It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #8

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118 Responses

  1. Asma says:

    I saw the notification for this post in my mail and I beamed up!!! Thank you!!!! Now to read it 🙈😁

  2. Damilola says:

    Well i do not blame honey,when the man that loves you knows about your insecurities he shouldn’t fuel it please for whatever reasons,whether hauwa is an orphan and the world hates her doesnt give his room to disrespect honey and then blame her insecurities like that…whatever honey is going through she should deal with it fast before it ruins her life.

    As for yazmin and emeka lol. ..beht why is emeka angry you have two wives and you want faithfulness…and he can see yazmin is trying

    Kas and Lexus should marry and let us hear word

  3. Busola says:

    ” And there, I win the Wife of the Year award.
    For foolishness.” That had me in stitches…

    I feel really bad for Honey. The story puts me in her shoes and I feel her pain so much. I am not married but I understand the insecurity in relationships. You find it difficult trusting him after he cheated. Watching his social media accounts and stalking him. Trying to decipher his tweets and comments. It takes a lot of strength to trust him again. I understand where Honey is coming from and her illness isnt helping the situation. I hope she pulls through this soon without damaging things. I feel Jide shouldnt have left her na. She will find it difficult. I feel not everyone allows people to see them when they are downs. I will be praying for you Honey. I hope you come out really strong. #TheFourthFinger

  4. Tosin says:

    Wow. Really deep episode. Feels sooo real. Jide needs to be more understanding. I genuinely feel sorry for honey. Weldon Sally #TheFourthFinger

  5. Dotun says:

    I think Jide overreacted but at the same time, Honey should calm down. He loves her. he came back home to make love to her. he’s always had many female friends. she should understand the man she married and accept him the way he is.
    but leaving her is a bit too much. i think he will calm down

    Great job, Sally
    Me, i dey follow you everywhere like fly to shit. You know nau

  6. Ayokunmi says:

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! What a long read. Don’t you just rock Sally dear!.
    How I so love Dominic Duturosin.
    Lexus: you definitely rock,living u more. Just get back with Kas and let’s have a wedding. *waiting babes*
    Genesis,my babe. More of a ‘wake pass'(a mention) in this episode.
    Oh,my Wura with her angelic voice,i so hope ‘mymood’ will come take her away b4 Pastor takes over ooo.
    Tola,the aproko mistress,take your time oooo.*hisses*
    Yazmin shouldn’t have hidden such grave messages. Anyway,you and Emeka must settle by force of. Lolz
    My Honey,pls don’t give room for those demons. Jideofor is so in love with you,put your trust issues in check.
    Jide,u sef,u know your wife well and you have cheated on her once,so why allow Hauwa go dat far? No woman loves a competition with her husband Abeg. Jide,sort your home ooo.
    Hauwa,na wa for you ooo. Why will other nurses like you? Abeg leave Jide for my Honey joor. Go find your own man. Jide is a married man with a beautiful toddler(Jinney).
    Thanks for this episode,i so love it.
    Loving you jooor darling Sally.

  7. Phareey says:

    I feel so sad 😢 for Honey. I wish she and Jide will just get it right once and for all in their marriage. Yayyy for #KasLex 😉😁.I missed Wura and Mymood on today’s episode.

  8. Phareey says:

    I feel so sad 😢 for Honey. I wish she and Jide will just get it right once and for all in their marriage. Yayyy for #KasLex 😉😁.I missed Wura and Mymood on today’s episode.#TheFourthfinger

  9. Chi says:

    Wait sef,y Oga Jide de vex..He knows how psyco Honey gets in tins like dis,which yeye helping a grown ass woman make oda nurses jealous..ontop anoda person property..?

  10. Folarin says:

    Wow… and insecurities, it’s really had to move past issues like this. My opinion oooo, it’s wrong of jide to allow hawau do whatever it is she’s doing……still waiting for lex n kasi but I guess everything is good for now. #Thefourthfinger

  11. Aibee says:

    Hi Sally. The doctor in me can’t help but pick out the manual illness in the story. Nice that it’s brought to the fore, to show that mentally ill people are really just people that are I’ll and should be treated, enough of all this stigma and nonsense.
    The writer in me also appreciates the simplicity in your writing.
    Good job as always.

  12. Oluwakemi says:

    I wish honey and Jide would just stop having issues. #thefourthfinger

  13. ola says:

    Hmmm, I hope for a bonus episode,wishes do cm true

  14. Abike says:

    I feel so sorry for Honey. I can totally relate with what she is going through. The man is not cheating and his intentions are not ugly but what about the woman…Jide, what about Hauwa’s intention??? She wants to make the other nurses jealous with another woman’s HUSBAND?! Hauwa is sick! I am so sad that Honey and Jide are having this issue. I’m scared for Honey’s depression, i feel like i know her, i feel like Honey and I have too many things in common…#TheFourthFinger

  15. Calliboom says:

    well as a woman i do not blame honey that much for not trusting jide, not after what Zanzibar has caused her in the past, whether Hawuwa is innocent or not, jide should create a boundary with her to save his marriage with honey, for the heart of men is wicked, hawuwa might not be that good person jide thinks she is, and honey should please fight whatever demons that is worrying her and learn to trust her husband, and remove the insecurities around her. as for emeka and yazmin they should try and settle things within themselves as a married couple not to always involved family, emeka should learn to love and trust yazmin because he brought his own Problem to him self. and finally Lexus and kas should work out things fast and get married.. they shouldn’t just get married for Its sake, but they should understand themselves more so they won’t make more mistakes in the future….. once again Sally you are the best.. thanks for this wonderful weekend surprise you made my Saturday rock…. i love you… #thefourthfinger

  16. Aminat says:

    Depression is crazy……..nd i can totally relate to how she feels

  17. Ebi Horsfall says:

    Thanks Sally for this episode….. Lex nd Kas shld marry already I love them. Yasmin shld hve at least told Honey abt d inappropriate chats Omoh has being sending her, dt way Honey wud hve defended her properly without looking foolish, as for Mex he shld chill jor, dey shld settle their differences with a mad lovemaking. Dominic shld dedicate more time to his wife nd slow down on business trips. Abt Honey’s insecurity it’s really understandable nd I can relate with it bt hacking into his phone is sumfin she shld put a leash on it cos at the end even if he cheats on her she wud forgive him right? So why put herself in such a situation dt can worsen her depression issues? Jide shld draw the line btwn him nd his admirers mbok, he’s nt d only cute man on earth,babes only do dese tinx wen the men are giving them the priveledges to. #TheFourthFinger

  18. LeMubs says:

    Arggggg Jide is really so difficult…
    Why do guys behave like that,you were inappropriate with another lady !!! Just admit it and apologize….Buh nah he is acting all bossed up…its really annoying..and most men are like this!!!!!

  19. Dan Auta says:

    This particular post reminds me of myself.😫😓

    Had to end a 4 month relationship coz of issues of purported cheating

  20. mammy says:

    It’s. Funny how men don’t want to see you even talk to a man but will easily do things that will hurt you because they are men.

  21. Modupe says:

    Women and insecurities. Bit who would blame us, I can sit my head down and imagine where oga hasn’t been to and I will now start getting pissed , then u ask me, “who send u message”. As crazy as it is, I believe insecurities are propelled by what must have happened before, what looks like is happening or just fear of the unknown.
    Sally, u know I have serious love for u and your work….one day soon, we will all be there to see u clinch awards for ur works..

    #fourthfinger and me am kuku following u everywhere, na ur house remain…loool.. my love to d dadzie gang.

  22. Chibuzor says:

    Jide really needs to chill. You take have a shirtless pix of you taken by someone other than your wife on a trip and you say ur wife is insecure. Even if she is, must you fuel the burning fire…
    Honey is a G for being friends with rival wives and being there for them..
    I sooo cant wait for mymood and wura to get together or maybe they wont. *fingerscrossed. Lovely piece Sally. #Thefourthfinger

  23. Dupe says:

    Why do I have a feeling that something bad will happen to Dominic, pls Sally, do no kill him o. As for honey, I like that feeling of insecurity, even if Jide want to do, it will put him in check. Yasmin, Yazmin, how many time did I call you, is it that u have a secret interest in that rich guy, reason why you didn’t tell anybody about him?
    As usual Sally, a good job this is.

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah i got that vibe too. This one he was talking about tiredness and bonding with Lex like this. And Lexus line about him failing to keep promises, sigh.. let’s just wait for Sally to weave her magic. Seventeen hour flight shouldn’t Sha turn to arodun.

  24. Anthony says:

    Panic button?? Is that what it’s called these days 😂😂😂. The things you’re teaching us ehh, Sally 📝📝
    Trust seems to be the theme of today’s post.
    I admire the current relationship between Lex and her dad, Genesis has done a good job getting both of them to this point. Eva would be so proud.
    And Tola is pregnant again 🙌🙌🙌, my best piece of news from today’s episode. Babe totally deserves it after her sacrifice last time.
    As for Emeka, that one is just mad. He saw unreplied messages and went ballistic with poor Yasmin. Maybe she should have told Honey, but telling Emeka would have ended whatever deal she was trying to close with Omoh. Too many women go through this struggle in the corporate world, takes strength and wisdom navigating those waters with all those hungry shark men looking for who to chew and throw away. And of course lots of trust from the home front. Emeka can like to go and fight the Omoh now.
    As for Jide, so even after Honey told him he’d have to work hard to earn her trust again after Zanzibar, he’s still forming nonsense. The way he’s treating this Hauwa’s matter doesn’t help his cause at all o. He should understand where Honey is coming from and the insecurities she’s dealing with. Even if his intentions are pure, what about Hauwa’s intentions? That pissing off other nurses story smells like horseshit from a mile away. Oga better get his act together and do right by honey.
    And Honey, sigh.. Being Bipolar isn’t something to be embarrassed about at this point. She has a child and husband to consider now, so fighting it alone doesn’t exactly help anyone. They’ll all feel the heat if the depression makes a full appearance. Contacting her doctor and restarting her meds is the first step, but she won’t be able to beat this without a strong support system at home. Reminds me of Andre in Empire, his family does a great job watching his back, making sure he’s taking his meds and keeping him away from things that could trigger him. That’s what family is for.
    Meanwhile Dele’s wife still doesn’t have a name 😂😂😂. At this rate she’s gunning for Olanna’s “baby” record.

    Thanks for the long episode Sally. Congrats on the new Job.

  25. Sandra says:

    hmmm, really deep sigh. This is the part of marriage that scares me to death. I think am sha on honey’s side on this one ooo, Jide has no right harbouring that kind of friendship with a single girl knowing his wife doesnt approve. the picture of Jide sha… sexiness overload.
    btw why does it feel like something bad is about to happen to Dominic.. pls ooo. a million kisses for this post dear, u rock.


  26. iamhorllamii says:

    hMmm…..Honey luv pls dnt b hard on Jide ooo cos he really do luv u nd cnt cheat on u lke b4…Oga Jide u were suppose 2 help ur wife wv ds trust &insecurity stuff bt instead u allow Hauwa b flirting wv u who cares if all nurses dislike hr.
    Duturosin u r too much
    Emake nd Yazmin abeg settle ur Mata oo#LexKas plz let d wedding arrangement start oo
    Wura….Mymood Hpe 2 read abt u n d nxt episode #TheFourthFinger

  27. lola says:

    Am late anyways ko baje. Honey shud just try to trust jideofor that’s my point. Insecurity does nt end well o. #TheFouth Finger.

  28. Dayo says:

    I really feel for Honey, but Jide sef should make her feel secure if he knows shes having trust issue. I hope they pull thru this. #fourthfinger

  29. Nykky says:

    Thanks for the update Sally. Why did I feel something is about to happen to Dominic. Please o Sally I hope my feelings are wrong. I miss Ekene and Mary and Mymood and Wura. Great as usual thanks Sally.

  30. Scribbleheartbreak says:

    I really feel for Yazmin and Honey should just let this issh on Jide drop abeg.. Feeling insecure won’t solve anything..
    I am having this feeling Dominic is beginning to lose steam and i also missed The Mymood flavour in this episode..
    Loved it as usual though., God bless you artistry..It was epic in a every word…#thefourthfinger😊

  31. wasmakelly says:

    husband and wifes battling with infedelity, wow dis can be a neva ending war, jide is a gentle guy, but I think honey is just being a wife dat wants his man without fault, is hard to get men like dis , I just pray dey mend quickly, sad face.

  32. Cheyi says:

    Madam Sally, D’alu for this episode. As oliver twist, won’t mind ileya bonus o. Cheers! #thefourthfinger

  33. Steven says:

    Am really getting to like Dominic with all his indiscretions and all, his motive behind it all is always good and for Jiney’s mum, mak she cool down, mak she no go carry her food giv dog chop and I think oga is overreacting, can’t blame him sha cos even with all his indiscretions also, he has turned it around to be a good good man. And Sally, any time I feel something is about to go down, you always have this way of of of….. Putting it distinctly, gud work sistren. Wey all dis nollyhood producers and thr writers. This are movies we should be watching..

  34. miss diaspora says:

    Husbands can be so annoying sometimes…why not listen to honey’s point of view…now am pissed at jide…#thefourthfinger

  35. Chinyere says:

    Boom! I could visualize everything. Long e-reads like this usually bore me, but the dialogue without tags got me glued. And I love Lex.

  36. HERA says:

    Wait, Dominic is giving 1 kain vibe there oh. But meanwhile I don’t envy Honey’s position here, Jide has given room for that Hauwa girl, that’s how she will gumbody until something will happen and he’s here forming vex, abeg I don’t trust all these people #thefourthfinger

  37. Olubanky says:

    Jide be careful oooo…. U are hurting Honey, and how come you are blind to it sef? Wetin concern you for Hauwa problem…..if u look well, u will realise she caused d hatred for herself,abeg she is bad news… Steer clear and go back to your wife hope… .. Abeg no pour sand sand for una garri o…. Tola be careful dere…. Oga Mex slow down o…. Yazmin loves u to d moon and back….. I’m worried about Dominic here, do I detect a hint of something bad about to happen? Sincerely hope not…. Miss Mymood and Wura in today’s episode…. All in all Thanks Sally for this wonderful piece

  38. anita says:

    see Emeka oooo, these men! they give out bt can take in do they tink our womens heart were made differently dat can witstand inappropriate behaviour nd flirting. Jazmin luvs emeka so much. As for jide if it ws honey he saw he wuld ve blown hot nd cold now its him nd he is forming as if he is nt seeing d lights dat hauwa girl is giving him. vry soon we ll knw wat had transpird btw both of dem.Dominic? i luv d bonding btw father nd son, it was long ova due, they both needed it nd lex knws her dad so well nd knws wat he smells of. Hmmmm… more to unfold.. waiting patiently. weldone Sally . #TheFourthFinger

  39. Gift says:

    Dominic is such a dad,,,love the way he bonds with lex,,feel so sorry for my fav girl honey,jide shouldn’t have left the way he did jhoor,, couples should deal with their issues together not running away from it afterall he helped awaken her insecurity issue,,thanks Sally
    #the fourth finger

  40. Mc Matiki says:

    I just lived every sentence of this episode in my head.. WOW!

  41. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Wow! Depression! Don’t pray it for my enemy! Jide, pls try harder!

  42. Damiloola says:

    She’s back💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻the many problems associated with making someone else your happiness

  43. bhymxy says:

    Uhmmmm mama jiney biko take a chill pill.
    jide isn’t even helping matters at all. Is he going back to the hospital to continue where he stopped in Canada? #smh

    Mex has always been looking for a way to get rid of yaz all in a bid to please tola. uhmmmm but I love yaz vewi better to tola but yaz sef couldn’t even confide in honey with all this dirty chats from a client haba! I comment my reserve.
    Great read as always and thanks. Much love sally boo!


  44. laba steffi says:

    Omg! I cant help bt feel honey’s pain, so real. Jide shud stop hurting her. Yaz shud leave mex jare, weda he fnks d girl cannot see someone beta, lyk she put herself in d position alone. Sally please give us a surprise episode na. #TheFourthFinger

  45. gbemmy says:

    This episode touched all my buttons, every body with their own demon just pray it doesn’t overcome us. Kas abeg wed spiolt brat, honey hold on, u strong pass this dark cloud. Bros midwife,mind yourself o
    Me gbemmy, I dey with you mama sally

  46. Carah says:

    Jide shd know better dan to allow Hauwa to be doing whatever it is she’s doing. I know he is angry and all but he shd come back to his sense ontime. Why do I have a feeling something bad wants to happen to domi? Sally pls don’t let anything do him. I miss Wura and her mood and I am hoping to read abt dem in d next episode . Thank you sally. Thank you!!!!

  47. Trixandra says:

    This episode hit me really hard. I am just feeling Honey’s pain. I am here just vexing for Jide.. Men forget it’s not just about words but actions too. Tola’s business is just to be adding wood to the fire. Depression is real and can be overcomed through communication. Am I the only one that thinks Kasiobi might just end up with Didi? Not like I don’t like Lexus o but the girl is just too confused. When I read about Dominic, I just picture RMD…lol. Respect to boss lady Genesis.
    It seems I came late to the party.. #TheFourthFinger

  48. Olabisi says:

    Honey needs to know that been insecure and always at the tail of her man won’t stop him from cheating if he is set out to cheat. Constant unfounded accusations will eventually push him right there. Good job as always Sally, you are the best. Respect! #TheFourthFinger

  49. Busayo says:

    Wow… Definitely worth the wait…honey should trust Jide na, the past should be left in the past. Meanwhile Sally, I would love to know Dele’s wife name. I feel like I know all these people, you make them come alive. Kudos to you.

  50. Simplygold says:

    Nice piece as usual keep it up.
    Naija pple like freebies hen…see plenty comments. God bless you all… In case u’re not selected paid copy is available on okadabooks… love

  51. Anjie says:

    I like how lex and her dad are getting along. I wish honey would get past her insecurities but it’s hard considering how Jide strayed in the past. I’ve missed Mary and her hubby. #TheFourthFinger

  52. Utchayy says:

    I love the relationship Lex and her father has, and Genesis is to thank for her efforts.

    I love Jide, but can he put aside his ego and own up to his mistakes. After all the Zanzibar escapades he still has the mind to call Honey insecure..

    I’m also loving Didi, but she should please crush that crush she has on Kas.

    I really feel for Yazmin, I hope all is well at last.
    I miss Mymood tho.

  53. fadebomi says:

    Honey really need to discuss her health with Jide, well done Sally. #TheForthFinger

  54. Gina Cres says:

    I so much had the urge to give Honey a slap. Only that I couldn’t reach her. She’s really pushing Jide. Why is it so hard for her to see how much he loves her.
    Lex, the bond between you and Kas is so strong that even the current economy of Nigeria can’t prevent it from growing.
    Mex and Yaz, just don’t know what’s up with those two.

    • Sally says:

      There’ll always be some drama between them. Emeka doesn’t give Tola stress because of what he put her through but Yaz will always enter his black book.

  55. mystiq18 says:

    😊😊😊 the best feeling is knowing someone…the bond between Lexus and Dominic is contagious… Am having this for keeps “Dominic Ditorusin, killing women since the beginning of time.”

    I want a hubby like Jide …aunty Sally v not succeeded in having bankyw. N UV given more to add to d list its well… Trust they say when broken can’t be fixed but I believe love bonds all when both parties are crazy about each other.

    Friends like Tola should not be listened to cos they are cynical about everything and can just jinx u negatively.

    And there, I win the Wife of the Year award.
    For foolishness.”
    The fact that Jide knows honey has him bugged is eniugh to make him over react and her long comforting speech on behalf of yazmin and yet she doesn’t have faith in him…that’s heart breaking. I know they will pull through even though its gonna be hard considering Honey’s mental status…I see Jide blaming himself already.

    #the fourth finger

  56. bimpeogunleye says:

    Some gals have no chill shaeven if Hayward was trying to get at other nurses must she do it with a married man? And to even think hide thinks he is doing the right thing by helping her get back at them rigour considering his wife’s feelings is wrong on all grounds… And that pic of Dominic with a baby really made me sweet #thefourthfinger

  57. Sarah says:

    aww poor Honey, I have always connected with her. Trust once broken is very hard to fix but I think she should try to trust Jide. I just pray this depression doesn’t win oo. she has to b strong for her baby n Jide
    Kas and Lex are my favorite couple with their denial.
    It’s only God dat would save Genesis n Dominics marriage.

  58. Bman says:

    Wow! Lovely episode. Jide should set boundaries. He’s no longer a single man. Why fuel insecurity in your spouse? Honey and her hacking… LOL! She should not add high bp to depression o! Tola is pregnant again…yay!!!
    Emeka and Yaz sha! I’m usually on the side of full disclosure,especially if you want to be trustworthy…to avoid stories that touch. See how Yaz is almost chased out, cos she ‘forgot’ to tell Honey or Mex?
    Lastly, waiting for Lex and Kas to ‘cam dan’ and speak the language we want to hear jare. ‘Lexiobi’ and Trin sounds like a nice family.

    Thank you Sally for this wonderful episode. More grace to you.

    And oh… #TheFourthFinger…

  59. ayo says:

    Thanks Sally, I sincerely do not blame Honey which is as a result of her past experience. I am also in d same boat as she is.. I’ve come to realise that letting it go slowly without pushing it really helps, it will surely pass.. chop kiss Sally.. #TheFourthFinger

  60. Deee says:

    …ahnnn ahnnnn dt was so mean if Jide o, after all the whole social media thingy, he then turned it around. Men shaaaa😏😠😡

  61. Toyeen says:

    Wow….Sally…Two words.. Mind-blowing, Captivating.

  62. Sophia says:

    Oh dear Honey!..Jide why na ,are you regretting your marriage already?.don’t break Honey’s heart,.Emeka and Yazmin though ,its funny he calls chlamydia “claudia’..LOL..Thanks Aunty Sally,You d best!

  63. adebayo says:

    Wow, my heart goes out to Honey. Jide should clearly start having boundaries with women.
    Why do I think something bad would happen to Dominic?
    The Hauwa babe didn’t even try putting herself in Honey’s shoes…the boy is married for goodness sake!
    Lex oh Lex…she just might not end up with Kas.
    Thanks Sally, you the best!

  64. jane says:

    nawaa.. jide which kia yeye dislike excuse be that one eee u should mind yourself,I don’t want my honey to be unhappyoo.. just go home and reconcile with her bikonu. #TheFourthFinger

  65. bola says:

    Ok now…I guess am too late for the freebie…anyway Lex and Dominic’s relationship reminds me a lot abt my dad may his gentle soul continue to rest in peace. Jiney you both should respect yourself and dnt break my heart u guys.
    And my last word Sally is the bomb (bomber, bombest) #thefourthfinger# i’m changing my email to a working one just incase sha. q

  66. damiSusu says:

    I’d love to see a pic of jiney… I feel Jide should understand and also honey shld express her fears rather than stalk him. I knowbhe loves her so #jineyStillOnFleek. Hollup hollup Lexus a foster mama Abi Wetin I wan call am. Issokay, na from black pot white pap Dey come out na. Great job aunty Sally

  67. Jay says:

    Weldone Sally. It’s true, we often offer advice, not knowing that if we apply the same advice to ourselves, our lives would be better.

    This episode sounds like Raji and Christie. Anyways Honey gingered me to call one guy that has been sending my wife “inappropriate” chats too to back off. Before we would end up like Max and Yaz. Lol.

    Sally I have bought the Fourth Finger tey tey. Can I exchange the Fourth Finger for Fish Brain Clan Madhouse? Thanks. #thefourthfinger

    • Sally says:

      Smh at you, Jay. Exchange gini? If I hear! Oya head to Okadabooks and buy Fish Brain sharp-sharp
      Thanks, though. And please take it easy on the guy. It’s not easy to be smitten.

  68. Ope says:

    Mbanu, my throat is itching. Dominic is just a bad guy, I can’t even be annoyed that he’s basically messing up someone else’s life, just to please his daughter.
    Jiney better get well soon, I mean both of them. Honey needs to be able to trust Jide, what’s now the point of the marriage if there’s no trust? Okay, let me end my rant
    Please, can I get some Kasi in the next episode, I’ve missed him small

  69. Faithy says:

    Wow!!! I have been refreshing this page and the only day I didn’t was when Sally gave out free copies of my favorite story. Diaris god oo.
    Honey I must say is like looking in a mirror. There’s a lot of her in me and the way she handles her issues screams my name. I can relate with the insecurities especially when you have encountered such time and again but if only we can take the advice we give others in same situation then our lives will be way better than it is already.
    The episode got me cracking up at some point. Damn! Sally u are good with words… Wife of the year award. For Foolishness. Gosh! I was die with laugh.
    Jide loves honey but he’s not helping quell her insecurities and to walk away while they were trashing out their issues, come-on that’s too much.
    Hauwa is a demon sent to hide and hide better realise it before it’s too late.
    I just love the father and daughter bonding between Dominic and lexxy. But I feel something is coming for Dominic and it isn’t good.
    Wura has always been out of this world with her voice makes me wish I could actually hear her sing some day.
    Mex and Yaz…no comment other than they should get their acts together.
    Sally u really are gifted and am sorry I don’t get to comment often but u inspire me with your work. God bless you real good. Thumbs up

  70. wumi says:

    trust, trust. very key in any relationship, whether marriage or not. Sally is a babe, thanks in advance for the sallah freebies.

  71. Jumes says:

    Honey please don’t fall….Jide please just see through her and go to her she needs you now…Thank u Sally.

  72. pheavour says:

    thumbs up…u kW d reason I luved did novel was mostly abt d depression side of honey..most buks rarely talk abt it…BT way I really want to kW is hw d depression started in d 1st place I kW abt her messy childhood BT I Neva gt to grap d starting…

  73. Temi says:

    Marriage is hard work, and trust once broken is like pieces of smashed China. Almost hard to put back together. #TheFourthFinger

  74. anuolwa says:

    hmmm….why is Jide getting angry like that nah? if he’s not guilty, he shouldn’t be so offended. anyways Honey should take things easy cause of her health please.
    thanks for this beautiful lengthy piece. you rock!!#thefourthfinger

  75. Stephen says:

    Sally, this was so beautiful and sad. Great stuff

  76. Seye Seye says:

    Thanks again Sally. Beyond the reading, there’s lessons to pick.
    The bond between Dominic and his daughter is what I think is right. I’m lucky to have parents who are very close to myself and sibs and I know how much that helped in my growing stage. This one people are putting ideas in Sally’s head about Dominic. E go pain me if he has to end now.
    Lexus and Kas tho…seems like the next thing to happen but some rivers still must be crossed.
    Jide and Honey…oga Jideofor hasn’t given Honey enough reasons to be secure. I understand how it is having lots of female attention and having to shake them off one by one. Honey would do well to calm down sha.
    Big ups Sally, and thanks for my #thefourthfinger

    • Sally says:

      Don’t mind them o. I just wrote something jeje, they said they are fearing for Dominic.
      I will just kuku not touch him
      Thank you, Seye

  77. Adeola gem says:

    Thanks for this Ms Sally as always, may God bless you. But wait o, does that means about a hundred plus of your fans do not have a copy of your book yet because I can see #thefourthfinger at d end of almost all the comments. Abi those that already bought still want to partake in d free copies u wanna dash out ni. #myobservation
    What I want ma’am is Eid bonus episode if you are up to it. Thank you.

  78. Tobislim says:

    Oooooh boy #shudders. longggggg, deep, emotional, interesting, intriguing episode. Sally’s THE MVP.

  79. King Odera says:

    I always follow It’s another Saturday… Just found out yesterday that there’s It’s Another Novocaine Saturday… Now I’m done with it.. With the way everything is, Im going back to read Novocaine Knights as well now… Sally, you’re the best.

  80. AOS says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love the bonding between father and daughter. Dominic should not die now oh, if not Genesis and me go crazy oh until you do abracadabra.
    Mez and Yaz, should take a chill pill Abeg. Men will always go after the women, give her the benefit. By the way, why the complain but you have two women….😂
    Hmmmmnn…..the almighty depression, bi-polar, mood swings…..gosh, I can’t deal Biko. Honey please don’t break down consider our baby oh. Jide what is wrong with you sef, before I open my eyes you better go home now….if not I won’t forgive you at all if Honey breaks completely, you are in medical field, you should know better na. Family is all that matters most oh, how you lay your bed now will determine later.

    Sally, always killing it like there is no tomorrow….you rock baby….xoxo😍😘😘😘😍

  81. Toyenlon says:

    Jide didn’t do well by walking out on Honey, though i guess he’s somehow pissed off by her hacking into his phone. But he himself is giving her reasons to doubt him by his actions, no woman will see those kind of pix of her husband by another woman and be rational for a while. Jude should learn to maintain certain boundaries in his relationship with other females cos if he has a clean mind, what about the other person. I hope they will resolve this on time and Honey will get help for her illness. Nice one dear, thanks.

  82. itheword says:

    I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say I think Dominic is going to die. I don’t know. Just never seen him presented in such a vulnerable state before. Maybe he’s really sick or something, that’s why he’s traveling a lot.

    Jide the repeat offender. I’m tired of this nigga’s antics. Be acting like say you be avenger with a tamed dick and so you can hang out with the devil and not cheat. Negro please

  83. Michele88 says:

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