The Fourth Finger #14

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  1. Jay says:

    Hmmm. Its getting close. Christie coming out like Jamal Lyon did in Empire. Lade and Toni meeting. Yes! Waiting…………

  2. Tee says:

    I just knew Manny was too good to true.
    Let’s see how it goes.
    Christie, your day is coming. This one that Folarin didn’t feature. Lord knows what he is planning.
    I shiver o!
    Meanwhile, Leticia, you will not catch sense? Listen to your friend. O ga oh!

  3. mide says:

    am the first to comment today. goosebumps. the episode is jst left me with curosity. u tinkin mkin christie and raji work? pls dont. cos raji seems lyk a selfish prsn. leticia is d dumpest woman i hv read abt. and toni is jst plain stupid. manny cant get a woman love lyk dat. am confuse here. bt u knw best

    • Sally says:

      As someone said “Affairs are always complicated affairs” people always assume that sex is the only reason people cheat. But it’s not always the case. Most times emotions are involved. Deep emotions. That’s why It’s hard to stop.
      As for Lade she has to learn that her future and happiness lie in her hands alone. Will she find out what Manny did? Who knows?
      It’s okay to be confused. Humans are complicated like that

  4. Mariam says:

    Wow! Manny os beginning to scare me. I thought Lade found a knight in shinning armour……. My heart bleeds for Christie, i really wish it will end well for her even though the odds do not seem to be in her favour. Thank you amazing Sally. God bless you!

  5. noncapax says:

    And Sally knocks it out of the park, yet again. Great job!

    I like how you focused on Christy’s story for most of this episode. Affairs are always complicated affairs. *sigh*

  6. wumi says:

    Dear Sally, thank you for a nice episode and the shout out last week. Guru and Monet back….yippee. By the way, we are expecting the complete version of boys with toys.
    Leticia is hard on hearing, why can’t she just listen. I think she’s trying to copy Toni but she’s not as bad.
    Right now, I pity Christie. She’s messed up and struggling to come out. She should talk to her husband and not Raji. Raji will just use that confession to blackmail her.
    Toni in DFL, Nkechi in Covet? Waiting to see how this goes.
    I knew Manny was too good to be true.

    • Sally says:

      Boys with Toys….I still don’t know. Like i said, it’s complete but I don’t feel it’s that complete. If you understand what I mean. And i haven’t had time to work on it. It will take me cutting off from everything else before I can touch it
      Let’s just hope i get the juice for it
      Thanks for reading and my love to baby

  7. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Sally always putting smiles on face since forever. Thanks for this wonderful episode
    …and she had to remind me that Boys With Toys isn’t finished yet. Patiently waiting

  8. MissBosola says:

    Chop knuckle Sally you made my day. Gets more interesting day by day. I want jara oh before next Saturday. Have a nice weekend cheers!

  9. olly says:

    Solomon waants to destroy lade’s life ,may God come to her rescue, welldone sally

  10. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    I swear my brain is jumbled…I’m just glad Toni will get to meet her mum. And what juicy offer does Nkechi has? I mean Toni already bought d shares. I’m waiting sha.

    Thank you.

  11. bee says:

    HMM. Things are getting juicer. Thanks for this episode Salls. I like that you connect your stories…. When are we getting Boys with Toys? Thanks for this episode again…

  12. Deola says:

    Manny shldnt jst hurt Lade, its not his decision to make. I think Leticia is making a wrong decision, Izu wil jst dump her. What juicy offer does Nkechi have…

  13. Dayo says:

    OMG, so Toni is related to Tayo, this is getting interesting. I hope Lade wont get hurt with this Manny’s plan o

  14. tedypine says:

    I love the way Sally linked the story with boys with toys. Not only dis one. You do dat with Ur others stories too. Love it. It tells us how our favorite characters are doing. Salllllllllllly. I’m still waiting for my BWT on okada books o. Pls don’t make me wait too long o. As usual, this post? 10/10

  15. Olamide says:

    Another lovely episode. Manny is just as evil. My heart really goes out to Christie. She is in a huge mess. anticipating Lade and Toni’s meeting.
    Thanks Sally. XOXO.

  16. Tolu says:

    Some evil unknown forces nearly prevented me from reading this episode today,but God and the fourth finger won #lol. It was quite a long read, and a beautiful one at that,totally worth the time. Thanks madam Sally!!!

  17. Modupe says:

    I will not say anything, I will just say I kept sitting at the edge of my chair all thru d story…..
    Still, I will not say anything

  18. cleo says:

    i am just wowed!!!!!!!!
    Christy breaks my heart.
    Lade needs to wise up fa!!!!

  19. Pacesetter says:

    Dats true, Manny is too good to be true, do who will hurt lade more now? Let’s wait and see.

  20. Tomii says:

    Wow, sally this piece is a lenghty one… Manny, hmmmmm ok oo. Can’t type much, abit under the weather. Tnx Sally u rock always.

  21. anita says:

    I love d link up wit boys with toys….. I am confused emotionally… No comment. fingers crossed

  22. The Word says:

    I know I wasn’t the only person who saw the boys with toys connection. Man, talk about interconnected universes. I wonder if boys with toys exists in the same world as novocaine knights? That would mean a lot of interconnected universes, man! Cos Novocaine has some connection to other stories on here as well! Nice!!!

    Beyond that though, I feel the storm coming. Something terrible is going to happen to some of these characters. I feel sad for them, but I can’t wait.

    One thing though: I really want Andre to pay Toni back in kind. She thinks she can screw around? Well, two can play that game! Homeboy, don’t let me down

  23. 1k97 says:

    ThumbsUp sally…

  24. Carah says:

    Thanks sally💋

  25. Toyenlon says:

    Oh no, Manny is going about it the wrong way. If Lade finds out, she’s going to hate him , hope it won’t affect her negatively, i fear for her, from frying pan to fire.

  26. Double dee says:

    Thanks for yet another episode Sally. Pls save Christie, she’s been through so much.. When i saw Ruky’s name mentioned and Guru and Monet, i just gave a wide knowing smile. Pls how soon can we get Boys With Toys.? Sally how are you and the family? Kwana biyu. Can’t get you on fone and bbm.

  27. Seye Seye says:

    Interesting, now getting even intriguing…
    Thank you for this wonderful episode Sally.
    Like you noted, the emotional attachment between people in an affair is a huge deal. They just seem to blank out other people and focus on themselves. Or how else does one explain Christie toying with the idea of coming clean to Raji, instead of Folarin? I pity her actually because she’s not in a place anyone wants to be. Confused, yet trying to get a grip and retrace her steps.
    I always said abuse isn’t something that can be stopped wasily. Tayo hasn’t disappointed with his rage again. Effectively pushed his woman out and into the hands of Manny who I see as one who will take things into his own hands a d do it the way he thinks is right. Or how else does one see his intention to abort Lade’s pregnancy without her consent? He’s even gone as far as dangling a very huge offer before a Toni who’s been itching, but hasn’t been able to figure out how to meet her biological mother.
    This is getting even more juicy.
    Nice one once again Sally, and before I forget…thanks for your nice words on my blog. I’m honoured.

  28. itheword says:

    I just had to come back and comment again. There were a couple of things I didn’t say before.

    Manny – dick move. I mean, I don’t know what you’re trying to be – a good guy or a bad guy. This will not end well for you, son. And Christie, I actually felt sorry for her last episode. Now, I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s her confession that when she’s having sex with Folarin she’s thinking about Raji. That’s just fucked up on so many levels. Raji has got into her soul. So, this is more than just sex then. Wow. Feel bad for Folarin.

    I hope he pays them back in ways they deserve.

  29. Ffolaa says:

    Hello! Thanks for the long episodes. Sometimes i have difficulties opening ur webpage on my phone. Please make the wbsite more phone friendly😊 Thank you

  30. ronnie says:

    Sally is bae! Anydae! Lol..Fantastic write up enjoyed every bit of…think Toni should settle with Andy already that’s the best she’s gon get considering her past…Christie n Raj, Christian Solomon that’s deep,sick,not cool at all everyday I pray a man like Folarin comes my way but I guess d ones that have good men always want more usually they are damaged, lost, working corpse who has daddy issues that only God can fix. ..I always tell guys that care to listen to pay close attention to their daughters it would safe d world a lot of heartache if we had less absentee fathers my tot… Well done Sally for being an original always! Looking forward to other amazing episodes…ciao

  31. Adeleke Julianah says:

    The way you link the characters in your stories lady Sally, is just astounding.
    Only you do that with ease.
    I so love this.
    Well done ma’am.
    I only wish you could see my heart and know that I have no right words to commend your outstanding talent and prowess.
    Kudos ma’am. A wonderful job well done.

  32. AOS says:

    Gosh I always love the way you connect your stories, bringing in Guru n Monet from Boys With Toys and Ruki….madam you are hot mehn.
    Thanks a lot dearie…..xoxo.

  33. jacy says:

    everything is unfolding faster. thanks Sally

  34. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Tayo is begining to look like the devil you know o…. Hmmmmm


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