Hunter’s Game #8 By @Oge_writes

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22 Responses

  1. Temmy says:

    Thrilling….i like this, good job Oge

    • @Oge_writes says:

      Thank you Temmy. I truly appreciate you and your consistency here.
      So for being the first to comment the last few episodes, I have a little something to show my appreciation.
      Kindly drop me an email with your full name and phone number.
      My email address is

  2. Ai says:

    Hmmmmmmm…thanks Oge

  3. wumi says:

    Hot, hotter…..waiting for the hottest episode.

  4. gbemmy says:

    Following bumber to bumber. Well done

  5. Eedrees says:

    Hmm…d hunting is at its peak…bt madam pls increase d length of d episodes, dis one is too short, biko.

  6. Anthony says:

    Eeya… Ijeoma is starting to grow a heart. Hope she doesn’t regret not going through with the surgery.
    Excellent story so far, well done Oge.

  7. Carah says:

    I hope so too. Well done oge

  8. Jay says:

    Nice one Oge. I had been wondering about I.J. what her story is. But now I know. Uzo ndo o! Pls come join me in Cotonou, your life isn’t safe in Naija o.

    Waiting for next episode….

  9. Seye Seye says:

    Only gets more interesting now. Now that we know who is up against who, i’ll just sit back and see how everything’s gon’ pan out.
    Thank you Oge.

  10. Hacolyte says:

    Oge, u re 3 much much, tanks for a great episode.

  11. Funmilola Adekola says:

    I’m sure Irons just saved her own life! I don’t trust that Dr Haliru! Nah! Oge! Chop knuckles!

  12. Toyenlon says:

    Leela should please not abandon uzo o, getting more interesting.

  13. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    She dnt want again ke😕


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