It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #7

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50 Responses

  1. Adetola says:

    Thank you Sally!

  2. CHINNY says:

    Love nwantinti. Thanks Sal.

  3. Temmy says:

    I was so glued to my phone, didn’t even notice anything around me till this ended, tnx ma’am for this wonderful piece

  4. Olamide says:

    What a pleasant surprise. Thanks Sally.
    Kay and Lex must come back together. Dominic is scary o. Didi should better give herself brain.

  5. Bman says:

    Very pleasant surprise…thank you Sally. Thus should be quite a story, with soooo many of our favourite characters from both stories. Kudos… and more blessings to you.

  6. Anthony says:

    Awww.. Very romantic episode. Funny as hell too. Genesis be steady giving boo goals😍🙌
    If the only repercussion of Chichi breaching that non-disclosure she signed with Dominic is him revealing the truth to Kas, then they haven’t seen the last of her yet. And just look at le boo Lexus😍 handling baby matters like a boss, cute something.
    I’m definitely sleeping with a huge smile on my face tonight, thanks for the bonus episode Sally. Blessings!

  7. Chi says:

    You just made my Night..Dis episode is more than a surprise…Am loving mi some Lexus right now, and need i say dat Dominic is super deep in a sexsy way.
    Thanks alot Sally n welldone.

  8. wumi says:

    Don’t you wish your writer was cool like ours….#singout# Sally is the boss. Nice reading this.

  9. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Sally! Owo Meji! #hopeyoucatchit! Boys can form sha! Anything for Trini indeed!

  10. Seye Seye says:

    Before I read…thanks for this Sally. I feel honored having this episode dedicated to me and the missus. God bless you

  11. Calliboom says:

    oh Sally you are blessed with words. don’t even know where to start thanking you for this awesome episode… you made my night… I pray kas and Lexus gets back to each other… God bless you for us… ur diehard fam ..

  12. Tomii says:

    Honestly Sally, u sure know how to throw in a surprise ..i wasn’t expecting this episode @ all.
    That Ndidi had better calm down else she will just spoil the whole thing.
    Lexus and kas be doing like secondary school kids.
    Thanks Sally, u are the rocket!!!

  13. Eedrees says:

    Dom always on his endless trips. Paying chichi off? God knws dat bitch may come back for mre…oh poor Didi! Only if knws Dom’s plan for Kas et Lex. I doubt if she is goin to be in novocaine for long…and Lex unannounced appearance may justify Ehi’s claim. Nice work Sally

  14. HomoJem says:

    God! Av so much missed dis page. Anyways, nice write-up as always Mrs Sally. Seriously anticipating do next episode. Lots of Luv.

  15. ebunoluwa says:

    okay! so I read this episode yesterday and it felt like my bank account has just been credited. oh my kasi! dis Dominic is a real baddo I swear but I kinda like it sha. I jus hope someone doesn’t dupe dat yeye Chichi n leave her empty handed. greedy pikin! n my darling Lexus just showed up to save d day, yayyyy! oya didi, as u don take ur eyes see say pikin dey d matter make u park well o. but dis didi dey nosy o, u dey enjoy free mojo 4 oga Dominic house abi? just know ur class sha n don’t go crushing on him bcos of what u saw o. hmmmnnn! btw, it was a lovely episode. thanks Sally. least I forget, couldn’t get to read to tame a virgin new episodes bcos it’s been passworded and I can’t seem to remember my password ( this pregnant brain of mine, I wonder how I go pass my exam sef?) n there’s no link to request a new password, pls what do I do madam Sally? I really need to read am o. pls SOS!!!

  16. Seye Seye says:

    Thanks once again for the honor Sally. My wife had a first time read on here last night and has fallen in love with the blog. Bless up.
    To this episode…
    I’m sorta love Dominic’s calm ruthlessness when it comes to dealing with issues like ChiChi’s. Handled without noise, and with the right ‘blackmail tool’.
    Ndidi is just someone full of life who if she doesn’t calm down will get some ‘hard’ lessons that will slow her down a bit.
    Kas and Lex, recurring decimals toh badt. No matter how hard they try, the force keeps bringing them together. Seems lil’ Trinity will be a huge one this time.
    Thanks for the midweek delight Sally. Your ink will keep flowing as your imagination won’t diminish.
    I believe the fact that you put smiles on people’s faces with your writings will urge you on, and profit you in all ways ultimately

  17. Sarah says:

    Always the best, nice one sally

  18. Dayo says:

    Yes o anytin for Trinity, and that is how they will come back together. Thanks Sally.

  19. Ruth Williams says:

    Sally always on point, tanks madmoselle for dis chill episode…luv ya my regards to family…

  20. bee says:

    I loved every bit of this…well aside from that Didi’s part the girl is just something….not sure what yet..

    I like that Kasi and Lexus are coming back nowwww….

    Dear Salls many thanks for this bonus…can’t wait for Saturday…xxxxxoooooo

  21. bhymxy says:

    Absolutely amazing!
    thanks sally….

  22. Ogechi Nwobia says:

    Hian, Didi should park well please. Kas and Lexus for the win please.
    In some ways they remind me of me and my ex. Lol!
    But that ship has sailed abeg.
    Amazing read Sal.
    As always. You never fail to deliver.

  23. Oluwakemi says:

    Pleasant surprise!!! Thanks

  24. Fsf says:

    Baby Papa,Ndo

  25. Gerald says:

    Didi abi Dudu should camdam. We need Kas to knock Lex up since both of them are becoming childish. I see Dom as my role model sef…well that’s my third name.

  26. Toyeen says:

    Awwwwww Sally, you make think about Love. You’re gifted darling

  27. Sara says:

    Sally you’re the best. This bonus episode just made my day. I love how Dominic is looking out for Lexus, getting chichi out of the picture was for the best. But what kind of mother gives up her child for money?

  28. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    Thank you 😍😘

  29. slimshawty says:

    Thank you babe.

  30. bi-cruz says:

    yuppy, thanks Sally it’s a Novocain chapter, love it. Where is Mary and her boo nau miss them. Thanks once again.

  31. Tobislim says:

    Intriguing, captivating as usual
    Aunty Sally pleaseeeee on behalf of the evil people, we misssss The Immortal Codes. Please help us feed our evil souls.

  32. Tobislim says:

    Hmmm @thirsters and blessers #teamhotr

  33. anita says:

    i knew it.dey wuld get bck togeda. hmmmm…. tnks sally

  34. Sandra says:

    and that’s how I dint know this was posted.. it was indeed very enjoyable. hoping to get another doze today… Happy weekend Sally😘

  35. Hey ma’am u made my day……my second time of commenting on this great community,had a great time reading diz episode, until d next episode…..itz AndreTAyodeji signing out;).

  36. AOS says:

    Finally, anything for Trinity….yeah#medancing# Kas and Lex.
    Thank you Sally, you are a darling….xoxo.

  37. adebayo says:

    Thanks are amazing.
    I hope we get to see Jideofor in the next episode..that’s my guy!.

  38. Toyenlon says:

    Lol…anything for Trinity indeed. Lex to the rescue, baby trinity just got herself a new mom. Thanks for this Sally.

  39. gbemmy says:

    interesting as usual

  40. Omowunmi says:

    I just updated my self on all episodes of its another Novocaine Saturday. I must admit , Sally you have a rare talent for writing. This story has too many twists n turns already n am loving them all.

  41. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I definitely know now that I dislike Didi. I didn’t like here before but this episode put a nail on her coffin. Hehe.

  42. Shubi says:


  43. itheword says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one loving the trinity kas lex combo. So cute! Never really been a huge lex fan, but I find myself drawn to her more these days, especially now that she’s less childish and more grown-up


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