The Fourth Finger #18

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57 Responses

  1. Jojo says:

    Sally!! This is too much for me. Wonderful piece as always 🙈🙈🙈

  2. ola says:

    Nice episode

  3. Tomii says:

    Lol,, Andre and toni are just one kain couple. I am beginning to pity Christie, it can be daunting for a party that has erred, waiting to be forgive. But I am sure Folarin will come around.
    Raji is just an unrepentant Man-ho, and Comfort, have some dignity and self worth please, u deserve more than being a mistress.
    Lade and Tayo, they shall eventually get there, that I believed.
    Tanx sweet Sally, u are the rocket. Mwaahhh

  4. Temmy says:

    This is getting hotter!!! Great job sally

  5. Joshua says:

    *fans self* this is hot!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌

  6. Ope says:

    Erhh Aunty Sally, it’s 16+ o jare😁😁. Toni has finally greed for Andre 🤗🤗💃. Folarin better stop all his shakara quickly

  7. First Timer says:

    I said I will read and not comment but when I got to the last part, I just couldn’t help it.
    Sally, this early saturday morning. Making me look at my bae that is sleeping peacefully with wild thoughts on my mind.
    Madam, you’re the one looking for trouble o. When that your christian brother comes nau, you’ll be complaining. Kontinu
    But really, I love the way you write about sex.
    Raji needs the type of rehab that they gave Teebillz. Comfort will always be a sidechick. There are girls like that. Forget them ever being wives or having a man all to themselves
    I’m glad Christie is going back to God. good for her.
    And then Daisy and her story. chai. what women go through in search of money. may God help us all.
    Sally, thank you. I need to take a cold shower now

    • Sally says:

      Lol! go and shower abeg
      I didn’t look for trouble o. Let all them ‘brothers’ come, i think i have a thing or two to say to them this time
      Thank you, First Timer

  8. wumi says:

    Nice as ever. Lovely weekend to everyone.

  9. pinkie says:

    Can I say am horny right now

  10. Rida says:

    Sally, I just wanted to ask (and this is not me being that our Christian brorher) do you believe in premarital sex. I ask because you not only write about it, your best couple most times have sex before marriage. What is your take?
    And please don’t say this girl has come again. I know my comments can be somehow sometimes
    Interesting episode by the way

    • Sally says:

      Rida, I do like your comments. You are open and honest and I appreciate that you can be that way with me although I do think this is not the right place to talk about my thoughts on premarital sex. All the same, you asked and I’ll answer.
      1. This is a story and I write about other things asides sex. I write about murder too. Doesn’t mean I’m encouraging anyone to go and kill.
      2. Premarital sex should be between adults who can handle their emotions and whatever consequence comes after. That’s my take.
      3. I also believe that people can find love after sex. When I hear someone saying sex before marriage destroys a couple, I don’t totally believe that. I have seen where it does but I’ve seen the contrary too. Most times when a marriage or relationship breaks up, sex is not the elephant in the room.
      I’ll stop here. It’s a broad topic but not for TFF.
      Just enjoy the story. Thank you

    • Tee says:

      Rida with all due respect nobody is kid here. Your comments are always off. Its not everything one asks. Sally you’re too nice sometimes.
      Abun haushi!

  11. bola says:

    And I got spanked dis morning, hubby is a fan of yours already, we read it together.*giggling*
    Have a wonderful weekend

  12. mariam says:

    Sally you are looking for my trouble oh. After reading todays episode i just felt like dragging my husband to the room and ravaging him. I love all your stories because they deal with issues we see everyday. This one particularly touches me deep. I’d love to call it redemption. All the characters touch on issues most people can relate to/with but are not willing to address. Comfort needs to know she is worth more than that but unfortunately most of the ‘Comforts’ i’ve met never realize their worth. As for Folarin, I’m happy his heart is still there, its not just ice. Lade needs to find herself before allowing Tayo back in. Raji hmmmnnnn that one seems to be a selfish person all round. Christie and Folarin will find their way back to each other (i hope). As for Andre and Toni……… I reserve my comment jooooor. Thanks a lot Sally for this fabulous episode. Can’t get enough of it!

  13. Adewunmi Oshodi Tapa says:

    The last sentence is driving me gaga..
    Comfort get your self esteem back
    Raji go to rehab and meet up with Savannah…

    Sally… you rock

  14. Modupe says:

    Me I sha learnt a thing or 2 from the 18+ game……Christie dear, u will get there, one step at a time..

  15. Cleo says:

    This episode is turnt! Made me start wishing for a boo! Oluwa please send me my husband! I need me do +18 action!
    Love that folarin is willing to forgive! Raji is just unrepentant! Loving toni and andre I pray Toni overcomes old ways!

  16. Gerald says:

    Top class episode. Problem is that I’m only 17 and I’m a tertiary virgin. You captured the story line well. I was imagining some things.
    Can’t wait for next week.

  17. MissBosola says:

    I enjoyed the episode nice work Sally. Folarin should forgive Christie oh it haff do, it’s easier said than done though. As for Comfort she deserves more than being a baby mama, Lade and Tayo will sure find love again, Toni and Andre are on another level. Your stories always depicts real life issues and I have learnt a thing or two from this one. Please give us an extra episode Aunty Sally thanks. Enjoy your weekend dearie.

  18. Anthony says:

    Someone finally took lessons with Tomi. I’m impressed 🙌🙌🙌
    So Salma wants every single house Raji owns, half his salary and half his shares at Covet? And i thought Charlie sheen had it bad. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it though. Same as Christie, she deserves the treatment she’s getting too, so she can appreciate what she put Folarin through. Finding our way back to God when we mess up and everything goes to shit was an expected reaction, we’re all guilty of that one 😑. Perhaps Christie can get Raji to toe that line too.
    As for Tayo, i still wouldn’t trust Lade with him. Not totally convinced with his own change ; blame APC for this 😒. Still waiting for Lade’s supposed friend to out Manny. Then Tayo can prove himself by beating that one to pulp😠
    As for Toni and Andre, their problems are about to start. All those conditions? Odiegwu!

  19. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Oh well…. Great episode!
    Thanks Lady Sally.
    I’m sure Christie and Folarin will work it out. Even Toni and Andre.
    But as for Raji and Comfort, I see them as two stupid persons.
    Tayo is remorseful, I hope he and Lade can work it out as I don’t really appreciate what Manny did.

  20. barbie says:

    Nice one Sally……I enjoyed every bit of it.

  21. scribbledheartbreak says:

    Sweet…all good as usual..

  22. Oyenike says:


    • Omo Ade, Aya Ola says:

      I hope a miracle haopens in Lade’s case cos she has suffered enough. Christie need to pull herself together and pray the more while Folarin should learn how to forgive though he still loves her sha. Thanks Sally for a nice episode

  23. Nykky says:

    Thanks Sally for today’s episode. Andre and Toni your problems start now! Who can fulfill all those long conditions? When the guy is crazy about you? I feel for both of you. Fola pls talk to Christie already abeg and let go though it’s easier said than done but forgiveness will make it work. Raji is more selfish than I thought. The likes of Comfort never know their worth and always think less of themselves. Sally when do we get the to the part where Manny is found out and adequately dealt with because I can wait destroying a woman’s life that because of stupid misguided Obsession? He must pay dearly for it though the deed is done

  24. pussymoneyweed says:

    Madam Sally. This episode such a teaser.
    I love and belive in the TONDRE’s. I just hope Toni doesn’t go and messes things up now that she’s gone and got herself a bae. So yes, I can officially call them the TONDRE’s.
    Someone said Folarin needs rehab. The type oga Teebilllz is scheduled to go for. I say he needs a stronger one. I believe he’s already forgiven Christy but just wants to punish her. As for Raji, I don’t even know that man’s problem. His village people are really unto him.
    I really enjoyed this post. Continue. More strength.

  25. Olamide says:

    Wow Sally, this episode is turnt. Was busy all day and couldn’t read it. I woke and remembered and I must confess that, it’s worth d lack of sleep.
    Folarin should just forgive Christie though it’s hard but, it’ll help him heal. Raji is an unrepentant idiot, and very selfish too. He deserves what Salma wants to do and more. As for Comfort, no comment. Lade and Tayo will get there with time. Please, expose Manny. He shouldn’t go unpunished. As for #Tondre, I wish them luck. Sally, kudos to you. XOXO.

  26. I just hope they will be able to make amend, I mean all of them….. Great episode as usual, thanks sugar mama mi.

  27. Steven says:

    I just like folarin, christie should endure abeg, cos even if larin should hear about the cyjnr story, larin will go overboard. Sally, i enjoyed dis just dat i read it alone but still evrityn is. Big ups, keep the ink flowing.

  28. Carah says:

    I’d have to agree with everybody’s comment on this episode👍.Sally, this is amazing👏👏. D person dt said most “comfort” don’t know their worth is mean😂😂. That raji is just one self centered mofo😡but I like the part he shaded comfort sha😛😛. Folarin, darling pls take it easy with Christie . She is sorry . She really is !!!!! Pls d punishment is too much fr her. Love me some Andre and Tone(my jide and honey)😻😻💋😻#teamtondre!!!!

  29. The Word says:

    Man, Raji is falling apart bad. I was all of Folarin’s revenge, but now I’m hoping Raji pulls through. Well, by pulling through, I mean, falling in love with Salma and leaving Christie alone (miracles do happen).

    Toni and Andre. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! Lol

    Tayo – I’m all for him redeeming himself, but I want him to work hard for it.

    Sally, you make my week. I always look forward to these episodes. Man, please promise me you won’t ever, ever stop writing.

  30. omanwora says:

    Raji is sick..folarin loves christie like

  31. Tobislim says:

    *Oga,you sef use it to nourish yourself*EPIC Clapback.Call me wicked but christie hasn’t suffered enuf in my view HOWEVER sometimes its hard to know why you cheat*ed*. You just can’t explain it as hard as you try. C’est la vie. Je’taime mademoiselle Sally.

  32. 1k97 says:

    Thank. God dE boy is a year above 18 so that warning aint for me *tongue out* …. Lord send me a bae like salma when its time Rajselfish almost messed her up .. His gettin’ all he deserves, Larin n Christie shld settle soonest salz plz.. #Tondre .. Hmmm “Goood Girl… Sit on it” plan on sayin’ dat someday. Lol… Awesome Job as always salz all dE best *kisses* to u n ur loved ones

  33. Rosebelle says:

    You are de best, I love your style of writing( the twist and turns, the suspense). I have always known able your blog. But dis fourth finger is just the bomb. I concentrated as if I was reading for an exams. I read the whole episodes from 1-18 in one and half day. I will await other episodes. More ink to your pen, Thanks . Am stuck here#loyal. You know maybe you should think of producing this story like a movie ‎.

  34. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Beautiful writing, as usual. It’s almost like I’m actually with these characters as each episode unravels. When you warned that it’s an 18+ story, many readers would probably have been licking their lips in anticipation. The stars seemed to shine on all the characters in this episode; I wonder what the next episode will bring. If you know where Toni is, I’d love to meet her. Abeg!

  35. yougeecash says:

    See me that has exams o. I finally gave in to the temptation to start this yesterday evening and I didn’t stop until I got here now.
    Ngwa, make I dey go library.
    What can I say? You blow my mind every single time Sal! You are the boss lady of intrigue. Well done!
    Can’t wait to see you this summer. I need to tap into some of this greatness abeg. Hehe

  36. Seye Seye says:

    Steamy TonDre (I caught the bug). Sorting things out when they both got one another in ‘that place’ is the something two crazy people will do. I like ’em. The drugging effect one has on the other is just sweet.
    For all of Folarin’s actions, it’s obvious he loves his Christie. It’s never easy healing after a situation like he found himself in. I believe he’ll find a balance and they’ll come good.
    Tayo and Lade…just will wait to see how they work things out, if she allows.
    Raji is so self absorbed. Maybe he deserves what Salma wants to serve him. It’s a shame Comfort has settled to be in the background but that is how life is. Without people like her, life won’t be balanced. If she’s lucky, she’ll wake up one day, and if not, she’ll go through life living the way she’s chosen.
    Good work Sally. Bless up

  37. Jay says:

    I’ve been a ghost reader for the past 3weeks and that’s because I’m going through some life challenge but you see ehn, this episode is tha bomb! Like I couldn’t hold back.
    So lemme start with my #tondre I just can’t stop smiling and i even got horny reading their sex scene. I’m glad Toni has admitted she has fallen for dre to the point that she did not deny it in his face she stalks him on social media and missed him. That is the kind of love I’m talking about “head over heels”😍
    Christy needs to suffer small in my opinion. Yes, she has asked and is still asking asking for forgiveness fola can’t just let it easy for her like that. We all know fola has forgiven her, he is only making her through the pain he went through. 50/50 shikena!!!
    I think lade and tayo will make up for good and Manny will confess his wrong and beg for forgiveness but hey, this is Sally, I’m expecting a twist to their part.
    Now, sally thank you so much. In the midst of my challenge you give me a reason to smile. God bless you😘 Team #Tondre

  38. Toyenlon says:

    Yea, Toni finally admits she has feelings for Andre and is willing to give him a chance even though with many conditions but i know the conditions will soon be forgotten when she cant do without him again. This is lovely.

  39. bola says:

    Where is Sally? Hope u r good, am missing my weekend tonic already, can’t do without taking my dose. Stay blessed

  40. AOS says:

    Amazing, so fun filled…..xoxo


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