Boys With Toys #19

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64 Responses

  1. Adeshina omotayo* says:

    1st to comment, i really appreciate this as a sallah give-away, dis is my prayer as well,may Almighty heal bankole 4me, and later yu cant pregnant beatrice

  2. tessy says:

    I so pray she gets pregnant! tanks sal

  3. Ai says:

    Hmmmm…wat a good gift..thanks sally

  4. ebunoluwa says:

    awww! thanks Sally. mayb I’m greedy but I think this episode us short. I jus wish bea finds out it was Sharon who set her up n treat her bullshit. d same goes for nnmachi n madu, I jus want guru 2 tidy their shit once and for all. God pls help banky to recover n go back to bea abeg. oya rukky thank u 4 staying by his bedside but ur services will no longer b needed. lovely episode madam Sally, but btw I hope we get another episode tomorrow sha. ( running away b4 d backhand slap lands).

  5. Sandra says:

    awww, Banki mi… now it’s indeed complicated. waiting to see how they overcome all the principalities and powers fighting against their love.. cos they are now so many sharon, ruky, that gay husband and wife, seriki… it is well.
    as for Madu, the thunder that will soon fire him is still doing press up.. btw now that Urena knows what next… will she have liver enough to date him knowing his status… cos for naija nobody wants to hear whether it’s just Hiv type 1 or full blown Aids oo… na to run for ur life.

  6. bhymxy says:

    wonder read…
    thanks for the sallah give away sally.

  7. Funmilayo says:

    Thank you..thank you.. Just thank you,Sally..As much as I enjoy Novocaine knights, I have refreshed this page just to see Boys with Toys. I have completed this novel in my head several times..Please,finish up and let us buy.

    Yes as per The fourth finger,I’d buy all over and over again..I av reread the novel like twice..I am glad I have the pdf form.

    Anyway,happy Sallah,Sally..n if you’ve got any excess meat,pls holla on 090909…

  8. Adewunmi says:

    Pls I want more… Biko

  9. Sophia says:

    awww,Banky mi..I pray she gets pregnant for him too,..Madu will kill Guru’s career with that information o,..Nmachi u sef ehn,ur relationship wit Guru wasnt real from the beginning, why hurt him like this after he dumped ur sorry ass…?I miss Hope in this episode,. as for Sharon u fuck up sha!..Tanks Aunty Sally.

  10. Ayokunmi says:

    Oh,Sally. I just love today’s episode(short though *smiles*). Thank you. We hope to get another 2mao to make this Salah break.
    My Bankole,Please get well faster oooo. Bea gats to be pregnant for Banky oooo. Amen
    Sharon,thunder that will strike you for betraying your own blood for money is coming in 10D. You still had the gut to sleep with him. Dat money will send you to ur early grave except u repent.
    Seriki,Nemesis will soon catch it with you. No be everything money and goons dey settle. Bloody cheater,like you didn’t cheat on Bea with Sharon on ur proposal night. Shoot or. Ewu.
    Na machine &Madu,you will reap very soon,i can assure you that.
    Urena,now you know what Guru has been hiding from you. Lets see if you truly love him.
    Love Twist and entangled.
    God bless you Sally

  11. Calliboom says:

    hmm i pray too bankole get well and Beatrice get pregnant too, so touching, what lust for money and fame can caused…. Sharon caused all this… thanks Sally for the salla gift.. but I must say am not happy after graciously winning ur the fourth finger i was denied of it, because of network, sally seriously am in a remote village somewhere in nasarawa doing my Nysc.. i hardly get network for my phone, so I didn’t get d notification of ur mail on my phone on time, i got yday afternoon.. it really pained me not to have the book i have been longing for.. i just wished you could tempered justice with mercy. to give dose of us who cudnt get it due to network failure, u know luck is not easy to get all the time thanks….

    • Sally says:

      Calliboom, I sent you the book yesterday. I hope you got it. I also sent you an email. Please read it.
      Next time, patience wouldn’t hurt. You could have sent me an email if you felt I was delaying. This comment was not necessary. You won it and I was going to give it to you.
      ‘Thanks’ could have been more appropriate than this.
      Thank you.

  12. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Now the famous Sally’s twist begin s.. Abeg can you so please make Bea not get preggy for Bankole.
    As for Sharon,Madu….their mata no be now…

  13. OBA says:

    Nice read, Happy Sallah Sally

  14. Gift says:

    I didn’t win*sad*OK I was surprised at the turnout on Saturday tot twas just me that havnt bought the book,,tried getting it via okada book when u posted the link but I couldn’t,it seems a little bit complex for me dunno y,,would be really glad if u can put me thru the process of getting it either thru okada or any other means,,,

    Sharon is just a goat,,a two timing bi**h ,,this their love Sha,,overcome one obstacle another one comes ,,hope we getting a salah bonus ,,thanks sal

  15. mystiq18 says:

    Thanks Auntie Sal…can I get d permission to run madu over before he gets d chance to b on twitter…I luv all d guys n feel sorry for banky but my heart is all out for Guru now

  16. Busola says:

    I so hate that Madu. I detest him baje yet there are people like him crawling around. Its a pity I cant deal with him but I trust Sally to deal with him for me. Make it painful Sally, I dont care what you do to him sha make it painful. That Nmachi will get her own karma… I cant wait to read what will happen between Guru and Urenna. *thinking up scenarios* I sha cant wait to read their love story. Make it beautiful Sally… Banky didnt even enjoy Bea for 24hrs before Sharon and Seriki struck. See life. They have put him in a hospital bed. I wish him speedy recovery. I pray Bea is pregnant. That folder Sharon has of Seriki will so put her in trouble.

    I cant wait to read the whole book sef. Thanks Sally. Btw, your book isnt expensive Its just that *runs out of data*….

    • Sally says:

      It’s just that you’ll rather have it free abi?
      *giving you some serious side-eyes now
      Well, the book is always there. Whenever you’re ready to buy, let me know

  17. Zee says:

    Sally, thank u so much. God bless you. u left me amazed as usual

  18. ayo says:

    Madu needs some psychological attention cos i wouldn’t know y someone would so much want anoda person down who has done him no harm in any way. For d like likes of Madu God dey fry ur stew e go soon done. And to Sharon the master planner e go so red fr am. I hope Banky survives and to Bea, I don’t blame her cos love can be sooooo complicated at times, to doz who found the love ride smooth n sweet u r damn lucky cos I will never know how it feels like.. Thanks so much Sally, u’re so sweet like a chocolate.

  19. Carah says:

    Thanks sal fr d bonus episode.
    Eid Mubarak to d Muslims here
    It is God dt ll punish Sharon, seriki and madu in multiple folds.
    Get well soon banky😢and become Beas baby daddy!!!

  20. Jumes says:

    Ruky is a liar…Sharon,Madu and Nmachi have a special lounge in hell… Bea pls be pregnant…Guru is in for it o.

  21. Ebi Horsfall says:

    Thanks Sally for this holiday episode……Ruky shld Jst shift bfr I send her thunderous slaps. Bea pls I beg mke a decision nd stick with it for heavens sake ur beginning to upset me honestly with ur indecision nd attitude. As for the likes of Madu, Nmachi,Riki nd Sharon the devil is still yet to decide the portion of hell to deposit ur bodies. Thanks once more Sally pls give us anoda hols package…

    • Sally says:

      Awww, I really wish I could. I actually miss writing like I used to but it’s been hard for me. I have no nanny for the kids, so I do most of the housework and I’ve been working from home for a while now. I pray I get free time so I can write more
      Thank you

  22. Oluwakemi says:

    Thanks Sally. I have missed Moskedapages o.
    But sha,that Sharon is a terrible human being,i doubt if she is indeed Bea’s sister. Ruky sef knows that she is just assisting Bea so she should just calm down.
    Sally please do me a favour and just ensure Madu and Sharon marry themselves, they deserve each other as they have the virtue of wickedness in common.
    Thanks once again. In between,me I have bought TFF,read it twice sef and will still read it again as soon as I am done with exams.😂😂

  23. Oluwakemi says:

    In between,you can join me for this sallah food. 😀😀

  24. queen b says:

    I feel sorry for Beatrice and Guru. Anyways, good work.

  25. Nnenna says:

    Sally, I think you should hammer on the mailing method cos dats how I got mine. I like easy . Click, transfer chikena. I don’t even know how to use the okadabooks stuff. Please explain. On this,they cheated on their insignificant other. Na wa o. Ruks might play on Banky’s guilt. I think Sharon will have a baby daddy who will loathe her if she’s preggo and Madu is repulsive.

  26. honey says:

    Good evening ma’am I must admit am a big fan of yours and am always looking forward to reading your works although I just found out about your blog not too long and since then have been hooked.I tried buying the book last month after I finished reading it here but I just couldn’t get it and I kept trying for days..I was told I can’t get the book using my first bank account details..kept trying for days but the result was pretty much the same and unfortunately for me, I wasn’t available when you did the free giveaway recently. I really really want to read the book and fish brain clan series too so if there’s a way you can fix the problem I told you about above I will really really appreciate it . Thanks

  27. Seye Seye says:

    I knew Sharon wasn’t just after Seriki’s money. Always smelt of something not quite right, and here we have her go all out on a 3 pronged mission of ‘dealing with’ Bankky, snitching on Beatrice and getting down with Seriki. I’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to come in contact with her ilk. What they’re mostly about is dangerous selfishness and deep rooted envy. Some escape karma, otherss get badly hit. Put her and Madu in the same boat, andd you won’t be doing the wrong thing.
    Now that the emotional attachment and recurring love thing has landed Bankky in the hospital, I wait to see what’s next. The guy’s luck sef get as e be. While Duro is waiting for him, he’s got seriously wounded by Seriki, and to think it took a long time before he got to this level.
    For this Nmachi babe ehn! Some people just feel wronged even when you’ve done them nothing to suggest that. The arrangement with Guru wasn’t supposed to be real but she kept passing borders and the young man kicked her off. Now she went to act like the rubbish person that she is. I wish one spots their type from afar, and run!
    Lemme just go before my comment is as long as the episode itself. Thanks Sally, and have a happy holiday

  28. iamhorllamii says:

    Banki mi,Bea nd Guru evry bad Bella forming beta pple 4 u may God gbe dem work 2 do ooo,so dat dey won’t av time 4 u pple to destroy ur destiny AMEN. Tanks sally pls more oo cnt wait 4 d nxt episode

  29. Jay says:

    Phew! Am also waiting for the day Rukky and Bea would also fight over Banky. Am waiting for Ure vs Nnamchi too. Hehehehehehe.

  30. loolah says:

    sally thanks so much for this episode.. aww and i thought the storm was over for bea and banky. chaii their problem is back to back. cant wait for the next episode. may ur ink neva go dry.

  31. Dotun says:

    Nice one Sally. but pls dnt make the suspense too long.
    as for Madu, Sharon and Namchi……. ummmm their matter go soon blow.
    Bankole will be alright but Beatrice needs to get her head together and stick with her man.

  32. gbemmy says:

    Aww, Madu is a goat. Guru sorry, Banky u sef

  33. adebayo says:

    I just read the entire Boys with Toys under few thoughts are everywhere. I hope Madu gets what he deserves and fast. Sally don’t kill him oh, let him suffer.
    Beatrice has been shedding tears too much, I pray she finds lasting happiness real soon.
    Guru my man, I feel your pain bruh.
    Bankole should flee from that useless couple no matter the consequences.
    Khalid definitely would turn a new leaf…and as for Namchi, she’s a goat.

  34. Peter says:

    Aunt Sally. Thank you for the stories. Hope Guru can handle the drama Nmachi just caused. As for banky, he fucked up hooking up with him though I know its cos of love. He gon be good though as far as he’s with Rukky. Sharon, Seriki and Madu. I so pity you. Karma is a bitch. Thank you again Aunt Sally

  35. Fsf says:

    So much sorrow for Bankole and Beatrice,Whick kind devil of a sister is this Sharon?

  36. consyspark says:

    Nmachi, Sharon and Madu will burn in Hell/ sometimes you forget these characters are just fictional. the was i was vexing for real eh.

  37. AOS says:

    Oh my Guru…..gosh, wish I can run down Madu now. Bea should not get pregnant now jor, keep giving us the suspense. Truly, would like to see the girls run over each other. Things we do for love.

    Oh Sally…..I keep saying, you are the best. Thank you sweetie.

  38. Toyenlon says:

    Awww, Bankole has gone from frying pan to fire…from Duro’s manipulative schemes to Seriki’s trap. Sharon and Madu are both wicked, chai.

  39. Fiksionist says:

    Sally is the real MVP!!!!

  40. Sandra says:

    Sally! hope ur good… just missing this series and praying God touches ur heart to put up the next episode. #bringbackourboys-with toys! 😀

  41. Dr Zee says:


  42. Dr Zee says:

    Excellent. Please where’s the rest


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