The Fourth Finger #16

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  1. Temmy says:

    Game on, way to go salma…I love where this is heading, I’m happy for Toni and I’m glad Lade can finally pursue her career,Tayo your heart is melting…tnx sally. This made my day

  2. Mariam says:

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful surprisr Sally. It never occured to me the fourth finger was the ring finger till i read today’s episode. I’m kind of glad Salma lost control, it might stop Folarin from hurting himself and Christie in the long run or maybe not. My heart bleeds for Tayo because he seems to have lost everything within the blink of an eye. I pray their mom survives long enough to make peace with all of them. That Manny is a piece of work sha. Sally you rock!!!!!!!

  3. wumi says:

    Sally, give me one reason not to love you right now….none! lemme go and read, will be back

  4. Carah says:

    Yaaaay !!!!thanks for the jara💋
    Salma🙌🙌🙌🙌 can’t wait to see how d drama unfolds *excited*
    Awww Toni and tayo😢. I feel for them sha. U ddnt really talk much abt Toni and Andre . I would have loved to read abt dem.

  5. Tolu says:

    O wow! I never saw that one coming! I wish Salma waited for folarin’s plan. Now she’s let d cat outta d bag.
    Sally ur stories pick me up any day. Weldone ma

  6. ola says:

    Thks a lot for d bonus….let d war begin

  7. DoubleDee says:

    Gen Gen… It’s getting tough ooo. Fingers crossed. Let the whole truth just come out already… Even the truth about CJ’s paternity so everyone can rest. I pity Folarin, Salma and Christie but i don’t pity Raji…. I love love how Toni love Lade… That skpe meeting between Toni and her mom got me tearing up too. Weldone Sally. More ink to your pen, abi na more keys to your laptop, lol.

  8. chile says:

    Now I knw d meanin of The Fourth finger

  9. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    Yay!!!💃💃💃 I’m I happy or I’m I happy. Thanks Sally.

  10. mimi says:

    Yey am number one I made it. I felt for Tayo and Toni losing loved ones to cancer is devasting.lost my mum last year to cancer still fresh in my heart.

  11. Iru says:

    Wow thanks sally

  12. Bimz says:

    Shit is bout to get lit…. Bomb shell dropped! Chraj had it coming. I wish Salma held it in as Folarin suggested though.
    I got teary eyed imagining the skype session with the Ogunfuwas. Poor Joyce.
    Andre;comforter of laiveee. Love me some Andre.
    Thank you Sally. Great way to end my day. I go to bed smiling. Best believe. Love you

  13. anita says:

    Now the shit is heatin d fan!! I love dis

  14. cleo says:

    Weldone Sally!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOw hell is let loose. i still wish Salma kept to plan. But hey, Raji provoked muched

  15. Sandra says:

    Oh Gosh… And dats how Sally is bae.
    You won’t understand.. But I was missing u all day and kept thinking of fourth finger… So I came to read old episodes and bam I see this. Thanks a zillion. And yaay my couple crush are back together. What can I say… U rock all day every day.

  16. Anthony says:

    “Christie was to him an endless weekend where he woke up in the middle of every night and realized there was no work the next day and he could sleep for as long as he wanted”
    This right here 👆👆is the truest definition of bliss- sleep, more sleep and more sleep. No argument about that.
    Tayo is getting what he deserves, a fair deal sef. I was hoping someone would beat👊 him up a little so he tastes a bit of his own medicine💊. Andre perhaps? A shame Joyce is dying 😔, the mother – daughter reunion wasn’t so pleasant but at least the wait is over. They can catch up with what time Joyce has got left and Tayo can atone for his man-child behaviour towards her. Everyone deserves a second chance 😕.
    I wonder if Lade will still reference God’s will when she discovers Manny is responsible for her losing her uterus. And Anthonia too, after washing down Andre, she still went to collect life corrections😭. Lamba toh sure 🙌🙌🙌.
    Salma was the real MVP, that “I know what you did last summer” card she pulled at the end was epic. And she told him with soap lather all over his face 😂😂😂. No chill whatsoever 😎
    Meanwhile i noticed Salma is quite comfortable with Ahmed now, comfortable enough to use “penis” freely in their conversation. And wondering if he’s checking out her bum. There could be something there. Waiting for Folarin’s shocker.
    Thanks for today’s episode.

  17. Ope says:

    Sally thanks for this 😚😚
    Please, don’t let Folarin and Christie split up when this whole thing is exposed. I really like them together

  18. classiq IJ says:

    Ghen! Ghen!! Cant wait to read about Folarin/ Christie’s shocker. Thank you soooo much Sally. God bless you more as always😘

  19. modupe says:

    So our dear Sally, My birthday is May 3rd and am wondering if i cant get a bday special….like double episodes of the fourth finger….looool… ya and the family ?

    Ass kicking thingz, Salma and Christie,,,,,,,,folarin and raji……….game on

  20. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I knew Salma would reveal her knowledge of the secret to Raji the first moment she came under pressure. It would have been a sweeter victory if she had waited. Now, Raji has the advantage of being able to plan some sort of pushback.

  21. olly says:

    Thanks sally,u’re the best, game on

  22. Dotun says:

    this is nice, game on for Salma.
    Toni is forever my fav.

  23. ojay says:

    And the action begins….. looking forward to the next episode. Thanks Sal

  24. bee says:

    I like how things have played out… can’t wait to see what will happen to Raji, Salma, Christie and Folarin sha… Dear Sally, thank you for this episode…

  25. MissBosola says:

    Thanks for the episode Sally, it was worth the read cheers!

  26. bola says:

    Thanks for d episode
    May God give u a wonderful surprise too..
    This is more than just a story.

  27. Adeleke Julianah says:

    I believe Christie is/was a victim of circumstances beyond her since when she was a child. If she had opened up to her husband, maybe all these wouldn’t have happened.

    Well done lady Sally.

  28. Amina says:

    Raji doesn’t love Christie or anyone..He loves only himself and his convenience. He stopped loving Salma when the responsibility of marriage started, stopped loving Comfort when the responsibility of a child came. He would stop loving Christe when the responsibility of fathering a teenage son starts. Many people think they fall for their cheating partner until they both have the responsibility of family. It’s easier think you love someone you don’t owe any duty…then it’s like a “long weekend with more sleep and more sleep”. The real shit is a bliss slumber not sleep. You have a duty to keep up! Toni😊😙

  29. omanwora says:

    Well done sally! Raji is just an unrepentant womanizer, it would have been another woman if it wasn’t christie..can lade just forgive tayo already pls?

    • Sally says:

      Sometimes forgiveness does not change a person. In fact, in many instances it makes people keep repeating the same mistakes.
      Lade needs to be a strong person on her own and not keep seeking for love and validation from her husband. She needs to grow. And i pray Toni teaches her that.
      Tayo needs to change before anyone can trust him
      Thank you, Omanwora

  30. Seye Seye says:

    I wasn’t expecting this when I got the newsletter when the mail dropped. Thanks Sally 😀
    I sorta like the instant bonding between Lade and Toni. Now that Lade’s resigned to fate, what happens when someday she knows about Manny’s role in the issue? That won’t be pretty, I guess. The way Toni stamped her persona on Tayo is pure bossness, hailings to the Queen.
    Of course, the skype session got to me, I admit. I only hope they’ll all meet Joyce, and alive too.
    Christie’s trying to be in charge of her emotions to end the affair with Raji. The man himself is so caught up in the whole thing. I wish he gets a bit rational. His mistress has told what he needs to be told, that they should put their loved ones first.
    Now that Raji has pushed Salma to voice out, I wait to see the drama unfold big time.
    Big ups Sally. Shebi we still have our regulaar Saturday dose coming

  31. Steven says:

    Hi Sally, this episode reminds me of cheating partners, at the back of their minds, getting caught is not the issue, but the shame, pain and embarrassment they would have caused their loved ones, for instance the of folarin, but still let see how it pans out. Good job every time, you always keep me yearning for more. And ao are the kids, hope they are not troubling u sha

  32. Kairi says:

    Yesss Raji and Christie will go down and I will have so much fun reading it

  33. Nykky says:

    Raji’s cup is full, Christie though feeling repentant already should feel the pain she caused her husband too. Lade shld heal on her own and become a strong woman Tayo should grow up. Sally pls lets read about Andre and Toni tomorrow o but Andre should maintain his stance. Great work Sally

  34. Zainab says:

    I don’t know how you do what you do Sally but I’m grateful you are blessed with this gift. Thank you.

  35. iyanu says:

    Omg!!!! This series is Soo amazing I wonder y I had not been following up but am glad I did some catching up nd am all excited can’t wait for the next episode Folarin is just awesome😍 God bless you aunt Sally 😘

  36. Joshua says:

    “Rains of Castamere” played in my head after Salma walked out. Way to go Salma!! You too deserve to be happy.

  37. The Word says:

    Very emotional episode. Toni’s coming around nicely. She’s growing some heart. I’m happy she’s found her mum, even though it’s really sad.

    Tayo too. Hope he finds the strength to forgive himself and to change.

    Lade grew some balls. Yay! Let’s see how she handles herself when she finds out God didn’t take her uterus. Manny did.

    Salma isn’t any bloody MVP, like someone said. She just fucked up the whole plan. And speaking of plans, I was going to bitch about how we have to wait for another episode to see Folarin enact his plan, but episode 17 is up! Gotta go read that one now. Thanks Sally! You’re the best!

  38. calliboom says:

    Wow so touching love where the story is heading to, am glad lade has moved on and Toni finally met her mom. As do tayo I feel sorry for him. Then raji and Christie should be expose .before folarin gets hurt. Thank you Sally.

  39. Toyenlon says:

    At last Toni is reconciled to her mum, what an emotional skype session.

  40. 1k97 says:

    Wow… Someone’s ballz just got kicked hard… ThumbsUp sally

  41. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Well, Raji you can take it all even with soap on your face!lol


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