Boys With Toys #18

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46 Responses

  1. CHINNY says:

    Thanks for posting Sal.

  2. Ai says:

    Wow..ds is a cool surprise for the night…
    Couldn’t get BWT off my mind all weekend.
    Thanks sally

  3. Haleemah says:

    Okay… This kain love “quadrangle” ehn. I just hope the Williams’ don’t tarnish Banky’s image o. Welldone Sally. Cheers!

  4. Wumi says:

    Speechless, speechless…that’s how you make me feel with this episode

  5. Esty says:

    Thank you Sally for this surprise episode, weldone

  6. Gift says:

    Wow,,I don’t like that Sharon one bit,too ambitious,poor bea,,thanks Sally, my phone has bin bad reason I’ve been AWOL,

  7. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Sally has done it again.. I didn’t want this to end oOOoo.. I prray the Williams let Banky be and Urenna what is her problem sef… Nice writeup as always; May God continue to bless you forr us Sally!!!😊😊

  8. Tomii says:

    E don happen…but Sharon is a bitch sha,hian!!!!! Even Seriki is a dog, filthy lot.
    Oh beatrice, I can feel your pain..pele, I pity Bankole though, with the mess he got himself into with those weird couple.
    I only pray Roy will muster courage and tell Ure his status.
    It’s an exciting read as usual, thanks Sally Boo. My rocket anytime, anyday…mwaahhhhh

  9. Biola says:

    When I think all the dramas have finish unfolding, Sally brings in a new twist.
    I enjoyed it so much Sally

  10. loolah says:

    And Sally yaf don it again!! Nice write up as usual. May ur ink never go dry..

  11. Sandra says:

    awww, Sally of life…. you can write for Africa sha. and it took witnessing her proposal to knock sense back into Banky’s head abi.. I tot he was forming stone cold. smh. btw so excited about ur radio tour. congrats dear. do let us know the time so we can tune in… much lov.

  12. Seye Seye says:

    Really nice, even if sleep took me while reading initially 😀
    I like the Khalid-Banky-Guru relationship. It may end up being what will cut Madu to size.
    With the way Sharon carry this Seriki matter for head, one doesn’t need to be told she’s watching out for her own interest. Beatrice on the other hand is in the unfortunate situation of the head and the heart being in different directions. Seems to me her head and heart are still with what she had with Bankole, while living in denial has landed her in Seriki’s bed. Of course, Bankole is doing the same living in denial thingy. I understand how ‘easy’ it is to take back someone who’s hurt you before sha.
    Duro and Angela tho, crazy duo.
    Bankole get drama for hin life sha. I don’t envy him one bit.
    Big ups Sally. Thanks for this wonderful episode.

    • Sally says:

      The thing you said about Sharon… why do you like entering my head, Seye? But it’s all good. Let’s watch out for that one.
      Thank you!

  13. Sophia says:

    tanx Aunty Sally

  14. Rida says:

    My fav couple in this series is getting back, that’s if sally will not still show them pepper
    It’s amazing how you have many different couples in different series and they each retain their characters. everyobody is unik!
    Love you sally

    • Sally says:

      Hmmm…the characters actually take on a life of their own. Very people believe me when I say this but that’s what actually happens. I don’t control them

  15. Akua says:

    You are gifted Sally. I really love you style all the twists and suspense. Great job.

  16. Adetola says:

    Thanks sally! You made my day !

  17. Carah says:

    Wow! Thanks sally.

  18. bi-cruz says:

    Whoopyyyyy, thanks Sally. It’s really a good read, but why would Bea accept the 💍 and not form a faint or something she could ‘ve left Riki before now, feeling for Riki’s brokeen’s heart.

  19. Nykky says:

    Sally an amazing writer love all your stories and the way you you continue with characters from different Title to another Title is just so wonderful. You are good at what you do dear Sky is the beginning. The story… Sharon is one selfish sister and I believe she doesn’t love Bea that much but doing it for what she will gain. She might even begin to blackmail Bea if she didn’t get what she wants. Bank is just compounding his problems by taking Bea away. Sometimes you don’t appreciate how dear something is to you until you’ve lost it. He has Seriki to face now couple with the weird Williams. Thanks Sally

  20. Fsf says:

    Boys with expensive toys,The f**ck!!!!!!What a devil ,sharon is

  21. Calliboom says:

    wow Sally thanks you made my day, i feel for banky and bae i pray dey correct their mistakes, as for Roy he should brace up and tell ure the truth.. he never can tell ure will fall for him……

  22. bola says:

    Hmmm….abeg who are u Sally?
    Thank u and God bless u

  23. HERA says:

    Amazing episode! Still waiting for IANS I miss them :'(
    P.s we’re still waiting for you to give away The fourth finger

  24. Fiksionist says:

    Sally I really can’t wait for the next episode! Kai!!!Beht…i shall… 🙁

  25. Dammie says:

    Wow baby…I’m speechless! Thanks Sally.

  26. Amina says:

    Well done Sal.

  27. Toyenlon says:

    This is wonderful. I like the way Bankole called the bluff of the Williams

  28. AOS says:

    Yeye couple, I don’t just like that Duro. I like the fact that Bankky left them for good, if not they will keep blackmailing him. Envious Sharon. Ure please is okay nah, my guy Guru is begging oh but Guru please tell her your status. Beatrice you better return that ring.

    Sally Sally Sally, always killing it like kilode… family?…..xoxo.

  29. iamhorllamii says:

    So far so Gud I really enjoy ma read I ws jst glue 2 ma fone lke kilode. hmm Bea abeg return dat ring gve Riki &return bck 2 ur Banky, Ure ur shakara don dey high oo no go fall ma Guru hand jare,Duro nd Hs wife shuld b nt complicate Banky’s life d more oo
    oo nd 4 Khalid he shuld jst move wv his life oo.
    Madam Sally…..hmm I doff ma hand 4 u oo,u really making ma week go gaga. Xpecting more

  30. anita says:

    banky!!! u don de craze sha… nice one sally

  31. Bunmi says:

    Pls where can I get the concluding part of boys with toys. Last episode was #19 on the 12th of Sep. Thanks


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