It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #6

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80 Responses

  1. Asma says:

    Yayyyyyy! I didn’t want to stop reading! Thank you Sally :*

  2. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    May God bless you so so much Sally.. Love tis to the end…

  3. Sandra says:

    wow, nice long episode. I so feel like slapping Noka from here to Australia and back.
    and then I can so relate with the love thing btw Wura and pastor Ralph, I love the way Mahmood loves her, but then… MUSLIM* SMOKER*???

    • Sally says:

      We have Muslims here o. I no dey when they come after you.
      I don’t think Wura worries about his smoking or his religion. He’s an awesome guy and a dad. The issues they have are his family and her past. Well, let’s see how things go with this new twist of Pastor Ralph coming into the picture

    • Rida says:

      Wow. This comment…
      What is wrong in him being a Muslim that you have to write it in capital letters? Is being a Muslim so bad? Have you been around Yoruba people to see that Christians and Muslims marry each other and there’s peace in the home? I’m a product of such a marriage and my parents have been together for 33yrs.
      Mahmud is a good man. he is faithful to Wura. He loves her. He is the father of her child. That is all that matters. Pastor Ralph, we love you but go and park in one corner and leave the two lovebirds alone

  4. Temmy says:

    Hmm, Kas u better stop forming, you and lex belong to each other bro, I’m glad wura is back and mymood u berra not take No for an answer…
    Great job madam sally

  5. Dayo says:

    Sally , u re such a great writer.

  6. Ope says:

    Aunty Sally, I’m sorry I haven’t bought your book yet ohh, I have a major exam in September, and I feel inadequately prepared, but I will definitely buy it.

    Celia has joined lesbian gang ohh 😂 😂. Plix what’s wrong with Noka? 😳 Chichi has finally left Kasi, I sensed it was coming. Mymood is back 💃💃. Pastor Ralph is a harlot 😂 😂 😂, didn’t he finish falling in love before he got married? End of my senseless rant

  7. fola unique says:

    ghen ghen! kasiobi don enter am. abeg woo woo should do quick and marry our mood joor and I hope whatever secret DAT ibro’s wife is keeping be exposed soon. nice one ma sally

  8. Eedrees says:

    It is worth d long wait…first u had me imagining wat i would do wit ur lips nd next u captured nt only my eyes bt all of me…ah swear ur bf/hubby dy try cos u go fit use temptation kii pesin;)

  9. iamhorllamii says:

    Wow! Mymood is bck cnt wait 2 get full gist on dem….. weldone madam sally

  10. Onyeche says:

    I got know about u from the review of fourth finger on bellanaija.someone posted a Link to your blog,I decided to check it out n I fell in love with it.I read the boys n toys well into the night n finished it the next morning.u r really blessed and I pray more blessings upon u.

  11. clarabest says:

    I love u. i meant it. thanks for coming into my life. moskeda page u re the best

  12. Anthony says:

    Mymood is back! Whoop! Whoop! 🙌🙌🙌
    I just hope nothing funny happens at that concert to change Wura’s mind about marrying him. His family’s ish aside. And her family that disowned her sef, the meaning of family is lost on some folks sha.
    Okay so last episode Lexus was crying her heart out about what Chichi’s return and child means for her relationship with Kas, and her prayers are suddenly answered with Chichi disappearing into thin air? Even leaving a note where she cedes to the love between Lex and Kas. My Nigerian sense is just suspecting foul play upandan..
    Lovely episode and totally worth the wait.

    P.S: Thanks for the midweek surprise.

  13. @Oge_writes says:

    So glad to have this back!
    Chichi is psychotic for real.
    Wura and Pastor Raph, I’m not surprised. Was half expecting that they hooked up sef. There’s a kind of intimacy that comes with shared pain and they have been up against the world together for so long. Glad that Mahmoud is back sha.
    And finally, Noka is such a pain in the butt.

  14. OMG! Did I read “giving out free to three readers”? Please please pick me I’ll really love to finish it. OK lemme go and read.💃💃💃

  15. HERA says:

    Ah pastor Ralph please don’t vex oh but come and be going, Mymood is to Wura. I feel Kas would eventually move on from Lex unless she changes her character, he is only human abeg! Noka? Is that 1 a human being *longhiss*

  16. Nykky says:

    Nice read My mood is back Wura should stuff any emotions towards Pastor Ralph because the wife will feel justified for leaving. Kasi you are in for it but you can take her to your mum sha see if Lex will come around. Thanks Sally

  17. Ebi Horsfall says:

    Awww…….it was worth d wait, am glad Chichi finally left, more excited My-mood is bck……Tnx Sal

  18. Oluwakemi says:

    I am really excited to have this series back. Chai, I missed all the characters as if they are real people in my life.
    Thanks Sally once again, God bless you.. Congratulations once again on”The Fourth Finger”, this is just the beginning Darling.
    Hmmm, as for Mummy Dara and Daddy Dara, they are sure coming back together and I’m sure this setback will bring life and new level of intimacy in their marriage.
    Kasiobi had better take his eyes off Didi and just call Lex to come take care of Trinity,who she already adores.
    Love Mymood and Wura’s love and I want them together. Pastor Raph God will touch the heart of your wife o,no go there at all.
    Missing Jide,Jiney,Honey,Ekene,Mary,Emeka and his wives,Genesis and her Beau and Lexus.
    Nuff of my ramblings jare.

  19. laba steffi says:

    Its always a delight readn ur works.hope dis comment goes thru. For years my comments dont go through. U doing a great work sally

  20. sarah says:

    Yayy IANS is back tanks aunty Sally but what about boys with toys are you going to stop that one completely. pls oo don’t stop

  21. Trixandra says:

    Kai… This Noka has serious issues….

  22. omotee says:

    Sally you are the best .always checking for new stories every Saturday.I could not buy fourth finger there an easier way to do it the Okada link is not working for me.Your stories lifts my spirit always.God bless you

  23. Hacolyte says:

    Pastor Raphl, plz, don’t go dia, woo is a no no no go area cos d area fada of woo is lurking in da corner, sai mymood. Kas, dat is d beginning of fadahood just stepped into it wif ur eyez opened. Nice one, but nobody microwaved breastmilk cos it wud b denatured n go sour. Much love Sally. Xoxo

    • Sally says:

      😘 love you back
      Biko who’s the area fada of Wura 😂
      As per microwaving breast milk, you actually can. It doesn’t spoil the milk. There are no studies on that. The biggest concern is heating it so much that it burns the baby’s mouth which was what happened to poor Trinity. The best of course is to put the bottle in hot water to have an even, warm temperature but Kas didn’t know that. Well, he’ll learn
      Thanks Hacolyte

  24. wumi says:

    Madam the Sally, importer, exporter of story matter. you make your story so real that I feel I know the characters in real life.
    That fourth finger is the real deal. No regret buying it

  25. tee says:

    Lovely as always Sally… what gift do i get… i ahev already bought and finished the book.. huge grin..

  26. LeMubs says:

    Chichi is so mean
    She Hussein Bolted on a baby.
    So mean
    And Mahmud’s persona ehn
    I Think I’m crushing on him lol
    Thanks for another fab. Episode Anty Sally.

  27. Carah says:

    Yaaaay wura’s mood is back💃💃
    Chichi is just a psychos nd as fr noka I just don’t like her. I am just so happy Wura and her mood are back together!!!!!! Thank you sally . Thank you !!!!!

  28. Cynthia says:

    uhmmmmm……..bonus please… when i aw that post on Bellanaija i said “Yes she did it…She is the best”
    God bless you ma…I tap into your anointing o……..Thank you ma

  29. Bukie says:

    Thanks Sally, love it

  30. Addicted to this blog says:

    I so love this episode,is so cool.this is my first time commenting,I have been a silent reader for a long time, following your stories bumper to bumper. I am so addicted to your stories, they are
    so down to earth,realistic,relatable, enjoyable,interesting and so much more. I have realised is a bad thing not commenting,I am sorry. you deserve the best awards that can be presented,more wisdom to your writing,your blog makes my day every saturday.
    p.s I read one story here recently but wasn’t able to finish it because the writer converted the rest into an eBook,since I am just reading it,I sent an email to the writer but I Didnt get a response,I really love this story and would like to finish it,pls if you can be of any help,tanx. the story is unfulfilled promises.

  31. Tsk tsk! Chichi is playing rough play o, hian why would she dropped her child like that?….
    I like you pastor Ralph but hold your love to yourself pls, tenkiu…
    Didi, you berra bekiaful! Kas is all shades of “messedupness” kikikkikiki
    God bless you sugar Momma for this wonderful episode. And pls, I would like to be among the three lucky people faa.

  32. AOS says:

    Yeah Mymood is back….so happy for Work. Please pastor Ralph pack well abeg, no spoil happy people jor. So good Chichi is out of the way for good, Lex time to take over Biko.
    Funny enough I miss Emeka and wives plus our power couples Jide and Honey, Dominic and Genesis.

    Sally you nailed it again oh, well done madam. Please keep it rolling. Fourth Fingers gat me emotional. Thank you!!!…xoxo.

  33. Myst says:

    Mymood and Wura got me feeling heartsick. Sigh. Great writing Sally. Well done. Next episode soon? Pretty please? *making puppy eyes*

  34. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    That was a long, satisfying episode. So descriptive that one can vividly imagine the story playing out. I laughed out loud when Shady rested his “flat bum” on his office desk. I eagerly await future episodes.

  35. Tosin says:

    Noka is such a greedy and mean somebody, i am eagerly waiting for her story to unfold. Oh Celia and Shady, i hope Celia comes back.
    Chichi is such a peace of work, she abandoned her child, anyways good to knows she couldnt warm her way back to Kas’s life. I hope baby Trini would be fine. I misses Jiney, Emeka ad his wives, Mary and Ekene. I enjoyed this episode Sally, thanks a lot.
    Now saturday shoudl oem quickly.

  36. Tobislim says:

    We love YOU right back Aunty Sally. Those i referred your blog to on my blog have been singing your praises unending. One guy even asked me if you were Nigerian *lolz*

  37. Amina says:

    “Our mood is back:…yipeee
    Thanks Sal

  38. Seye Seye says:

    So Noka has that ‘someone’ she needed to see. I really can’t wait to know who it is, but it better not be what I’m thinking.
    Life will always bring the like of Ralph and Wura together, then bring the like of Mahmood in again. This life ehn! Most comments want a Wura-Mahmood thingy, you people sha no even look Pastor side. Me I will jejely wait and see who Sally wants to give Wura to. That’s safer.
    Women like Chichi (abi na Chin chin sef) tho. Is she actually leaving Trinity for real? Is this a test or she just didn’t know the demands of parenthood before going ahead to have little Trinity.
    Well, I wait for the next episode.
    Well done Sally. Like I always pray, “your ink won’t ever run dry”

  39. Fehintola says:

    A very beautiful episode it is, looking forward to the next one .

  40. Toyenlon says:

    This Noka sef is a case, she’s a bitch just like her husband said,well, we’ll soon know her secret appointment and see how she’ll come out of it. Wonderful episode, thanks Sally and more inspiration to you.

  41. Eedrees says:

    Sorry, d first part of my comment was in response to ur famous KISS. D second part, tells d effect of d episode on me; how my concentration was totally immersed into d story. And d last part, is a tribute to d endurance nd tolerance of partner in regards to ur character.

  42. Eedrees says:

    Yes. I am high on local WEED cos u fed dem to me @akintundekaffy

  43. oyindaa says:

    Such marvellous work! Thank you so much Sally, God bless you!

  44. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Hmmmmmmm! I feel for Wura o! Pastor Ralph, that your speech ehn, is what I call emotional blackmail. God is watching you on 6D!

  45. Marion says:

    As usual I enjoyed it, thanks Sally

  46. oloriruby says:

    I really enjoyed your writing. you got me engrossed, thumbs up Sally

  47. Deekupsy says:

    I have been a faithful follower of Novocaine Knight on 360nobs.. But was sad when i could not read the remaining but was more than happy when a new friend that we travelled together showed me this blog when we were talking about Nigerian writers and their wonderful works… Am so happy to read your works, currently giggling like a love struck teenager… You Rock..

  48. itheword says:

    Noka, Noka! We know how you be. Poor kas. He seems more alone now than ever. I feel bad for him. Life is too short. He should go ahead and talk to lex. Anyways, on to the next episode! This binge reading is awesome, dude!


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