The Fourth Finger #17

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46 Responses

  1. Omowunmi says:

    Folarin is so going to regret this ultimate plan of his. Hian!

  2. wumi says:


  3. Kairi says:

    Someone needs to hit Raji in the head once more he is not yet back to default mode. I know Christy and Folarin will still work things out but I hope he tortures her well before then. Fucking your husband best friend smh. Nice one Sally

    • calabar gal says:

      You are so right Karin!! Imagine the nerve – asking for Christie after all the katakata he has caused…..

    • calabar gal says:

      You are so right Kairi!! Imagine the nerve – asking for Christie after all the katakata he has caused…..

    • calabar gal says:

      You are so right Kairi!! Imagine the nerve – asking for Christie after all the katakata he has caused….. Congratulations Ojay!!

  4. Tee says:

    Folarin will regret nothing. So he’s supposed to just give Christie a slap on the wrist? This is why cheaters cheat again. They get off so easily. If the marriage must continue, Christie must feel some pain so she won’t ever think of doing it aGain. nobody wants to know what Folarin is going through inside. Just like savanna said, yes there should be therapy but for Christie to just go like that, no. I’m feeling his pain. I’ve been there before. It takes only God. Even today I can’t trust again
    Sally i dunno how you get me this emotional, you and Beyonce
    Going to listen to some Lemonade. This episode was too emotional
    Meanwhile Toni, you need some hot slap, the type Berna was talking about. That your punani will close by force

  5. Dupe says:

    WellWell, Folarin you’ve done your worst and when it start backfiring, you shouldn’t complain.

  6. Deek says:

    Wow,wow,wow!!!! Is all i can say. Good wok Sally. I hope folarin n christie on on their marriage.

  7. MissBosola says:

    Thanks for this episode Sally God bless you. I hope Folarin’s plans won’t backfire, as for Raji he deserves even more. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  8. iyanu says:

    Lmao….serves Christie nd Raji right😛 but Folarin is such a sweet guy😍….thanks Aunt Sally for this episode and congratulations to ojay😁 God bless you nd your wife nd the Baby girl plus Happy New month A.Sally❤

  9. Yeyeade says:

    Gosh i feel soo bad for Folarin. Cheating is never okay and he’s still in love with her, i guess we can’t really plan who we fall in love with.

    I just know Folarin deserves better you know, he’s a good guy and Christie had no excuse she was just being greedy. But if they still love eachother and can live above this then im all for it.

    I know some humble women who besides making more money than their men still submit, love and cherish their man as the man.

    Because Folarin still wants it, i hope they sort themselves out.

  10. Ope says:

    Yaay thanks Sally. At least, he hasn’t sent her out of his house, so I can’t complain

  11. Tomii says:

    Thanks Sally for dis wonderful episode.

    Congratulations Ojay on ur patter of tiny feet.

  12. tee says:

    Folarin should treat her fuck up well well.. nothing can backfire. Shebi Chris knew what she was getting herself into when she was enjoying the moments with Raji. For three months or more she tortured her husband with his best friend and folarin try he didn’t beat her silly.. He over try gaaan sef. She even had the effrontery to faint sef and is crying like a kid that lost her favourite doll. She should have a taste of it too.. In da dadi ita ma ta ji. She should suffer so that when sex is calling her.. she would run. Pata pata if she can’t handle it, she should leave now.. In life you can’t eat you cake and have it.. she needs to pay for it.. not every is Jesus Christ that would let us go Scott free. Abeg Folarin should deal with her well well. And Salma should collect up to half of covet sef plus that wristwatch he got for Christie as her pension.

  13. tee says:

    Got soo carried away… forgot to thank our wonderful Sally. Wish I could crawl into your head one day..

  14. Olamide says:

    First of all, congrats to Ojay. May the Lord bless the cutie.
    Sally, all I can say is Wow! This episode is the bomb! Folarin tried mehn! How did he stay sane watching his wife having sex with his best friend? I wish Toni luck with her Shakara.

  15. Modupe says:

    So before I go to read this , thanks Sally, got my first birthday gift from you, and a girl can blush…congrats Ojay on your bundle of joy…..back to read

  16. ola says:

    Revenge is best served cold….dnt knw wats wrong wt dt raji sef… my foot…and thanks sally….i pray ppl will have birthdays evryday……lol

  17. Adeola gem says:

    Congratulations Ojay…such a great news to be awaken to this morning. May God bless d sweet angel and bless others looking into Him for fruit of womb too…ameen. Thanks Ms Sally, this episode is so rewarding. I love Andre…I think Toni need a dose of that slap berna talked abt. Thank God she’s now reunited with her siblings. Maybe Tish can handle Tayo o. Raji needs a second beating. I want Manny exposed too.

  18. Zainab says:

    Owwww! I feel for Raji jor though my heart goes out to Folarin. The cheating spouse truly has no idea what his/her infidelity does to the partner. They expect “I’m sorry” to wipe out all the hurt especially with repeat offenders. Very selfish somebodies. Bernadette I give you hand. Congratulations Ojay.

  19. Haleemah says:

    Congratulations Ojay. May the child be a source of joy to you and yours.
    Thanks for the update Sally. As long as it was, I didn’t want to finish reading it. Pls let Larin have his revenge without regrets. Sometimes, people need to have a taste of their own medicine too. But since he’s still madly in love with Chris, let things work out.
    Raji and Salma should just end it biko. They’ve both been in a loveless marriage for long enough. Let them move on.
    I hope Lade truly finds her happiness. She’s hurting so much.
    Toni, borrow yourself small brain. Tayo, for now, pls love Lade from a distance. Enough from me. I hope you’ll celebrate someone’s birthday on Wednesday also, Sally. Cheers!

  20. Seye Seye says:

    I like how really well Andre shakes Toni, and tells her how he sees things. He’s obviously too drawn to her. Family reunions are sure lovely. The Dapo-Tayo-Toni meet got me mushy 🙂
    Folarin had always been calm. He was bound to lose it at some point. I won’t blame him for roughening up Raji, especially as the yeye Raji never get over hin obsession with hin paddy’s madam. Instead of being remorseful, he was still trying to explain what was not adding up. It’s always easy to say Folarin should do things in a certain waay if one hasn’t been with a cheating partner. Cheating scars the other party, brings up trust issues in their lives and might even lead them to cheating (to get back at the cheat). Cheating has broken many people. I can so relate with Folarin and understand his actions because we all have different reactions to issues.
    Thanks for this episode 17 Sally. I wasn’t expecting it again as you’d said you weren’t sure it was gon’ come. Thaanks a bunch

  21. Joshua says:

    Wow! Just Wow!! Folarin did good by beating shit outta Raji cos you shouldn’t sleep with your friends wife! Then again, he needs to know when to stop his revenge plan even though he’s fully justified to have one, Christie’s mental state might not go the distance cos she also has demons chasing her from her past that Folarin doesn’t know about. Emotional punishment is worse than physical beating.
    Can someone tell Andre he needs to shut up?? He has Toni already, dunno why he’s trying to guiltrip her.

  22. The Word says:

    Oooooooooh man! This episode was everything I hoped for and so much more! I had mind orgasm while reading this. God damn! Salma screwed up, but man, Folarin made up for it big time! YES! YES!! YES!!! Forgiveness is for pussies!

    Andre and Toni drama again? Thought those 2 had worked out their issues by now? Oh well.

    Sally, abeg, any worker’s day episode?

  23. modupe says:

    One thing made me glad with this episode, We got to hear Cyrus talk, i think he is a perfect gentleman, the most gentle hearted guy i might have heard of, He accepted CJ as his son, gave the boy his name, and he knew he wasnt the biological father, and he got Christie’ back too,,,another thing was his sentence, “the 3 of us will sit to talk to CJ, it means he respects folarin too, cuz am sure thats the 3rd person in that sentence. am sha glad Cyrus spoke, Sally, please lets hear him talk more, he should say why he agreed to cover up those 19 years ago till now.. Cyrus is my man crush for today.

    My dear Christie, please while pleading that Folarin comes back to you, please let him know about CJ, so that he can finally go if he wants to cuz of your many sins, i feel its best for all.

    In all, I hope they all find happiness,

  24. Neymar says:

    So Raji can still talk abi! Madman, he should b poison! Christie still hasn’t confess Abt Cy jnr identity. But Sal, will Andre ever forget Tone’s past cos he is rubbing bla bla on her face like he is d holiest , pls warn him #teamtoni

  25. mide says:

    wow wow awesome episode . dnt knw y pple are sdyin christine. somtymes d only to find peace is to find a kind of retributn. plus his not sleepin with savanna. tins mite nt work out bt dat depends on christine if she want d marriage or nt. congrats to ojay. Sally tomoro is workers bday o.

  26. mide says:

    wow wow awesome episode . dnt knw y pple are sdyin christine. somtymes d only way to find peace is to find a kind of retributn. plus his not sleepin with savanna. tins mite nt work out bt dat depends on christine if she want d marriage or nt. congrats to ojay. Sally tomoro is workers bday o.

  27. Toyenlon says:

    At last it blew in their faces, i mean Christie and Raji. I just hope Folarin will not go too far in punishing her and find it in him to forgive her soon so she won’t be drawn to another affair again. Congrats to ojay on the arrival of your bundle of joy, may God keep and protect her.

  28. Nykky says:

    Thanks for the update Sally. Would have love to really comment but exams things. But should take it easy with Toni nobody like been tormented like that moreso he has her already but she needs time and it’s not by mental torture. Okay congrats

  29. Nykky says:

    I mean Ojay congrats

  30. kofoworola says:

    waoh!!! I love this episode, folarin can never regret this, he still loves his wife. he even try self. Toni needs a beautiful slap to reset her brain, she has a good man that is offering himself to her on a platter of gold, she no wan put head down, i pity her sha, all what i know is that they are meant for one another. thks for this episode. luv u

  31. Gloria A says:

    Payback is so sweet!!! Raji deserved every wound he got n as for Christie, Folarin should just keep tormenting her cx she deserves every bit if it… nice one as usual Sally..

  32. Adeleke Julianah says:

    I really feel sorry for Christie.
    Now that’s everything has blown open, I just hope they will work it out.
    Well done lady Sally.
    Exceptional as ever.

  33. omanwora says:

    I actually feel sorry for Christie, but she has to feel a certain level of pain before folarin takes her back. As for raji,he deserves more than what he got,folarin should have blended his balls and served him.

  34. bola says:

    I can never ever get enough of u Sally
    I really wish I cld be in ur head to knw what is next…well done

  35. First timer says:

    Its been long I commented here.
    Sally, awesomeness is what you are. These stories are so deep. Intense emotions. Real behavior and reactions
    Andre is acting the way he’s acting because of what happened to his wife. Which means he really loves Toni. She just does not know. And you can’t blame her either. Not everyone can trust again after being hurt. She takes relationship very seriously. It may take her some time to trust Andre.
    Folarin is on point. Christie has to earn that trust back. If she cheats again under punishment then she doesn’t deserve him.
    Raji is an ass and it may be that he’s used to getting everything. Let’s see how he ends up
    War room Kor, battle ground ni
    That movie just encourages men to keep cheating
    Great one Sally

  36. Sandra says:

    Folarin take it easy oo. Andre… Am rolling my eyes for u now…am so not in support of this ur outburst today. Go and beg Toni ooo.

  37. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Andre is really, really, really blunt. Correct guy! Folarin looks like he’s planning to work things out with Christie. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t harbour any goodwill towards a wife who cheated on me. Folarin has liver sha. I really wondered if the story would come to an abrupt end when Folarin found out but it seems we’re going to see a chapter unfold as Savannah makes her grand entrance. More “Fourth Finger” episodes to come. Yippee!!!

  38. Dotun says:

    ummm. so many mixed feelings here. ok…. Raji is like a he-goat. no matter how many times you beat it, e no go hear word.
    Christi, poor Christi.. open up to ur husband o.. let him know what you are going tru.. it will ease the pain in your heart, then get your ass into rehab. you need it.
    Folarin will still forgive christi despite all his plans. if he didn’t love her he wud have kicked her out or left already. he is planing on working it tru.
    Andre mind yourself young man. bin too blunt wont make Toni love you or stop her ways. tough love doesn’t work on every woman you see.
    finally… nice word Sally. thanks for feeding us constantly. kisses*

  39. Oluwakemi says:

    Congratulations to Ojay on the birth of his damsel, she will forever be a blessing to them, God and her generation in Jesus name, amen.
    Sally, what can I say. I am loving this series more as each episode comes. Let it not still the place for “It’s another Saturday”. I am feeling for Christie, though she was wrong and did really hurt Larin but I’m trusting that this would help build their màrriage the right way as I believe the whole truth will soon come out. Andre and Toni, I love how this is unfolding, I love the fact that he is so Frank with her and isn’t afraid of telling Toni the truth, this is what a relationship should be like.
    Manny is so annoying me right now,HS also doesn’t deserve Lade. I hate divorce and I always believe love as it should be can always win the most difficult person so I am Team Lade and Tayo as I believe Tayo is moving along to be a Changed person for good.
    Sally, please I hope I will also get a extra episode to commemorate my birthday o.
    Thanks Darl,for now and always.
    Meànwhile, I miss Jide and Honey, when can we have the PDF copy.

  40. Noncapax says:

    Christie deserves it and more. Revenge is a knife with no handle though.

    Good job as always, Sally.

  41. Carah says:

    Sally, this is amazing!!!!!
    Love me some folarin mehn😻😻😻
    Toni needs to understand that Andre is d blunt type that would say d truth wen it needs to be said. So she shdnt b mad at him per say cos he is just looking out for her .
    Lemme not lie, I pity chris cos d torture folarin will give her ehn*sigh*….. Congrats to ojay on d birth of his baby. God bless her real big👪🍼

  42. Bimz says:

    Andre was a lil too candid. He’s calling Tones a ho at every turn. Make he ma chill small. They both know what she is. I get that he’s worried about her and all but throwing words won’t do it.
    I genuinely hope Tayo is turning a new leaf because that Manny is a fuck boy. Lulu(abi wetin be that her friend’s name that bought the poison) and Manny have only proved right, Tayo’s paranoia about Lade being around them. They are no good. I hope they get exposed soon.
    Yes! Yes! Make Christie beg. Olojukokoro obinrin.
    Raji never jam! Can we have some ‘Saldu’ please?
    Thanks Sally you rock. Congrats Ojay, God keep your baby.

  43. DoubleDee says:

    Congratulations Ojay. Dunno why i’ve always assumed the writer of two souls and a body was a guy.
    Good job Sally, as usual. Pls don’t let Christie beg for too long, but make her come clean about CJ’s paternity. BTW, today is my wedding anniversary, any bonus post *wink wink*


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