It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #10

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95 Responses

  1. @Oge_writes says:

    Thanks Sal!
    I’m up working late but this will be my reward when I’m done.
    Sleep well!

  2. bhymxy says:

    thanks so much sal.
    much love and have a great night.

    lemme gaan read #smiles

  3. Folake says:

    Thanks sally, have a nice night

  4. Marion says:

    Wow good night to u too Sally, glad I was awake to read this. Pls don’t kill Dom just yet. Awww honey and hide makes me really believe in true love and good communication in marriage. I can’t stand noka sha, she is really a bitch. Well thank you, thank u

  5. fadebomi says:

    good one Sally. may God perfect your health. have a wonderful night.

  6. adebayo says:

    Sal Sal…two steamy hot scenes here..chai.
    I’m glad Jideofor and Honey sorted out everything.
    I like that they were the focus today, I’ve missed them.
    Celia might just catch feelings for Naomi….
    Pls Nick shouldn’t die o..lexi can’t handle another loss…
    Eagerly waiting for next week….
    Thank you Sally, you are the best.

  7. Anthony says:

    Kai! Dominic doesn’t like himself sha. He barely survives a heart attack and he goes straight back to rumble between the sheets. Smh.. Genesis should scold him well.
    Not sure why i feel sorry for Noka after hearing her secret. Babe is dying in silence in the midst of friends. Sooner or later, the truth always jumps out somehow.
    Thanks for this bonus episode Sal, e kuuse.

  8. Oluwakemi says:

    Thanks Sally. I kept checking all day know you would keep to your words.
    I hope Dominic will be okay…ĺ

  9. Trixandra says:

    Mogbe! Dominic why? I knew something was wrong…please dont let him die. Aunt Sally, now we fully know IANS setting is Lagos. Noka is still being a b**ch and her secret, Honey will so deal with her when she finds out…Thanks for the double treat!!

  10. Nykky says:

    I woke up to this. Thanks for keeping your promise. Pls don’t let Dominic die now let Lex marry first a beg. But him no try at all tough play after heart attack? Jide and Honey great couple.Naomi change your ways. Sally pls bring Ekene and Mary’s happily ever after on in the next episode thank you. Have a great week ahead.

  11. Damilola says:

    I woke to this …lol i kept refreshing my mail yesterday.
    Honey and Jide are my roles model (in jenifas voice) hanhan oluwa provide a loving and forgivig boo amen and protect Ditrosin for us all amen.
    Ojonoka hehehehehe so u v so much in ur cupboard….if i were u, i would be mute for life.silly girl

  12. Gift says:

    Wow!!checked all through yeyesterday until I finally fell asleep,,am really scared for Dominic,,yea I feel sorry for noka,blackmail Is a bitch,,she really should confide in her friends that’s really if she sees them as one Sha
    Thanks Sally

  13. Busayo says:

    Sally, first of all, thank for the *back to back* episodes.. sending hugs and kisses your way right now.
    Please Sally, don’t allow Nick to die. I love the friendship of Jide and the whole gang, good to know you have friends that have got your back. And can Mex and Yaz just grow up already? lol… I also think Celia should just come out and confess to Ibro, and if he’s doesn’t forgive her, she should move on with her life, after all, its been a one-sided relationship all these while. It wont be the bre of her world.

    • Sally says:

      Yeah, the relationship has been one-sided. I think this is why she is scared to tell him the truth. She can be easily dumped
      Thanks, Busayo

  14. Jumes says:

    Thank u Sally for this episode. D way i was refreshing on and on yesterday ehn….Jide and Hon have a very deep relationship. I like the way Jide explained everything to her no matter how brutally honest it was…
    Noka should be exposed abeg, she has serious skeletons in her cupboard and she’s there forming like she’s better than everybody and i just went mad when she said Honey has mental issues so Honey pls go ahead and expose rhe bitch abeg.
    Domi pls don’t u dare die on Gen, she needs you,Lexus needs you, the twins need you, hang in there for them please.
    Celia should listen to her friends.
    And i am so freaking pissed and broken hearted on Naomi’s behalf…How can a man be that wicked? Sally ya d bestest😄😄😄

  15. HinnyMi says:

    Thanks Sally, you always rock! Please don’t kill Dominic…please pretty please….😭😭😭😭every child have a right to know their Dad, the twins needs to know him more (#blackmail😜)….please don’t kill him.
    Meanwhile, where is my favorite Ditorusin’s 1st child and her boo?

  16. Simplygold says:

    Thanks Sally. Always exciting piece…no dull reading. God bless your hustle n perfect your health.

  17. Folarin says:

    That was a huge truth coming from jide, I think friendship is as important as love in a marriage. Celia!, can’t really say anything about her for now. Let’s just see how things will unfold for her and I have really missed their gatherings. As for dom, please don’t kill him now. It’s not like I like him but I believe he is important to the entire novoccaine story. Thank you Mrs Dadzie for blessing us with 2 episodes this weekend. Have a lovely weekend ahead.

    • Sally says:

      Please tell me why you don’t like our hawt Domi O! Some of us are mad in love with him
      But then, you’re a guy, so I don’t expect you to like him like that
      Thank you for reading, Folarin

  18. Pls Sugar Mama, don’t let anything happen to Dominic, pls I beg you……
    Honey should take care of herself biko, I hope Jide’s confession won’t trigger her sickness especially after Noka has used it against her.
    God bless you for this wonderful updates ma, thank you.

  19. Dotun says:

    Nooooo Dominic must not die please,
    Can someone please teach Noka a lesson. she need to be flogged.
    Nive one as always Sally, How are you feeling now

  20. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    Oh mahn! This episode is sizzling *fans self* Jide and Honey eehn….they are goals and that Noka needs to put in her place. Naomi😢 Dominic has been rudely awakened, still so sorry to hear about his decline in health. I pray he makes it

  21. Bman says:

    Thank you Sally for the bonus episode and striving to ensure it dropped yesterday. Really hot episode. May God continue to strengthen and inspire you. Amen.

  22. Biola says:

    Dominic!! Shei you know that the story won’t be the same without you? Which kind of Macho nonsense did you do this morning?

    Glad everything is rosy in JineyVille!!
    I kinda agree with Jide’s point, we tend to rush into marriage once we have found the person we want to marry, we are never willing to just enjoy those moments. Then our families don’t make it easier sef.

    Hope you are better today Sally, may the blood of Jesus revitalise and nourish your body,IJN.

  23. Ebi Horsfall says:

    Sobs…..pls Aunt Sal don’t kill Dom, he is still much needed to keep Lex head straight nd Gen needs him for more hot lovemaking nt to mention those Lil twins…..All the same u did a great job…..thanks

  24. Abike says:

    OMG! Dominic must not die oooo. *tears up*

  25. ola says:

    Waoh… speechless

  26. bola says:

    This has absolutely made my day..thank u sally

  27. @Oge_writes says:

    Oh my goodness!!
    I hope Dom survives!
    Wow! That man is crazy sha! Does he think he is super human or what??
    I get the feeling things will still heat up between Naomi and Celia. Meanwhile, Noka is such a pain in the testicles! That one has her own skeletons but she can’t even bring herself to do normal. Mtscheeww.
    I’m happy that Jide and Honey seem to have worked through their issues. I’m also glad he was honest with her. That must have been hard but at least, putting it out there is one step to fixing stuff.
    Thanks again Sal!
    These two episodes were a hit, back to back! Hehe

  28. Busola says:

    Dominic!!!!!!! Mr Macho please stop forming. You need to take care of yourself, for your family…

    Honey and Jide *dancing*. I love their love. I am glad their fight is settled. He was so honest with her…

    Thank you Sally.

  29. ebunoluwa says:

    Wow!!! dis episode is sizzling hot abeg. thanks Sally, u jus made my day. biko I’m joining #teamdon’tkilldomi. abeg d man dey important in dis story o make lex no go craze finish. glad to know things are fine wit honey n jide. shady thanks for making up wit Cee, I like d fact that u changed for d better. Pele Naomi, it jus shows dat even masters get beaten at their own games sometimes but I for like make d men arrange dat ur husband small beating on ur behalf. okay now to noka, hehehehekikikiki! I dey laff u in Swahili bcos wen d ladies find out abt dis ur kolobi issue,hey! ur own don finish o. u go humble pass fish wey d ice don disappear. so mex and Yasmin still dey fight? una never sabi wetin dey worry una. thanks Sally, make i go sleep small.

  30. Glowing Kosnie says:

    Oh My!!! Praying seriously for Dom for Genesis’s sake….i have never felt right about that Mamisi coming back into their lives cos she’s no good God please…Hmm Ojonoka you better follow Cee’s advice and allow them tell the ‘Guys’ who will handle this delicate issue in a good way with Ibro, So much for being bitchy!!!

  31. Dayo says:

    OMG, nothing must happen to Dominic o. I hope he relax from work after dis.

  32. iamhorllamii says:

    Haa…..IANS back 2 back dat ws so Swt of u Sally God bless u 4 ds 2 episodes. Doustrim pls dnt die yet oo Lex hasn’t get married.Tank God Jide nd honey has settled Der difference lkewse Shady nd Cee.Ojonoka behave urself well b4 honey teach u how 2. Sally u 3much,Hpe u r nw vne. pls not episode shuld feature our darling Mary nd hr boo

  33. Sophia says:

    Thanks Dear Aunty Sally…. Tnk goodness Jide and Honey have settled,..Dominic pls don’t die…I’m loving Naomi and Peace together as good friends..Noka needs to be taught a lesson really..

  34. Akua says:

    Wow! two dynamite episodes. I hope Dom survives and Noka’s skeletons catch up with her. Too bitchy but spices things up.

  35. Akua says:

    Wow! two dynamite episodes. I hope Dom survives and Noka’s skeletons catch up with her. Too bitchy but spices things up. Great story Sal.

  36. FSf says:

    MR Dominic,Don’t your dare try this sh*t,This is too expensive abeg.

  37. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Madam sally.. Can u please not let Dom die.. I miss lexus and Kasi part too… This was just lit

  38. Jane says:

    I’ve been a ghost reader
    But today sha, I must comment.
    Thanks Sally you’re just too much.
    I love Celia’s game!
    I don’t feel sorry for Noka at all, she’s such a bitch! Please oh, don’t let Dominic die. Pls….

  39. consyspark says:

    I shaa knew something bad was going to happen to Dominic .
    Sally thanks for the back to back episodes..

  40. gbemmy says:

    triple darn! I love it when you do d surprise. happy for honey, noka is disaster awaiting. Dom pls stop being macho & admit u’re human with flaws. sally abeg revive him. Naomi pls get well quick, even if u leave ur hubby don’t break ceclia’s home too.

    looking forward to next Saturday

  41. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    The end had me like “oops!” I had thought Genesis’ dream was not to be relied upon. Heart attack and still going on like that in bed? Hian!

  42. Carah says:

    Wow! I knew Noka had a skeleton on her wardrobe , yet she won’t keep her mouth shut.
    Nothing shd happen to ditorusin pls and dt mamisi had better know her place. Thanks fr ds sally💋

  43. Gina Cres says:

    Interesting and lengthy. I so love it.
    And the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game is so cute that I fell in love with it.
    Thank you so much Dear. You’re amazingly great.

  44. Pacesetter says:

    Thanks so much for d updates

  45. Oluwakemi says:

    Madam Sally,tuale for you ma.😂
    Abeg chop kilzes 😍😍 for bringing Jide and Honey together. I guess Dominic was just in denial about his health and wanted to prove that which was why he had that intense passionate sex with his wife. I’m sure he will survive it, might take him a while but will help him bond with his family. As for Noka, she is the one I pity most as she is the saddest of the clan but covers up with all her antagonistic speech. I am looking forward to Honey treating her **** up, she should ask Jide about his 1 week of torture after his indiscretions at Zanzibar.
    Celia please be careful but I want to believe you are a wise woman.
    Looking forward to the next episode. Thanks again and again..😀😀😘😘

  46. Oluwakemi says:

    And I must confess this was an interesting and lengthy read. More of this.

  47. robbyns says:

    awesome writes Sal..thank u n God bless you

  48. Olamide says:

    Thanks Sally. This is so lovely. I don’t know why I feel bad for Noka, babe is dying inside. Honey will so take her to the cleaners.
    Glad Jide and Honey found a way around their issues.
    Celia and Naomi, that relationship is not something I’m comfortable with.
    Dominic shouldn’t die yet o.
    God bless you Sally.

  49. Dharmie says:

    tnx aunt Sally love u chop kiss ma’am

  50. Haryoka says:

    Now that I know Noka secret I feel bad for the babe dominic had better survive please in btw thanks for the bonus episode

  51. Dee says:

    Please Sally, I beg you. DO NOT KILL DOMINIC. PLEASE!!!

    As for Noka, she’d better check herself before she wrecks herself.

    Thanks for the bonus episode Sally, as always, they are amazing. I look forward to the next.

    I hope you feel better, please know that you are in our prayers. God bless you!

  52. Dan Auta says:

    so uncle Nick got a heart attack and yet he pracked 😌

  53. Neymar 😍 says:

    I pray honey finds Noks secret soonest. She has been on ma own nerves too for long😠 . Pls sal, dont let Dom die yet o 😔

  54. Seye Seye says:

    Really, how Jide and Honey get to thrash out their issues will leave many people with relationship goals. Fair share of the drama, and then the face-to-face (abi na side by side) no holds barred thingy…very healthy because both are matured minds.
    I got my eyes on the end of their part tho, the Mex and Yaz ish. Those two remind me of something…
    Always always knew something is wrong with Noka. An individual can’t be that scornful if not for the fact that (s)he has things to hide. This should play out into something worth the drama *dons amebo cap*. In a large group of friends like theirs, there’s bound to be ‘beefs’ anyways.
    Dominic having health issues isn’t unexpected. For someone who pushes himself pretty hard, that can happen. Beht please, let him not die yet o. Shebi you know ‘actor nor dey die for feem’.
    Thanks Sally, more ink, more grace, good health.

    • Busayo says:

      I’m telling you, Jide and Honey giving us relationship goals since *19gbogboro*, Sometimes, I even forget they are not real, because they seem so real, like the everyday people.

  55. Tobislim says:

    wowwww!!!! Sooo refreshing to catch up. hmmmm. it is well o. Aunty sally and her twists and turns.
    Thank You also for The Immortal codes. You rock.

  56. Busayo says:

    Dear Sally,

    Congratulations on breaking the monthly sales on Okada books for *The Fourth Finger*…Way to go Sally.. More of this I pray…

  57. itheword says:

    I knew it. Dominic will die. maybe not in this episode or the next, but he’s going to die in this series. I’m dead certain, no pun intended

  58. Toyenlon says:

    Hope Dominick will be okay o, he shouldn’t die abeg or else Genesis will lose it completely. Its so good to see Jide and Honey making up and finally admitting his hurts to her. This is a long and interesting read, thanks and have a blessed month.

  59. AOS says:

    Sally please don’t kill Dominic so that Genesis won’t die too bikonu. Hope Omoh is not the hubby of Naomi? Cec should just bring Naomi in, she needs help seriously. And likewise Noka too.
    Happy Jide and Honey are back together.

    HBP, Heart Attack are the silent killers now. It’s high time people take medical check up serious. Just within the space of 2weeks the number of young people who slumped and died is really on the rise. God help us all.

    Sally you are always the best….xoxo.

  60. Calliboom says:

    ehn Dominic plz don’t die oh, Abeg, Sally don’t let him die plz, and wow jinoney is back, dis couples blow my mind with how they handle their issues.. very maturely , noka should be thought a lesson oh her Don too much abeg, and Celia should help Naomi to change, yazim and mex grow up una Don too old for fighting all the time. thanks Sally u made my night rock and I learnt alot from this episode… God bless you always…..


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