as messed up as his bro Tayo when it comes to women cuz i know he too is messed up with the way he spoke of their mother.
    So sally, let the righteous man, cyrus talk too…he knows he isnt the father of Junior, so why isnt he comfronting christie about that, he is just forming baba junior… that said
    Need i remind you i respect you a lot, my office pipus will see me reading and they will go “you and this website sef, u no dey tire” i just give them the “yimu face”, they still dont wanna read after all my preaching, mbok, leave me and my sally of moskedapages ooooo

  26. Amina says:

    It’s sad that majority of parents make the mistake Christe’s parents made. A couple of days ago I said something about not sending any child of mine to a private university that will be unnecessarily restricted because they miss out on the exposure needed for that age and maximise little opportunities which is usually more dangerous one. It’s a child’s right to be exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly..its the obligation of the parents to advice accordingly and teach them how to make good decisions. My problem is not the adults involved but how their decisions has and will still affect Cyprus Jr. Thank you for always Sal.

  27. Aduks says:

    This is one episode that got me feeling melancholic and another nameless emotion.
    But I picked up a lesson from it: there once was a story, before the one everyone now sees.
    There is just no way the past fades away; its experiences may, but never it’s lessons.
    Just as something from Christie’s past killed her on the inside, Andre’s thoughts of a woman he lost,
    something in Toni’s philophobia, probably from a past experience other than the one with Mark.

    Keep writing Sally 🙂

  28. DoubleDee says:

    Phew..Christie has been through so much in her life. I just wish she would come clean with Folarin… Sadly she’s used to hiding things all her life, she can’t be any better i guess. Please can u make Folarin forgive her after everything? So sad… And please kill that Solomon sharp sharp. No wonder Cj is a pain in the arse, it’s cause he’s a product of incest.

  29. The Word says:

    I feel really bad for Christie. I was on the Christie is such a cheating bitch bandwagon, and now, I don’t know. She’s cheating, but after this revelation, I feel really, really sorry for her. If Folarin finds out, he’ll kill Solomon.

    Andre, Andre. You be my guy, man. Don’t let pussy conquer you. You conquer pussy. That’s the way God made it.

    And Toni, I still have high hopes for you. But if you sleep with Mark, i’m done making excuses for you. My homeboy Andre deserves better. How can you possibly expect him to share you with multiple men? What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Honestly, I feel like Andre should take a step back from Toni and just see other people. So because the guy she loved married someone else, now she wants to prove that her pussy is golden and is meant to be used to punish all men? Bitch, please.

  30. Ope Olubode says:

    Thanks Sally for the jara. I think the best idea is for Christie to come clean with Folarin, honestly. I don’t think any literate responsible man, would blame a woman for being sexually abused.

    Toni should not sleep with Mark ohh, she better turn back to that house

  31. 1k97 says:

    Bless U sally and yh Shut down dE critics… They are not spiritual rather religious punks who believe they know it all… Middle finger to solo…. christie hmm mhmm …

  32. imotolab2014 says:

    I’m beginning to feel for Christie. her love for folarin is so strong, gosh I pray Folarin doesn’t do something terrible.

  33. My heart goes out to Christie and other people with such huge past, its not easy o… I hope she find the courage to disclose everthing to Folarin soon, he looks like he can handle them. Weldone my sugar mummy, hope you know I love you… Yeah I do

  34. AOS says:

    Hmmmmmm I feel for Christie oh, the earlier she opens up about her bro n cheating, the better for her. Toni needs serious cane. I just hope Lade won’t be hurt again.
    Sally The Great….xoxo.


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