Two Lives And A Soul #18 By Ojay Aito

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12 Responses

  1. Faithzy says:

    As usual I was spell bound …… Great work ojay pls can u add more length would appreciate …. Nice read enjoyed it

    • Ojay says:

      Thanks Faith. I’m only trying to balance things… There are a thousand and one people who wouldn’t read becos d series is above average lengthy. Please bear with me. Thanks again

  2. sleekdami says:

    OJAY…you are very good
    Just on sunday, i heard the Kairos word for the first time in church…and you explained it just like Rev Oye did and with more insight

    You are very good ..very

  3. Tomii says:

    Ojay mind ursef o, what do u mean by “She was still barefooted like a member of one of those churches that mandated their congregation worship barefooted.”….
    Interesting as expected, More o Ojay pls!!! Spaciba

  4. Atoba says:

    Okay! Correct guy. You got us very hooked with this. Even my Pastor would be proud of you.

  5. Mary Ehi says:

    19 19 19 please!


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