Always One More Time #10 By Temitope Ogunyinka

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  1. ola says:


  2. Toyenlon says:

    Audrey is just jealous of Funlola getting all the attention including the attention of the guy she wants, hope she gets over it soon. I like how John showed Dele he’s not a coward but for christianity he would have beaten him to a pulp…lol. It’s an interesting read, welldone.

  3. Tosin says:


  4. JK says:

    Thanks for the another interesting piece. I am so scared for PJ….. and Audrey jealous of Funlola!!! Though no one will want her brother to marry someone like Funlola but I hope she (Audrey) isn’t secretly in love with Dele.
    Hmm it seem Adesewa is planning to get pregnant by Daniel.
    I feel so sorry for Efe and Ebuka. Ebuka is just a pawn with Ade….

  5. 1k97 says:

    Hmm … Nice read… Next.. Bless U Temie

  6. Seye Seye says:

    It’s thickening, plot’s thickening…story’s getting more interesting. Audrey, seems to me to be watching out for her brother, like any other person will do. Ulterior motives? Time will tell.
    As for Ade’s vengeful mission, I pity Daniel in advance.
    Big ups Tope.


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