The Fourth Finger #20

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59 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Sally, Oh My Sally!!!! Take, chop kiss first😘
    The news of Novocaine knights meets It’s another Saturday is enough to make me have an amazing day😀
    Oya, lemme rush to go read TFF and I will sure come back to drop my comments.
    Thanks boo

  2. justDotun says:

    What a way to start my day. Thanks for this post and mighty thanks for the new stories coming up. Am officially a Sallymaniac. *kiss kiss*
    I hope Christie tells Folarin Abt her past o. And the woman part of me prays for a miracle for Lade. Poor girl.

  3. Rukayat says:

    Hey! Beautiful piece

  4. Miss B says:

    Thank God you feel much better Sally,thanks for giving more than we can ever think of, especially your family for giving u the time to write, Thank you for allowing us in to your world and thank you for being u.thank God for Christie and Folarin, it’s not easy to forgive and forget,just wondering where Raji is? I hope Izu actually means what he said. The power of forgiveness, healing, acceptance is deeper than we can ever imagine.

  5. taymeah says:


  6. Adeola gem says:

    Thanks ms Sally for this lengthy episode, most especially for christie and folarin, i pity manny o…whatever tone has planned for him. So sorry for your loss lade, some times life is a bitch but miracle can still happen…who knows but ms sally still hold d pen, let’s hope she favour you. May God bless you more for this wonderful episode ma’am. You are such a genius. My warm regards to makayla…I just read her true story a while ago. Really, you are very bold and selfless, thanks for sharing the heart touching experience. I love you again and again. I thank God for the day I discovered your blog. You are a blessing.

  7. Yugo says:

    Sally Sally, u b beta bae. All these series for us? Abeg make I follow Jay give u another kiss. I’m a big sucker for ur writing.
    Meanwhile I almost cried wit Fola and Christie’s make up.
    Manny run for ur miserable life.

  8. mariam says:

    Hugs and kisses Sally!

  9. Seyifunmi says:

    Wooooooooooooow.. .. Sally le best 😘😘😘😘 have been reading different blogs, non of them have been consistent as you. It’s been 3years since I started reading your blog and you have never dissapointed. Thanks for always being there. More ink to your pen ma’am.
    P. S I love the ending to his little black book. Not every story must have a happy ending

  10. Ritzy says:

    yaaaaaaaay! Sally have u told you I love you recently? well…. I LOVE YOU!!!! Now I’ll just cross my legs and wait till evening.

  11. Haleemah says:

    The long awaited episode. Great job, Sally. And hard luck about your bad mood. We all get them once in a while.
    I’m so in love with Folarin and Christie. Thank God they found themselves again. And pls, give them their baby ehn.
    Pls, the clan should do something serious (but legal o) to Manny, he needs his brain to be set right.
    Toni, pls allow Tish ehn, that might be her only one true love.
    Can’t wait for the remaining half of the final episode.
    And yes! It’s Another Novocaine Saturday is going to be such a great read. I can feel it in my bones.
    Cheers Sally!

  12. Temmy says:

    Love is in the air oo,Manny really fucked up tho……tnx Sally, bin waiting for this since like forever

  13. wumi says:

    Goodnews you have for us today. Another reason to love you more. Hope you are good now Sally.
    I can’t imagine what will happen to Manny with four strong enemies, the competition is now who get him first. I believe Lade will heal up fine.
    Aunty Leticia and Dapo! Can’t deal. I like the way Dapo calls Toni sis.

  14. Temmy says:

    Love is in the air, Manny is a jerk…tnx sally, I’ve bin waiting for this since like forever

  15. Dakpemien says:

    So even with all the ‘gra gra’ folarin could not keep his hands to himself till after christy’s bday. Nice job Sally

  16. Dupe says:

    Oh my! God bless u Salz.

  17. Gloria A says:

    Yet another catchy episode… Manny is in deep shit he should brace up for it. I’m glad Folarin has finally forgiven Christie. Thanks Sally for the good news and for this wonderful episode….

  18. omotola says:

    Sally is simply the best writer I av ever come across. Iv bn an ardent follower since the past 3 years ,she is ever consistent nd knows how to make up for the times she can’t post. I was surprised to read that some ingrates wud call my sally ‘ lazy ‘. The long episodes speak for themselves,some people need to keep their mouths shut wen they av nothing good to say. To sally, keep up the good work love, the Lord wud continue to fill up ur ink of knowledge. *xoxo*

  19. Fsf says:

    Thanks Sally,hope you are feeling extremely good now…Toni be cool joor and Folarin thank you for forgiving Christie

  20. Oluwakemi says:

    Sally dear…. thanks a bunch.

  21. Gerald says:

    Sally never disappoints. Effortlessly maintaining her position as my favourite blogger.
    As for Christie and Fola, I’m so happy for them.
    Your number 4th ‘Sallyista’, Gerald

  22. Gorgeous says:

    Goodness gracious, you are the best writer in the whole wide world

  23. Homojem says:

    Yaay. Tanks for making my day Sally. U rock as always. xoxo.

  24. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    I read and re-read and will continue reading because i love this piece…..will be waiting for part 2, and a million thanks to you Sally for a job well done.. 🙂

  25. Amina says:

    Raji have you committed suicide? Sal thank you and thank you for ‘its another saturday and NK. I love the continuity that comes with your stories. Superbly unique

  26. Duro says:

    Thank u Sally….brilliant piece sha+novo nights 🙂

  27. Jkheni says:

    thank you for this series Sally, it might be fiction but u have gain some insights I find useful in real life….I used the ingoings esp btw The Folarins as an example with my Social work 300 level students yesterday especially on the need for effective communication as a problem solving skill, during the discussion I used the cheating scenario to explain how difficult it is how African men (no matter howl cosmopolitan) tend not to forgive cheating wives easily and expect forgiveness from the wives if they cheat. I concluded by telling them that in giving solutions to clients within adultery problems that do not want separation or divorce(esp if the husband is the guilty party), any solution proffered will not be effective if the husband do not realise that either deliberately or not he had been the push/causal factor in one way for the other for hush wife cheating, it is then forgiveness and effective reconciliation will take place and that is where they (I.e my students) should be of utmost priority….. I’m recommending this series to my students as reference point… thank you Sally.
    N.b as an assignment I asked to recommend the most effective means of initiating reconciliation btw the Folarins, I hope none of them are readers of this series……you don give them expose

  28. Jkheni says:

    Novo is back yohooo…..

  29. Jkheni says:

    Novo is back yohooo……It’s hard using the fone to type long responses and not make typos abeg idea ni koko

  30. Olamide says:

    Sally, I love you! Thanks for always giving us the best. I’m happy for Christie and Folarin. Forgiveness is not easy at all. I think Leticia will stick with Dapo. Manny is a dead man. Patiently waiting for the next episode.

  31. Carah says:

    Sallyyyyyyyyyyy you are the real mvp. Yes , It’s another saturday+novocaine knight 🙌🙌🙌 can’t wait for them .
    Toni shd let leticia and dapo date . He might be her knight in shinning armour💕💕.Manny doesn’t know wat is abt to befall him😡😡😡. Folarin and Christies part got me emotional 😢😢like!!! Thank God they are out of dt zone and he has forgiven her. Thumbs up sal👍. I love you plenty😻😻😻😻😻

  32. omotee says:

    Wish I can get into your head then I can get to read these beautiful stories without mb or even phone .😁😁😁😁.God bless you Sal and all of urs.May your days be long and filled with God goodness. I av a question though do husbands forgive wifes infidelity in Nigeria

  33. Oluwakemi says:

    Thank you Sally, thank you for always. I appreciate you and please do never forget that.
    As for TFF, i am glad Christie and Folarin are back, and i hope them babies do come pretty fast especially with all these ’em loving. Manny deserves what is coming his way jare but i just want it to be from Toni let Tayo not go and put himself in one gbege. Abeg, let Lade find a surrogate mother jare, it will still be her egg and her husband’s sperm.
    Thank you for bringing back our favourite casts with the latest series coming up, i can already picture Genesis and Honey being close friends with all ’em coaching she got from her during her bridal showers.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Darl. looking forward to E21

  34. solar says:

    I love every bit of dis episode…..nice one Sally your ink will never run dry

  35. Sandra says:

    Awwwww Sally boo. I cld literally taste the sweetness of this post on my lips. Loved every bit… Ehrm am sha not just loving leticia and dapo combo..7yrs? Dats craddle snatching. Pls how r salma and Ahmed doing??? And the stories coming up.. 💁💁💁thanks a zillion. 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  36. adebayo says:

    I stumbled on your blog about 3weeks back and mhen…I haven’t stopped telling people about it. Thank you for doing this for the love of doing it. Blessings!

  37. cleo says:

    Great episode. Some people are so insensitive. And i believe the cannot even pen a paragraph. I write academic papers, and so i know a lot goes into writing. Sally please don’t mind them. i know it is hard to ignore though.
    I am so excited for a new it’s another saturday with novocaine . cant wait. The combination of all those characters will be awesome.
    I loved the ending of the first Little Black Book.
    But i know that you will work wonders with another twist. Will follow it on convo.
    Weldone Sally. More grease to your elbow

  38. bola says:

    U r too much my Sal….well done

  39. MissBosola says:

    Sally you are the best, you made my day thanks darlyn. Am happy Folarin and Christie made up, although forgiveness is deeper than we can imagine like some one commented. Manny will get what he deserves and Tish shouldn’t use Dapo and dump him o, I hope she’s for real. Waiting for the concluding part.

  40. tedypine says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Dats all

  41. ola says:

    Next episode plsss

  42. reni says:

    i always knew Lade was going to find out what Manny did. he is so dead! lol. dont even know whose plans would be worse for him- Tayo or Toni.
    as for Tish and Dapo….i think they”ll be good for each other .
    im glad christie and folarin are finally working out their issues….but i dont know if folarin can handle the truth about christie and solomon…
    Sally….you’re an awesome writer.

  43. Jay says:

    Okay, so I’m really not in support of Tish and dapo’s relationship. Aunty Leticia should go find her mate abeg.
    I knew Manny died the day he made that decision. Only waiting for the manifestation.
    I’m happy for Christie and folarin. Forgiveness is everything!
    #Tondre growing strong everyday😍
    Thanks sally for this episode

  44. Seye Seye says:

    Thank you Sally, thanks for these stories, thanks for the very open lessons and the hidden ones.
    Thanks for giving us Folarin and Christie, and for letting us know the importance of forgiveness.
    Thanks for Andre and Toni, and for showing us seemingly impossibles are definitely possible.
    Thanks for Tayo, Lade and Manny. For Tayo, learning to be not so judgmental and chase the ones who matter away; For Lade, that life may not be absolutely in your favour but the love of people around can help in defeating the challenges; For Manny, that not all help is genuine, that not everyone who appears to be a helper actually is, that overbearing ‘love’ isn’t LOVE.
    I seriously anticipate the combo of Novocaine Knights and Its Another Saturday.
    I find it hard to leave this till daybreak to read like I normally do.
    Thanks for sharing these stories with us Sally. Blessings…

  45. Pacesetter says:

    hummm, thank God forgiveness, it heals everyone. thanks Sally.

  46. anita says:

    Chai..chai…. Sally!!! I ddnt read dis bt i sipped it until it was finished now i am drunk.. Sally u re in compere wit d likes of Francine Rivers. Karen kingsbury. Frank Peretti. U R GOOD. Tnks u made my day.. Pls i dnt receive regular post dis days anymore. Pls do snd.. Ur private lounge do grant me access. I wuld luv to read some post der

  47. anita says:

    Chai..chai…. Sally!!! I ddnt read dis bt i sipped it until it was finished now i am drunk.. Sally u re in compere wit d likes of Francine Rivers. Karen kingsbury. Frank Peretti. U R GOOD. Tnks u made my day.. Pls i dnt receive regular post dis days anymore. Pls do snd.. Ur private lounge do grant me access. I wuld luv to read some post der.tnks once again

  48. Bimz says:

    Sally Salz, you is da bomb. Don’t mind the haturrs. Empty kpomkpom na hin de make the loudest noise. Real recognises Real.
    So I’m happy for Christina and Folarin. She deserved the punishment and Larin is not an ‘alaseju’ thankfully.
    I no de put hand for Leticia and Dapo relationship o,mbanu. Make eet stoppp!!
    Trailer is about to jam Manny.
    Time to let Anouk go Dre.
    Kisses Salz

  49. Toyenlon says:

    So happy for Christie that Folarin has decided to forgive her, forgiveness is good. Manny will not know what hit him with all these people planning for him but he deserves whatever happens to him sha.

  50. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Good read. I really don’t want to be in Folarin”s shoes because I’m not sure I’ll be as forgiving as he has been if my future wife messes up like Christie.

    Toni should free Leticia, abeg. If Dapo likes her, what’s her own? She has yet to remove the log in her eyes.

    I don’t know how you manage to weave all these stories but kudos to you! Having “It’s Another Saturday” and “Novocaine Knights” again is welcome news.

  51. mystiq18 says:

    Have I told u how much I love you lately…. am out of my shell again…waiting anxiously. God bless u Sal.
    If I lay my eyes on DAT Manny guy ehhn…n to think ii chose him over tayo.

  52. itheword says:

    Ok, so I absolutely loved this episode. Wow! Folarin, after all the forming lol. But I guess he had to forgive Christie at some point.
    Manny, I knew it. You’re a dead man. But I’m surprised Tony isn’t taking some responsibility. If Folarin can admit to pushing Christie to cheat then Tony should admit responsibility for pushing Lade to Manny and then this. After all, Manny was only trying to severe all ties Lade had with Tony because he was abusive. Harsh but effective.

    Now, Novocaine and Saturday. I’m more curious than excited. After reading both series, I felt they’d been concluded properly. What else is there to tell? But this is Sally’s show, and you never underestimate Sally. So I’m just gonna chill and see how this plays out

  53. CHUCHI says:

    Am really disappointed that you went all the way to block me off…that you posted how others are taking your work and posting it as there’s,I called them lazy writers…abeg o read my comment again,I never directed it to you being lazy ma’am!..sha,na me carry my self come be your money you dey make?..I really deserve you long lettered acted too fast,like we had issues

  54. AOS says:

    It’s took me almost all night and still digesting all the episodes have missed. Thank you so much dearie…..xoxo.

  55. consyspark says:

    let me try again.

    I did not see Christie and fola reunion. Okay maybe I suspected but never expected it. such is very rare. if only we can learn to forgive one another and fight for what we love.

    more drama in Tonis family.
    thanks Sally for this episode and other goodies to come.

  56. Haryoka says:

    Happy folarin could realize his mistake

  57. ronnie says:

    Awesome piece as usual u sure made my weekend…well done dear

  58. imotolab2014 says:

    whoa…..…i av no comments. the master writer Neva disappoints. Neva!

  59. Fragile says:

    Aunty Sally… I just started this series cos ive been offline for a while… Guess who made a reference to Novocaine Knights in her final project? Yup, me. N my prof is already hooked on ur blog. But me i dont like Tayo o. Manny was an idiot but he is better for Lade… Love u plenty


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