Hunter’s Game: Season 2 (Teaser)

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to inform you that Hunter’s Game is returning for a second season! Whoop whoop! I thoroughly enjoyed writing the first season and the characters would not let me rest so I have decided to bring them back in a second season alongside a few new people as well

Today, the series goes live on my blog and I hope to see you there. Thank you so much for reading. Let’s make it a date. But before then, here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite.


The sun had long since completed its return home by the time she took her evening run. Her trail was different tonight as she ran through the city for the first time. It had always been through the beach or some other trail close to home but this night, she took a different, longer trail, just for the fun of it. Her ears were plugged into her iPod, Eminem’s rap filling her ears and fueling her heart rate as she maintained a steady pace of 3:38.

After completing 6km, she commenced her return home, her pace dropping slightly to 3:50. In 30 minutes, she was back to her small cottage overlooking the Jibacoa beach. She peeled her soaked tank top and tights off her body and went into the bathroom for a cold shower just as she turned on the television in her room.

When she came out of the shower, she sat in front of the television, drying her short hair. She needed to cut it again. The hair grew way too fast. She suddenly noticed an item on the news bar:

Breaking News. Passenger plane crashes in Nigeria, killing all 120 passengers aboard.”

“Holy shit!!” Ijeoma exclaimed.

She turned up the volume of the news and listened as the reporter provided updates of a plane crash that had taken place hours ago. It was 3am in Nigeria but quite clearly, no one was asleep. The airplane was one in the fleet of Miranda airlines owned by Chief Victor Ubong. At that time, the passenger manifest was being read. The journalist reported that 3 of Chief Ubong’s children had been on the flight, one them was the pilot, the other a flight attendant and the third one apparently hitching a ride. The black box had been found and investigations had commenced.

Ijeoma buried her face in her palms. This was completely shocking. Chief Ubong was well known to her. He had actually arranged the private jet that had taken her off to Cuba six months ago. How could such a thing happen to him? She briefly contemplated reaching out to him but changed her mind. They were not exactly tight buddies. He owed her a favour and had repaid it by ensuring her safe passage out of Nigeria. No need to get emotional over his loss.

She turned off the television and changed into something light for the night, then walked into her small kitchen and fixed herself a cocktail. There was so much madness going on in the world, she would rather remain oblivious to it all.

She took her drink back to her room then turned on her Netflix and relaxed in her bed.

Against the backdrop of the movie dialogue, Ijeoma heard a ping that signified a notification for her email. She paused the movie, picked her iPad and checked. The mail had come into a Gmail account she had not used in months.

Check the news. There was a crash. Someone just murdered my kids. Come home. I need your help.

The sender was V. Ubong. Ijeoma stared at the screen for a long time before taking another sip of her cocktail. She slowly typed out a response;

My condolences chief. But I’m retired. Never returning to Nigeria.

She sent the email and shut down the iPad before returning her attention to the big screen in front of her.


Now, to read the first episode, click HERE

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  1. Scribbledheartbreak Reply

    If i say i didn’t like the teaser now… How can you make a teaser so filled with suspense that i triple-clicked for first episode..
    God bless you for not keeping mute on hunters game Ooo..👌👌👌


  2. Suspense, Abeg time to click. Thanks dear. I Was expecting more, thank goodness it’s here now.


  3. turban girl Reply

    YaaaY! Oge is back with the Iron Lady!! I salivated my way through the teaser, can’t wait!!!


  4. It is nice ur writing a sequel of the hunter’s game bcos the first one ended quickly, although it ended very well but I expected it to be longer. This season is the bomb, can’t wait to read the next episode… Well done oge


  5. Funmilola Adekola Reply

    Wow! Oge is back! And it starts with a temptation…


    • @Oge_writes Reply

      Thank you so much! Just head off to the blog already. Hehe


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