Always One More Time #12 By Temitope Ogunyinka

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15 Responses

  1. Dotun says:

    Audrey should be careful o. Adesuwa don,t give yourself mental case over Daniel….. you deserve better.

  2. Amina says:

    Game time! I started reading this series last weekend and I looked forward to today. Great job. DANIEL AND EFE better get married o…as far as I’m concerned Adèsewa lost the moment she slept with Ebuka. Funlola and John remind me of Pastor Ishi and Kyenpia.

    • Temitope says:

      Hi Amina. Wow… Thanks for reading. 🙂 You’re #Team Daniel and Efe. Cool. But shouldn’t Adesewa get a second chance? I mean Daniel hurt her but she gave him another chance…

  3. Faithzy says:

    The thing is how can a woman hope for love from a broken man and that’s what Daniel is efe has mind sa marrying a man in love with another person….. Ade messed up she had revenge sex but I feel that the end of the day she did what an embittered and stupid woman would do it doesn’t define her I guess only she is still bitter hmmm
    John and funlola fingers crossed****
    Lovely read

    • Temitope says:

      Hmm @least Efe is getting what she wants at the end of the day. I guess Adesewa is just proving that she’s human and has feelings.
      Thanks for reading Faithzy. 🙂

  4. Oluwakemi says:

    This suspense is real!

  5. LegittWilliams says:

    Don’t rili knw wat to say, but I tink Adesuwa has got to forge ahead. Let her forget abt dis revenge tin she’s planning to carry out coz it myt bounce back on her, as for Audrey dat one just nidz to allow peace reign coz she herself isn’t entirely holy per say. Nice Episode, Tanx. (But women shaa)

  6. Toyenlon says:

    Daniel has gone way off the mark so i won’t be surprised if he falls into Adesewa’s trap, i only feel sorry for Efe cos she’s likely to be hurt at the end of the day. Nice one dear.

  7. Kairi says:

    I actually don’t feel pity for efe she knew he had a girlfriend and she seduced him it’s her fault she will be in a loveless marriage and as for Daniel he deserves everything he gets he played her twice i.e 2 times and you expect her to just let it lie low nope she needs closure and maybe this is how she will get. Daniel and efe deserve whatever they get. Efe will be forming innocent but she can seduce

  8. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    What I dont get is why Efe should manage a broken man…..she deserves more nd I hope she realises it before d wedding.

  9. Seye Seye says:

    So many things go on in a man’s mind. I think I’ve seen someone in Daniel’s shoes. He settled for Efe as a matter of necessity not that she was his main choice. Now where that leads him is the cause for concern. With Audrey and Zainab by Adesewa’s side, I’d like to see how things pan out.
    As for John and Funlola, things may look up as time goes on. With John claiming divine leading, it can only get better. At least God won’t urge him on only to abandon him.
    Big ups Tope. Nice flow

  10. AOS says:

    Wow bring it on gurlz, gosh played twice by sane guy……mehn Daniel should be thought a lesson.
    Thanks T-bae.


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