The Fourth Finger #15

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  1. Sally says:

    This is coming early because I’m going for my radio interview on Unilag Radio. Please tune in. It’s 103.1 FM
    For anyone having difficulty opening this site, please clear your cache or use a different browser.
    Have an awesome day!

  2. Eunice says:

    Yeah!!! n der goes another intriguing episode. Just wish Folarin forgives Christie…damn..i know it sooooo difficult..but she’s just a result of a ugly past threatening her future happiness..I love u Sally n tnx for always keeping it real. Xoxo

  3. Faithzy says:

    This Manny guy won destroy lade life gosh what greed ….. So sad no wonder they said a bad marriage is worse than hell on earth that why the guy can prey on her weak ness

  4. Akan says:

    The emotions in this episode ehn Jah Jehovah!!!! The suspense. Thank you and hope the interview goes well

  5. Mariam says:

    I had mixed feelings reading today’s episode but i think I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’m really glad Christie was able to open up to someone about her past and Cyrus catching them might be the rude awakening they need. I feel so sad for Leticia and Lade even though some people might say Leticia brought this upon herself. Thanks for this episode Sally and all the best on your radio show.

  6. Anthony says:

    So Lade lost the baby and will lose her womb too? All because of Mandy’s selfishness. To think this is his own version of loving her is just sick, worse than tayo’s version sef. And he’s there forming panic mode 😒. I hope guilty conscience flogs〽 the sanity out of him. Typical frypan to fire story. Poor Lade.
    I’d call Izu a dog, okay Izu is an Nkita, but Leticia too takes part of the blame. She knew Izu ‘s history with side pieces, and was actually thinking of carrying his baby sha. Wrong move! Very very wrong. Plus she’s easily manipulated, he took advantage of that. Someone has to make him pay at some point sha.
    If Raji plans on having an affair to punish Christie, what’s the plan for Raji? Where does Salma come in since there’re both in on the plan? Or will she be the other woman? Plenty questions. And Folarin ‘s sister asking him to just forgive and let it go thinks it’s easy sha. It’s his best friend she’s getting down with o. That’s another level of pain different from knowing his wife is having an affair sef. This forgiveness thing isn’t as easy as people make it seem.
    Good thing Christie finally opened up to someone. She’ll be able to think with perspective now. Let Raji be forming Akon there that will take blame. I I’ll just sit and wait for Folarin ‘s plan to kickoff.
    P. S: good luck with the program.

  7. Zee says:

    Oh, Sally. it is so easy to judge Christie. oh! Folarin. this marriage business eh, it’s only God and an effort from both parties to keep d flame alive, and also communication. This story touches me somewhere, in a way it other stories have not. I’m a big fan of yours. I love u and d way u bring words to life. take care of u and ur lovely family

  8. Rukayat says:

    I can so shoot Manny right now,hian

  9. ola says:

    Oh my Goodness, thing are getting really heated up, ds is so much suspense, I can’t wait for next episode

  10. imotolab2014 says:

    this episode is killibg me
    ………..all at once

  11. Tolu says:

    Yeey!!!…and that is how Manny eventually succeeded in having for himself an eternal enemy in Isabelle. Aburo mi Manny, Pele, but there’s trouble looming

  12. Asma says:

    See this Useless Manny, he drugged her, losing her womb will break her further. He’s so selfish. I’m so sad for Christie. Raji should just vanish please 🙄

  13. AOS says:

    OMGosh oh Lade, Manny may your selfish act hunt you for the rest of your life oh.
    Finally, Christie is opening up, she will recover or heal with time. Hmmmmmm Toni is a strong lady with all the news n secrets going on around her.
    Thanks madam Sally, big love…..xoxo.

  14. Gladys says:

    I like the way you wrote something about almost everyone today aunty Sally. I really enjoyed today’s episode.
    Folarin will just sucessfully end up chasing Christie into the Raji’s arms. Two wrongs cannot make a right. Manny is the new kind of ‘low’…his kinda love is sickening but then people have Don crazier things because of love. I feel so sorry for Lade. The day she discovers Manny is behind what’s happened, he’ll with have no fury like her.
    I’m looking forward to the next episode. Nice one aunty Sally.

  15. Noncapax says:

    Thank you, Sally, for another great episode.

    Next Saturday seems too far away.

  16. olly says:

    I said it Manny would destroy Lade and he did just that,he should be locked up for a long long time such a selfish and wicked soul.

  17. Tomii says:

    Oh my goodness, Manny..sure u’ll get ur reward for what u have done to Lade.
    Christie, I pray u come out of this alive!!!
    Thank u for this piece Sally, u rock always.

  18. Amina says:

    I have a question house…can we say that the circumstance of Dele and Christe’s upbringing justify their deeds? Thank you Sally..wish I was around to listen to the program. Best wishes

  19. Cheyi says:

    Thanks Madam Sally for the birthday wish, God bless you. Thanks for this episode, Hmmmm, i’m speechless, Christie, Lade, Folarin, Cyrus Junior – how I wish I wasn’t him that caught them. Once again thanks!

  20. Temmie says:

    Manny, Why? This episode is an emotional roller coaster..I am just happy that Christie was able to let it out, she really needed that. I hope Folarin finds closure with his own way of getting vengeance, he eventually forgives Christie and they move on with their lives together. This cheating thing between couples ehn, it’s a complicated issue, I don’t ever want to get there..Thanks Sally for a wonderful episode yet again.

  21. MissBosola says:

    Thanks for the episode Sally, I pray Lade survives oh and may guilty conscience judge Manny he’s so selfish. As for Christie she needs to open to her husband and tell him the truth the marriage will break or bring them closer. As Folarin forgiving will be hard not someone he calls his best friend. Forgiveness is a lot difficult and it’s easier said than done. Sally, as much as this story is a fiction it talks about the real issues of life both for the single and married. Once again thanks for this episode you did a good job. Enjoy your weekend cheers!

  22. Seye Seye says:

    Good work again Sally, not that I expect anything less 🙂
    It hasn’t come as a surprise that someone caught Christie and Raji. Cheats get too comfortable at a time, like I once noted. How Christie’s gonna wriggle out of this is what I look forward to. She’s having the feel of Fola coming after her, and now knows for sure that Cyrus knows what’s up. I know for sure that he won’t be convinced. Teenagers are very sensitive to stuff like that.

    Folarin’s situation is one no man wants to be in. It would have taken a lot to not chop off Raji’s head. There’s just a few men like that, many would have done a lot of damage. The part that got me most was Mosun telling him “what is love without forgiveness”. It’s a very hard thing to do but it’s totally worth it. I can’t explain it more than that here for fear of writing another story 😀

    Leticia got herself played big time, but life always happens. I guess that’s her cross. The series of happenings are finally getting to tug Toni’s conscience regularly. Maybe, just maybe she’s on the way to a better life. Andre might be a good influence on her. I wait to see how that pans out.
    It’s sad how Manny has gone about this situation. Some people ‘love’ others too much that they assume control of the life of that person they claim to love. That’s what Manny has done. Many see him as a selfish person, but I see someone who’s a manipulative lover. A bit of that is in Raji too. Assuming control of Lade’s life isn’t going quite as he planned and that has brought Toni in quicker than it would have been.
    I like the progress of this serial. I was discussing with Cynthia some days ago how well you write stories that would be very nice to be made into movies.

    God bless your ink and imaginative mind Sally. Big ups

  23. calabar gal says:

    Manny!! What have you done?!?!?!?!?!? Folarin – please take it easy on Christie. I hope this your new woman does not decide to keep you all to herself as a worthy prize in the end. OMG!! I hope CJ forgives his mum. OMG!! I would be shaken to pieces if I was Christie!! So many twists and turns. Lovely one Sally!! Looking forward to next week.

  24. Deola says:

    OMG! Manny jst wants to destroy Lade’s life, who sent him msg for crying out loud. Hian! I so hate him right now. And Leticia, oh how I knew Izu was going to dump her. Toni is a lifesaver, glad Christie finally opened up about her past to someone.

  25. Nykky says:

    Beautiful update. Can’t analyze today got exams. Kudos Sally

  26. Dupe says:

    Awwwww, Manny why now? I bet Lade will hate you forever if she ever finds out why u did. It’s high time Christie spit out all to her husband o. Nice one as usual Sally.

  27. anita says:

    Oh…. Manny u ve ruined her. Chai. I doubt if she ll make it nd toni ll hunt him like mad. Christe!!! Use ur head
    We have a lot of selfish men here nd d women victims. Hmmm sally!! Raise us up small nau as per women. Welldone lots of emotions

  28. anita says:

    Sally my bday is 2day nd u made my day

  29. Oluwakemi says:

    Sally, well done as always. Indeed you will stand before Kings and not mere men in Jesus name, amen.
    Hmmm, saddened for Lade. Abeg, don’t let her lose her womb ke. Happy for Christie and Leticia, freedom is on the way for both of them as a problem shared is a problem half solved. As for, Folarin’s Sister that is someone who thinks objectively without sentiments and I admire her a lot. Prolly cos she wasn’t judgemental even me fit done go help my Brother pack him load but this days I’m learning more about Marriage, Forgiveness and fighting for your home. May God help us all.

  30. Dayo says:

    I just knew sometin will go wrog with this Manny plan, so painful dat Lade is d one dat will suffer for it. Folarin pls naw, this your revenge mission will backfire o.

  31. Jay says:

    Amazing! My mind is blown away Sally. Well done! Well done!! My heart goes to Christie. And Tish. And to all of us who struggle with our messed up childhood due to strict backgrounds. Who package and desperately cling to Jesus to save us from our nasty hidden self.

  32. Cynthia says:

    Wow… I saw it coming o…using that word strong word”Its Because I Love You” to destroy someone’s life is just nonsense… men or guys like Manny are wicked and good for nothing. from frying pan to fire for lade.
    Miss Antonia the secret carrier and at the same time looking for solution to her own problems.. i wish you luck in your game with Andre( you found love in a hopeless place).
    Christie will handle her problem with God’s grace. Sorry to say women like her don’t deserve forgiveness with the things Folarin said when he was with Mosun i think he should just forget it but to forgive her…hmmm e no go easy. How your own wife go dey punisia your bestfriend. Life sha.
    God bless you mummy Kayla. i agree with uncle Seye please can the world see this on T.V it will be a Blockbuster Just like Empire.

    • Sally says:

      You seem to be one of the few people who feel Christie deserves whatever punishment she gets from Folarin. And I like that you think that way.
      In as much as she had a terrible past, she is still hurting Folarin with her present choices.
      Like you said, forgiveness will be hard
      Thank you, Cynthia

  33. bola says:

    Captivating, enthralling, intriguing,suspense filled,disheartening, surprising, overwhelming, saddening.
    I can’t shout….Sally is d bomb
    Iyalaya anybody

  34. Ayobami says:

    waooooo…….sincerely i don’t know what to use to describe you…you a genius sister…one day when i make it big, am going to present a fucking expensive gift to you just to appreciate your work here. thank you so much. please sis, what bout the conclusion to ‘the immortals code’.

  35. This episode wowed me, thanks so much my darling sweet Sally. It would be nice if Christie can open up to Folarin like this, maybe he will change his mind about the revenge thing. Then taking someone’s ideal without their permission is so wrong, may God bless you my sugar mama.

  36. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Right now, I am many emotions and have no words.
    Wonderful job lady Sally.

  37. 1k97 says:

    Hmm.. Can’t say anything really speechless *clean tear* lots of reality happening n sally brings it all out in her art… Thanks Sally… Much Love

  38. Tobislim says:

    its official….i am dead. Sally has killed me with epic writing. Bye everyone

  39. Temitope says:

    Amazing Episode! Gosh so much drama happening. I hope nothing happens to Lade. It looks like things are going to get tough for Christy… If only a he could just open up with her husband and share her pains. Raji should just get out of the picture… wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up alone.
    Thanks Sally… waiting patiently for Saturday 🙂

  40. itheword says:

    I’m not entirely happy with this episode. I don’t know. It’s a good episode, but I was hoping we would get to see Folarin execute his plans. Instead, once again, he’s hinting at it. He should just get it done and over with.

    Christie deserves what’s coming to her. I feel bad for her, her past and all, but still, you do the crime you gotta do the time. No exceptions.

    That nigga, Manny though. Damn. If Lade finds out? And she always wanted a baby. Poor Lade. Now, she’s never going to have one. She’ll find out. I trust Sally – she’ll definitely make that happen. Manny is screwed, man.

    Can’t wait for next episode. And Folarin better get his shit together and do what needs to be done. Can’t stand the wait anymore.

  41. Carah says:

    Someone said something abt manny not being selfish and dt his action is a show of love or something like that. I’d say I agree partially but he went overboard with d miscarriage thing because his initial plan was to make her loose her baby and not her womb. Will lade forgive him when she finds out abt ds? And as fr leticia she wld final reason with Toni now dt she has learnt her lesson
    I feel for Christie sha . D earlier she tells folarin d better fr her cos I feel he wld understand and forgive her wen he knows abt it .
    Thanks sally 💕💕

  42. Adeola gem says:

    Wow! Ms Sally, where do I start? I give kudos to Mosun, her reasoning in this episode is intoxicating…bless her. As for Folarin, any body seeking revenge should dig two graves….the grass is always greener on the other side. I just hope Salma is not ur pawn in ur revenge o.Raji and Manny are two rogues and thieves in forceful love haba! As for Tish n lade, I pray things work out well for u o. Christie is so messed up right now…your cup is almost full… I just pray for a miracle for u. Toni, pls retrace ur steps to ur family and those who actually love you. Thanks a bunch Ms Sally, this episode is a wow!

  43. Toyenlon says:

    OMG! This episode is kinda sad. I feel pity for Christie despite her adultery with Raji, she’s a broken woman, Folarin too has gone through a lot from Christie’s behaviour unintentionally, i just hope they’ll be able to sort themselves out. Oh what has Manny done to Lade now, this is serious wahala. Welldone Sally, more inspiration to you.

  44. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Oh, see the repercussions of an unsettled home! Oh I feel for Lade o

  45. Deee says:

    Wooooooooow, too much to absorb all at once…….


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