It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #3

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  1. wumi says:

    First to comment. Yippeee

  2. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Jeezzzzz….and i so wanted to be the first to comment…lemme go and read…thanks madam Sally..

  3. Temmy says:

    Celia is in deep shit, as for Genesis, I hope u don’t regret your decision…thanks Sally,this got me blown away as usual

  4. Trixandra says:

    Things we do to keep up appearances… I really feel for Celia. Lexi is one person I don’t really get…. She can be hot and cold the same time. You can never really hate someone that is like a mother to you so I get Genesis. I miss Mary and Ekene… Can I have more of them next episode.. pleeeaaseee? Thank you Sally…

  5. Dayo says:

    This is really a great temptation for Celie, i just hope she tells on of her friends about it. I hope Genesis wont regret helping Mamasi, cos i doubt i that woman can ever change. Thanks for the update sally

  6. Aibee says:

    Celia oooo, one chance!!!

  7. gbemmy says:

    Wow, celia in deep hot oil, getting interesting as always

  8. Dee Otrofanowei says:


  9. Prince says:

    “Lord, when I said I wanted something new and different today, I didn’t mean this. Please, take away this temptation.”

    Cee, got me laffing here. Disguised “blessing”.

    Thank you Sally…

  10. Primce says:

    “Lord, when I said I wanted something new and different today, I didn’t mean this. Please, take away this temptation.”

    Cee, got me laffing here. Disguised “Blessing”

    Thank you Sally…

  11. Jay says:

    $1000 is like N1m plus o! Chai! Am sorry for Celia. Her peace of mind is gone, fiiiiam! Even the landlord’s cocktail will seem to crow too loudly when you have a million naira in your bag. I just hope Shady won’t manipulate the money out of her. If course after interrogating and abusing her emotionally when he inquires how the money came by.

    Sally weldone. I miss Christy and Folarin and Raji. Maybe it’s because I am a male Christy presently. Weldone once again

    • Sally says:

      You better explain why you’re a male Christie. That statement is loaded with meaning. *giving you side eye

  12. Ibk says:

    So captivating, which I could grab the full novel, God knows i will so much latch my eyes unto it till I see the end of it..
    Great work you are doing here sally.
    I really appreciate

    #July 31

  13. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    Lolz Celia sorta have lesbian tendencies if one think back at her character 😁😁😁

  14. adebayo says:

    Hmmm…nice twist with the baby being Chichi’s and not Lexi.
    Celia would take up the woman on her offer definitely.
    I’m looking forward to the next episode.
    Thank you Sally.

  15. Dan Auta says:

    Omo this NayOmi na case o. I need more of her pls.

  16. Haleemah says:

    Urm… Gen, pls leave Mamisi far, far away ehn.
    Celia, I pray God takes away your new temptation o, it’s quite tempting.
    Great job as always Sally. Cheers to you and yours.

  17. Marion says:

    Thanks Sally great piece as usual. Merci merci

  18. Chi says:

    OMG…i see infact hear biiiggg trouble…Cee is in serious gbeke ooo…kai, Only Jesus can tk dis kain temptation away oo..

  19. Pacesetter says:

    May I not enter a situation dat will put me in a tight corner like cee’s own.

  20. Sandra says:

    hmmmmm… #fightingtemptations. na wa o.. feel so sorry for cilia. feel a bit disappointed the baby is not Lexus’s… in all amazing read

  21. Adeshina omotayo* says:

    Celia, lexy, i’m waiting for yu guys drama

  22. Anthony says:

    Lmao.. That image of Lexus as a mum was just too good to be true. Weere somebody. As for Shady, injured pride or not, if he can’t open up to his boys about his situation then i don’t think he’s ever seen them as friends. I like to think of my friends as my family members i get to choose by myself, people i can be vulnerable with and go to any length to defend and protect cos i know they will do same for me. Putting up appearances with them while dying in silence, who e epp? It’s a very selfish thing Shady is doing cos he clearly didn’t factor in Celia or the baby, all that matters is his ego must be protected. To think there are actually people like this out there sha, shout out to women in Celia’s situation who still find the will to get out there everyday and struggle to keep things together at home.
    Thanks for today’s episode Salome, it was quite lengthy and worth the wait. Gracias

  23. Seye Seye says:

    A good heart gets the short end of the stick many times. I don’t see Mamisi’s presence around Gen and Nick coming to a good end. I don’t even know how that’s gon’ happen because the woman is so devilish.
    Lexus is a confirmed weirdo!!! Messes with Kas’ head making his mind travel in circles. The duo understand one another even if I feel she doesn’t know what she wants.
    As for Celia, she needs to recite The Lord’s prayer, and linger on “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”. Naomi is temptation and evil at the same time. I wait to see how she’ll wriggle out of this.
    Thank you Sally, your ink won’t go dry and your muse won’t leave you. Bless up

  24. Hacolyte says:

    Shady, is just feeling pompous by not telling his guyz d situation of tins. Dia situation is really bad n for Celia to still bein able to kip up appearances wit d galz takes a lot of courage. But deat God don’t lead us into temptation due to our critical conditions. Celia, don’t go down dat road o, the episode is full of lives. Tanks Sally

  25. reni says:

    ehn!!!! Celia!!! wetin person no go see. she had better run the other direction…
    and pls this life of keeping up appearances will get our generation in serious trouble. people need to start keeping it real.

    aunty sally…pls we want more of mary and ekene…thank u

  26. Minisoma says:

    Hmmm… ‘And the kiss lingered’ that’s not a good one at all Celia obviously needs an intervention from the other wives, cus i don’t see this ending well for her.
    As for Lexy, that one needs a reality check,this world is not her home.

  27. Nykky says:

    Hmm Celia if I were you I will challenge Usain Bolt records and make sure I surpass that. Run for your dear life. Lex story on having a baby and breastfeeding is too good to be true for our drama queen. Please can we have more on Mary and Kene. Thanks Sally for the update

  28. Carah says:

    I pray mamisi dies so she doesn’t get to live anywhere close to gen and her family. Lex is just a fish …… As fr Celia I don’t know wat to say but I’d suggest she let’s deir frnds know wats going on dt way she can fight Naomi cos dt woman is no good . Thank you sally!!!!

  29. imotolab2014 says:

    wow! Celia n deep shit! gen

  30. Yougeecash says:

    Somehow I saw that coming. This thing Celia is about to plunge into is a deep, black, endless hole. Sigh. It’s a really rough place to be mehn. And when she gives in and gets discovered, she’ll get judged to the ends of the earth as if it was an easy call to make.
    As for Lexus, why do I feel she still needs to grow up? Good heart and all but she is still super impulsive and spoiled.
    Gen should let Mamisi be abeg. Although that must be really hard, I can’t imagine that the woman will get up to any good.
    Amazing episode Sal. Thanks

  31. Toyenlon says:

    Celia is sorely tempted, hope she’ll be able to resist cos what desperation/lack can make someone do ehn…it is well.

  32. JK says:

    Thanks Sally for a nice episode. I was hoping for a bit of Mary and Ekene in this episode.
    Cee should tell Shady, maybe that would wake him up from his comatose state.

  33. anita says:

    hmmm…..cnt talk, speechless, dey ve said all

  34. Thanks for this wonderful episode sugar mama mi, God bless you…
    Please I want to read more on Jide and Honey, Mary and Ekene plus Tola and her co-wife… Cee is in a deep shit, its even deeper than she can imagine! Naomi will make her life miserable, who knows if there is a picture of everything they did together that would make people to doubt Cee when the time comes……#AnticipatingFourthFinger

  35. tolu says:

    This is trouble o! who will now help Celia outta this bayi? o ma wa su mi ke

  36. Remilekun says:

    O ma ga gan,Celia needs to run run run……

  37. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Who will give me $3,000 oh? A woman, not a man, abeg! Nice one. For once, Celia took centre stage.

  38. Peter says:

    Ok. I’ve been a silent reader for too long. This just takes the cake. Thank you so much for the episode. Can’t wait for the next story

  39. Adeola gem says:

    I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g! Thanks Ms Sally.

  40. iyanu says:

    Omg!!!! Aunt Sally you such an amazing writer 😱 loving this new twist ….

  41. gift says:

    keeps getting interesting,, didn’t know youve started writing again,, no notifications,, thank God for facebook

  42. LeMubs says:

    I’m here crushing on Luxus
    Her Persona is sooooo on Fleek
    Thanks Anty Sally

    PS- Please can I have your email??

  43. itheword says:

    I’m late to the party. No worries. I loved that kiss. Let me see what happens in the next episode


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