It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #9

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40 Responses

  1. adebayo says:

    Nice to have you back Sally, God will perfect all concerning you.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Jide should explain all to Honey.
    I’m not married but I do not subscribe to keeping secrets from your spouse. I might be wrong.
    Celia should try and find a balance…follow her dreams and still keep her family.
    No way Naomi won’t make a move…flying some1 to Fiji is not beans.
    You rock Sally!

  2. Faithy says:

    Damn! It was a beautiful read…all four of Them, seriously Sally u are good. I love the way u blend words. Can’t wait to see what u have for us tomorrow. God bless you.

  3. Sandra says:

    … and Jide finally receives sense, hope he can make it up to honey. Am happy for Shady buh definitely not for Celia. its hard to eat with the devil, no matter how long the fork is. Naomi and her offer are bad news Jare..
    Thank you plenty and looking forward to tomorrow ‘s post.

  4. Adeshina omotayo* says:

    Its good to have aunty sally back here, naomi bad omen I sense, jide shud take care of my sweet honey

  5. Toyeen says:

    Sally! Sally!! Sally!!! You D best. May God continue to strengthen you

  6. Jay says:

    Deep Sally. Really deep. Welcome back. Hope your hand is better. If you were not married I would have offered to help you massage it. But ngwanu! Make me and you no con be like Max and Yaz.

    Celia’s part touched me the most. Deep conflicts in marriage that suddenly opens up your eyes to wish to wanna walk away to chase your dreams. Or ask if it is worth it, chasing a dream that takes you away from your family but makes you feel fulfilled OR staying back with family but pining away with the desire to chase a dream.

    And that part of the violence. I recently learnt that all men are capable of violence. Be it pastor or thug. Whatever the temperament. It’s just that before venting all the anger or frustrations with our fists, can we choose the lesser evil of staying away for sometime like Jide did? Which is better sef? Abusing one’s spouse or staying away and being at high risk of sleeping with one’s ex?

    Chai! Na comment o, I don write half story sef. No mind me

  7. Oluwakemi says:

    Sally, welcome back Dear. Trust your hand is better now.
    Thanks for this episode,your Ill-health has further helped me to appreciate you more. Thanks for all the efforts you put in place to keep us entertained and happy.
    Glad Jide has received Sense, I hope Honey too will receive sense. Glad for Mymood and Wura too. Glad for Shadrach,hoping Celia will be able to balance things and effectively communicate with her Husband.
    When I read all four of them, I had to pause and think.
    Well done Sally!

  8. Marion says:

    Good to have u back Sally, am glad u are much better, thanks for the upload u try gan. Hide should better go back to his wife. My love to ur family 👪 bye

  9. gbemmy says:

    sally thanks. I had to stop and reflect on each paragraph, I don’t trust Naomi’s help not to ruin Celia & I like mymood’s part.
    oya midwife, borrow brain & don’t fuck up again.

    waiting for tomorrow’s episode. may God heal you completely sally

  10. bi says:

    Welcome back madam, Bless the Great Physician for you. Glad to know mamood family finally accepted wura. Jidenna is hurting a good friend ooooooo ,this read has eased my weekend. Thanks.

  11. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    How can I find me a woman like Naomi who just wants to shower me with gifts and wants nothing in return? Somebody, help!!!

    Good episode. I wonder, though, if Ibro’s temperament would have been the same if he still didn’t have a meaningful job.

  12. Busola says:

    Yay! Sally is back! Thanks for the episode. I hope you are much better now?. I’ll praying for you because I dont want anything to happen to you…

    I am so happy for Wura and Mymood. I have always loved their story. I’m glad they have been blessed by Mahmud’s parents… I’m glad Jide is back his senses but I wonder what awaits him at home. How will Honey accept his secrets?. I can understand Celia, how will she trust that Shady wont hit her again?.

    Thanks again Sally

  13. Thank God you feel much better. You will continue to experience the best of health.
    Hmmm Celia I don’t know for this your dream with Lesbo Naomi oh, make you think this matter well. What you’re about to do, is it more important than your man and daughter… Jide please go make honey happy already, what with her mental ilness, don’t be a trigger.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Great read as usual.

  14. Carah says:

    Yaaaay💃 I am glad Wura got received by mahmoods family and I feel d same way abt jide and Honey too. As fr Celia, I am not really feeling her like dt but I hope she makes d right decision . I miss Dominic, Genesis , lex and kasi hoping to read abt dem in d next episode. As fr ur hand thank God you are healed now. Much love to you!!!

  15. Zee says:

    Sally, thanks for this. I hope Celia finds peace in whatever decision she takes. she’s in a real dilemma. And I hope she also doesn’t abandon her baby, no matter d decision she takes about her marriage. So happy for Mymood and Wura… Jide, way to go… Relationships can be crazy, aswear down. Plz do take care of yourself, Sally

  16. Nykky says:

    Sally welcome back sure you are good now. Hide pls your mum’s advice. How I wish all mother in-laws are like Nne I even doubt if they exist the daughter in-law is always the bad one. Happy for Mymood and Wura. Celia dreams that put your family secondary is really not worth it in the long run o, you have to prioritize otherwise you loose your man and you remain unhappy dreams and all. Ekene and Mary where art thou? Sally you rock

  17. yipie Sally is back!!! thumbs up to you

  18. Damilola says:

    Hmmm so she is going to have to choose bt w this new wanderlust and her famuly…very tough…make the right compromise both ways so you dont regret
    Honey and Jide…lol shakara people
    Una go dey alright mbok.

    Sally hope you are better. Do take care

  19. Biola says:

    Sally, may God perfect all that concerns you.

    I enjoyed reading every bit of this

  20. Dayo says:

    so glad Jide want to go back home. Celie shld pls make tins work with her husband

  21. wasmakelly says:

    welcome back mama, let me go and read. am coming back. yeeeeah.

  22. Tomii says:

    Celia is just gonna have to find that balance,one way or the other.
    I’m so happy for Mymood and wura. Jide pls make up with your wife, I pray hauwa will actually give Jide some space too.

    Welcome Back Maami “sally”…Hope you’re fine now?

  23. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Welcome back Sally.. Thank goodness you are hale and hearyu again..
    Hmmm,. This part just had me all mushy, Celia abeg just oardon Shady.. Its not the devil or his angel i think he just lost himself though i still don’t think its ever right to hit..
    Abeg Jide should stop famzing and go xplain thingz to Honie if he had done earlier the hole no go deep reach dis one sef..
    Mymood is baq and now Wura has been accepted.,abeg make dem marty asap before sand enter their garri again..
    Wondrous story.. You made my night gidigaan…👌

  24. Elect says:

    This kiss ehn….. great work always

  25. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    You are the best 😘

  26. adeesi says:

    I am happy to see that you’re back aunty Sally. for two days now I’ve been refreshing this your page like kilode

    as for Celia, I can only wish she would try to make the balance between her new wanderlust and her family. it isn’t going to be easy though… for Honey and jide, I believe those characters are too in love for them not to find a way to fix their issues and I admire them for that. meanwhile, Naomi is a disaster about to happen. I’m looking forward to today’s episode.

    welcome back

  27. Sophia says:

    Thanks Aunty Sally,good one there!..How are you doing and hope you are feeling better from the arthritis.?. God Bless You

  28. Akan says:

    Awesome episode. Really loved it. Welcome back

  29. Jumes says:

    Naomi’s offer is just Pandora’s box waiting to be opened….Celia really has a tough decision to make and i can’t even imagine being in her shoes…I think if she want she and shady to get their groove back, thry need therapy…
    Jide please just go home and be good to our Honey.
    I’m happy about Mymood and Wura… beht sha It’s hard to find people like Mymood’s parents who will respect their child’s decision no matter what…
    Sally this was a good read… I just thought you should know that you’re my bestest writer ever… God bless you.

  30. Sarrie says:

    I’m happy that mahmood’s family have accepted wura. I have been secretly rooting fo them from the beginning as i find inter-religious marriages fascinating. As for jide and honey, jide should hurry home to his wife jhoor. I have been struggling to think if there could have been a better way to put hauwa down, but none seems to come to mind, needless to say jide did hurt her feelings . As for celia, I’m glad she realised that she has the power to walk out when things become unbearable. I have discovered that its the toughest of women that find it difficult to make such decisions. They find it difficult to believe that the chicken has come home to roost. Imagine when you advise another lady not to stick with an abusive man, and voila, you wake up one day to discover one has been sleeping on your bed.! With regards to naomi’s offer, celia should remember that nothing comes free and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. This episode was a great read Sally, more ink to your pen.

  31. Seye Seye says:

    Glad you’re able to put this up Sally. You’re daily strengthened and refreshed by the grace of The Almighty.
    There’s this fulfillment that comes with the kinda acceptance Wura’s got. Makes one feel all the sacrifice or what have you hasn’t been in vain. Hoping they finally kick it off from there.
    For many people, coming down from their high horse when they’re wrong is a big deal. Jide’s def getting on the right path by seeking Honey’s forgiveness and making efforts to put the other babe in her place.
    Celia Celia…I just hope she won’t run into trouble. It doesn’t look too good for her from where I’m looking. Temporary sweetness with Mama Fiji, and a whole lot of goodness getting sacrificed…fingers crossedm
    Thank you Sally. That says it all…

  32. ola says:

    Thanks for d proposed bonus episode

  33. Omowunmi says:

    Welcome back Sally, hope you are much better now.
    ‘How do I tell him I have found my dreams, n they have nothing to do with him ‘.Men that’s Deep!
    I feel for so many of us women who are in that stage of our lives or have once been . It’s not an easy ride.

  34. loolah says:

    welcome back sally, hope you are feeling much better. it feels so great to have u back.

  35. Glowing Kosnie says:

    Welcome back Sally…The Lord will perfect All which concerns you Sweetheart… You are Healed already

  36. Sarah says:

    Yah! Thanks Sally for this episode, my expectation is long overdue

  37. itheword says:

    Celia be steady pissing me off. your dreams? really? now? Wow!

  38. Toyenlon says:

    Hmm, Celia wants to dine with the devil himself, hope you wont get burnt.

  39. AOS says:

    So good to have you back Sally and congratulations on Fourth Finger….damned you nailed Okada…xoxo.

    Happy things are turning out well for Wura. Hmmmmnn, there is more to Naomi’s gift but I won’t be surprised if it’s all good intentions bcoz some people are natural born helpers in time of need.
    Jide let Honey know so she can also help out with hooking Hauwa up. And she can join the committee of friends.

  40. Calliboom says:

    wow! it’s good to have you back, may God perfect your healing in Jesus name Amen.. am so happy for wuraola final find peace with her in-laws, and for shady too, but Celia plz be watchful of Naomi offer, finally jide plz treat honey she is ur egg, just hope some men will learn from jide… thank you Sally u rock!


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