Hunter’s Game #7 By Oge_writes

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17 Responses

  1. Temmy says:

    Ijeoma is playing dirty….Leela and Uzo, I hope you will be safe sha, and Zara I feel for you dear… great job Oge

  2. Olamide says:

    OMG! This Ijeoma is a psycho. I hope Zara will be safe. Great job Oge. Thanks for this lovely episode.

  3. Kany Dahl says:

    A wonderful story. Nice one Oge and thanks to the ever dependable Salz for sharing.

  4. Kany Dahl says:

    Salz I cant see the share buttons.

  5. Carah says:

    Lol. ijeoma is a mental case!
    My love goes to uzo and Leela *sigh*.Awww poor zara😢

  6. Bman says:

    Good to see Zara give herself brain. Interesting and intriguing . Thank you, Oge; thank you Sally.

  7. AOS says:

    Good to know Zara is getting herself out of Malia’s life. I hope the facelift gets done on time before Malik gets to KD. Good job Oge.

  8. Seye Seye says:

    Phew! Malik heading to Kaduna is a big deal o. Really wanna see where this is headed.
    But Ijeoma na badoo sha. See as she bring up matter wey make Likita surrender sharply.
    I love love love this.

  9. Toyenlon says:

    Even though Zara knows her relationship with malik won’t work, i hope it’s not too late for her with his boss already knowing about her. Ijeoma sure knows how to get what she wants. Waiting to seeing how it all pans out, kudos.

  10. Turban Girl says:

    Ijeoma, the badass!!! am so loving her, poor Likita. I don’t just get his gripe, like she helped him without any hassles. So why is he so mad at her, banishing her, confused yeye man.
    Hi Oge, this story is so dope!

  11. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    Ouch……things got hot


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