Boys With Toys #16

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  1. Kenny says:

    been a long time….I miss this

  2. First timer says:

    Before I comment on this I want to talk about the Fourth Finger.
    Goodness! It was amazing. I couldn’t drop my phone for a second. Wow Sally, your good. I doff my hat for you. God bless you
    Now to boys with toys, thanks so much for bringing it back. My favorite couple Banky and Beatrice are still at it. The Lord will help them
    Happy weekend, Sally

    • Sally says:

      Yes they both need Jesus.
      And as for the other things you said, I’m grateful for the gift of writing
      Thank you

  3. Tee says:

    Seriki, swerve biko

  4. Peace says:

    U keep churning out beautiful stories… Well done Sally! Your beautiful mind is a gift to generations.

  5. olamma says:

    Thanks a lot Sally. I thought you’ve dropped it. You’re the best. I didn’t see d completion if its another saturday. please, how do i get it?

    • Sally says:

      Thanks, Olamma
      It’s Another Saturday is on okadabooks. If you read the last episode posted by clicking on the category, you’ll see a link to okadabooks

  6. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    I likey.. Had to start all over.. God bless you Sally😊

  7. ebunoluwa says:

    chai!!! Sally e b like day na only me never read dis books o. biko hope dem dey collect naira for okadabooks n what’s d naira equivalent for d book? dis one wey our exchange rate dey dance azonto everyday. u too much abeg. make una answer me quick make me sef rush go buy my own book o. well-done Sally, more hair to ur armpits. lolz!!!

    • Sally says:

      Don’t worry Ebunoluwa, you’ll catch up. Yes, on okadabooks they take Naira
      And as for more armpit hairs, 🙌

  8. Carah says:

    Thanks fr bringing back BWT. I am not sure abt ds serikis intention and I love d fact dt as little as hope is she is trying to bring back aunty Beatrice and uncle banky back. Khalid’s case shd teach guys like him on how to take things easy with deir spouse cos dey don’t know wat he/she is facing internally.Sorry khalid😢….. Guru shd do something abt madu ASAP!!! And as fr Duro , d thunder dt with fire him is doing pressup with dt crazy idea he is nursing in his head.

  9. queen b says:

    I love this, I love this, I really love this. you r such an amazing writer, more ink to ur pen.

  10. Anthony says:

    Lmao.. Beatrice and Bankole forming two can play the game 😂😂😂.

  11. Haleemah says:

    Beatrice is looking for trouble o. She should better leave that shady Seriki character jejely. Hmmm.
    Bankole… learn to forgive ehn. You sef no holy pass.
    As usual, Sally blew my mind. Cheers!

  12. ebunoluwa says:

    thanks for responding Sally. but what’s d equivalent of d amount in naira so I can do a transfer and get d book today?I mean the fourth finger o. I need to finish d story abeg. I don wait tire abeg I no fit wait again. many thanks.

  13. ebunoluwa says:

    😘 okay thanks Sally. must order tonight. see u when I finish reading it.

  14. James says:

    Thanks Sally for bringing this back, I’ve been so long waiting for the book. I have a proposal; since you’re not convinced to publish the book yet, can you please be given us in bits and pieces like this, who knows the inspiration to figure out what’s missing might come in the process *wink wink*. Thanks in anticipation.

  15. Biola says:

    I have so missed Boys with Toys!!
    Guru finally realised the truth, I can’t wait for him to deal with Madu!!
    Duro is gay!!! Didn’t see that coming.
    I feel so sorry for Khalid, Bankole needs to learn to forgive.

    Sally, I hope we are getting more episodes, not these 2 appetisers?

  16. Sandra says:

    Boys with toys… Ah Sally you broke my heart sha when u stopped posting it. the story sweet die… please don’t stop nau, God bless you in advance for posting.

  17. ebunoluwa says:

    okay I’m back Sally. finally got to read d fourth finger book and d finishing was wow!!! u’re my bae Sunday Sally. couldn’t ask for a more perfect finishing. thank you for being a writer. cyber hugs for u.

  18. ebunoluwa says:

    lolz!!! see auto correct too is feeling d vibe of the fourth finger. lolz!!! I have no idea how Sunday got into my comment o. lolz!

  19. Toyenlon says:

    Good to have boys with toys back, wonderful series…totally enjoyed it. Thanks Sally, more grace.

  20. FSf says:

    Sally ,Meen!!!!!! you make for a mean writer ,i read Fourth finger the whole night and i got to work feeling tired and sleepy but it was worth the read,
    You need to tell your story to the word on the big screen to people that can interpret without leaving stones untouched,HAba,I seriously need the hard cover of that book.Thank you and God bless you real good forever.

  21. Damusca says:

    i’ve got to say this story’s got me on the edge. Can’t wait to know what happens with Banky and Bea; they are the couple i most relate to. Great job Sally. You got a new fan in me.

  22. Calliboom says:

    thanks Sally for bringing BWT back… God bless you…..

  23. Seye Seye says:

    I totally am loving Boys With Toys since you brought it back. Lovely story, lively characters that are very real and the like.
    Kids have that ‘aunty’ they just click with. Seems that’s the thing with Hope and Beatrice. Such shame that things haven’t really been cool between Bea and Bankole, the kid woulda enjoyed it.
    Now that Guru has made it known to Madu that he knows what’s really going on, let’s see how that part is gon’ pan out.
    Khalid and his travails…I really don’t think anyone wants to be in that guy’s shoes men.
    And as for Duro goinh after Bankole, I can only wait with bated breath and see what comes from that.
    Thanks for this Sally. I’m playing catch up, lemme run to the next episode.

  24. AOS says:

    Oh Guru my main guy anytime any Day, happy he knows the truth now. Madu please stop forming sharp guy. Beatrice and Seriki, please pack as much as you can before dumping him but make sure to go back to Bankky. Khalid nice decision but that diary might come in handy. Duro gay, the ladies will kill you on behalf of Bankky. Hope I just pray Guru is your dad. Rukky, Guru and Hope, Hmmmmnn, happy family.

    Sally, thank you for bringing back Boys With Toys. I so love it…..xoxo.


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