Always One More Time #16 By Temitope Ogunyinka

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30 Responses

  1. Omo Ade, Aya Ola says:

    This is way too interesting. Efe should take it easy, collect her daughter from him and walk away as if she saw nothing. PJ, u well done oo and Funlola, I pray the “fun” that starts ur name doesnt send you out of ur matrimonial home. Adesewa you took the much needed step towards redeeming yourself. Temitope you do well

  2. Cleo says:

    Good work! Daniel should man up and face his marriage. For adesewa I am speechless.

  3. Carah says:

    Finally Adesuwa realizes her actions all ds while is bad. Getting pregnant ft Daniel would have complicated his life. He shd just go back to Efe and make things right.
    As for funlola , I just hope dt she doesn’t ruin her marriage with d way things are going.
    Beautiful piece temitope 👏👏. Thank you.

  4. Yugo says:

    Soooo interesting. I’m glad that Ade have gotten her acts together. Funlola, u r next oo.

  5. iyanu says:

    Omg!!! I love this episode thanks Temitope for the lovely episode 😘

  6. Dotun says:

    nice one Temitope. i pray JP doesnt go crazy over Funlola. its not easy loving someone out of control.

  7. Pelumi says:

    Very nice episode. I hope the next episode comes quick

  8. Seye Seye says:

    This serial says a lot about the different challenges people face. The young man (Daniel) whose previous mistakes led him into a union which wasn’t what he absolutely wanted thinking of a way to keep up with what life won’t give up. The woman who has loved her man despite knowing how far off his thoughts are from her (Efe); the other woman who felt scorned by the action of the man (Adesewa). Three people who will find reasons to justify what they do.
    Of course we also have the young lady who got a man that she knows deserves better than her (Funlola), the man who haas learnt to love this ‘fun lover’ of a woman in obedience to God.
    All with his/her challenges, and from the life of each of them, there is a lesson.
    Big ups Tope.

  9. Tomii says:

    OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

  10. Toyenlon says:

    At last Adesewa has come to her senses before its too late, Daniel is just a serial cheat who needs to put his acts together and work his marriage out with Efe. As for Funlola, her case is pathetic, jumping from Dele to Jide. Pj it is well o, just take it easy. Nice writeup with lessons therein, kudos.

  11. miss b says:

    Lots of lesson to be learnt

  12. kkkkk says:

    the kind of love and patience pastor john has its out of this world. weldone

  13. Tobislim says:

    Sighss. You know I LOVE YOU temitope n U keep on wowing me. I need not say more.

  14. AOS says:

    Tope Tope…..hmmmmmm interesting.

  15. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Whaaaaat? Efe iyaf catch them o!


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