When God Overdoes…

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  1. Adefunke says:

    congrats dear, ur testimony shall be permanent

  2. Oluwakemi says:

    HALLELUYAH, Our God indeed is the one that Shows up to show off. He did it in a way that no man can ever take glory for it. I am assured that He that has began His good work in the life of this Woman will definitely bring it to perfect completion.
    Thanks Sally for sharing and reminding us of How Big and Awesome our God is. Have a Blessed day.
    P.S. Still waiting for TFF E20 as promised o.

  3. Anthony says:

    Awwww her husband’s faith held her all the way. Such a beautiful testimony.

  4. Zee says:

    Oh Jesus! Merciful Father! Okakaa! Echete obi esie ike! Mma mma dili gi! I di ebube! I di omimi! Jehovah overdo! You who jumps protocols! Daalu! I claim this beautiful blessing on my family esp in d area of our finances.May God release us from dis dark pit. I pray for unshakable faith and praise to God no matter how dark the times are. Sally nwa mama, thank u for sharing. I am blessed. Remain blessed

  5. bert says:

    Awesome God, A mighty Father who will never ever share his Glory with Anybody.

  6. Sandra says:

    Like wow,!!!! This God is indeed unfathomable.
    My prayer is that God will perfect dis testimony.

  7. Bukky says:

    praise God! God is wonderful. her hubby’s faith keep her goin. its good to serve God o

  8. Pacesetter says:

    Our God us wonderful and he is faithful

  9. Olamide says:

    Wow! God is just too awesome! He always shows that he is the BOSS! I’m happy for the poster.
    BTW Sally, hope you are good. I’ve refreshed this page a million times since Sunday for TFF.

  10. modupe says:

    Our God is always awesome, doing wonders, performing miracles…..and i was in tears reading. you know i always have a thing for birth/pregnancy stories….Come December, we will be here to celebrate the birth of the baby……TOLUWANI

  11. fola says:

    am shedding tears of Joy right now, glory be to God Almighty.your testimony is permanent In Jesus Name.

  12. bola says:

    Allahu Akbar….The only one God,the God that conceals, the benevolent, my God is indeed marvellous.

  13. Toyenlon says:

    God is indeed an awesome God, the one who does a thing and no man can undo, i couldn’t help but shed tears of joy cos i know what it is to wait on the Lord for a while. May God perfect everything concerning your pregnancy and see u through.

  14. AOS says:

    Wow God is Awesome….Congratulations.

  15. consyspark says:

    May His name be praised

  16. Ritzy says:

    Hallelujah! Sally as I read this story all that came to heart was a song ” Thank You Jesus” Jehovah Over Do!

  17. Emem says:

    My faith has been shaken so many times cos of all the things hubby and i are going through. This woman’s hubby had so much faith and i wish my hubby believed unshakably as he did but at this point i hope my faith will be enough for both of us.
    My reading this today is definitely not an accident.
    I believe that Jehova overdo will show up in my family.
    Thanks for this Sally, God bless you


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