Memoirs Of A Repentant Escort #7

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“I wasn’t fantasizing, I was just. . .”

“Devil, I bind you. Commot here abeg! Shoo!”

. . . And she literally shut me up.

“Well, I am not going.”

“Well, you will!”

I could see her aiming for under the pillow, whatever she was gonna bring, I didn’t want to see it, I dashed out with my phone in hand, jamming the door behind me. I could hear her hysterical laugh.

“I’m glad you fear me babe cos I wasn’t going to bring out anything under that pillow except for my hair net which I forgot to put on last night.”

“Go to hell!” I opened the door slightly and screamed back at her.

“I love you too!” she replied.

I hit the showers and that was the only thing I love about the house apart from the kitchen. It has a ridiculous structuring; a self-contain where me and Amaka stays, more or less like a one-bedroom flat boys-quarters with five rooms at the back where Mama Seun, her husband and two kids share a room, Mama Titi and her friend’s husband, literally, now her husband stays in another, Papa Chinyere, Mama Chinyere and Chinyere in one, Okon, Amaka’s unexplored virgin friend who I’m sure Amaka would end up deflowering one day stays in another and finally, Eliza who I think might be experiencing sexual abuse from his father with all those breasts dangling around stays  in another with him. . . What a house setting I must say!

I laid in the Jacuzzi, soaked myself soaked in bubble baths in my strawberry shower gel with my headset tightly held to my head, I hit the play button with Omawumi’s “Love Wantintin” blasting through my ear drums and it felt like heaven. Listening to her makes me soul come alive. She has this voice indescribable, I call it a designer-voice! If you hear Megbele, you’d know it’s her!

I was in this position enjoying the cool massage coming from the bath and shuffling songs between Omawumi’s “Stay Alive”, “In the Music”, “Niger Delta 1” and “Megbele” for like 45 minutes. . . Maximally satisfied, I ran a cold bath; I love a cold bath after a long-stretch of warmness. I made for the room, Amaka was very much sleeping, she doesn’t pretend but a little side talk or comment wakes her up, she comments and trips off again.

I massaged my body gently with my luscious body lotion. It’s my most expensive beauty routine item after my clothes and heels. I slipped into a jean trouser, a crop top, tied my hair in buns and I made for the sitting room. It was already fifteen minutes past 7. I plugged in my phone to the speaker and I was blasting Mocheedah’s “Destinambari” featuring the king of Alobam, Phyno with all other songs waiting in line after it. I made for the kitchen which was only separated from the sitting room by some fine carvings of wood work in a cute and sexy way.

One thing was sure, I was hyper-active this morning but guess this was the good type. The only craving I had was scrambled egg, bread and coffee. I set to it with my Beyonce shaking to every blasting song. In less than five minutes, my scrambled egg was ready and in another two minutes, my coffee was ready and I never forgot to plan for the devil’s meal with mine. . . Making the necessary cleanings, Kesha’s “First Kiss”was blasting and I couldn’t resist the sweetness but had to switch on my dancing skills. . . That song makes me feel seventeen again.

“Shoo! Na dance be that? What are you even good at sef? Sexual fantasies and scrambled eggs cos that definitely smells nice.”

“Speaking of the devil some few minutes ago, I never knew she would be up so soon.” I fired back at her making my way to sit with my portion of the breakfast.

“Na me be devil o! but I choose to forget. Big sisters let things slide. . . Anyways, the dance wasn’t that bad. You tried.”

“Thanks. . . What’s up with waking up early?” I turned to face her only to discover she was off in the kitchen.

“Have you forgotten I have an appointment today? The event planning proposal I have to deliver. You know I am not the only one hoping to be awarded the contract.”

“So what time is your presentation?”

“10am and thereafter I am coming back home to sleep my head off. It’s just an hour presentation or even less than. ”

“You eating without brushing? No wonder your teeth is off-white.” I said going to the kitchen to drop my empty plate and cup.

“You know I tried to be so intimidated but I couldn’t be. You know why? Cos you don’t need a filter for these teeth. It’s whiter than your white pant!” she said, opening wide her canine and molars. This girl is so disgusting, chai!

“And by the way, scrambled eggs and coffee is like kissing to me. You don’t remember brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning say 4-5am and you slam your partner some crazy sloppy kisses. You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do. The bathroom is waiting for you. Countdown to 10am.” I replied her.

“Lest I forget, your coffee sucks, you need to learn from the best, and I am the best, queen of coffee.

“Well, I am glad that sucked coffee fed your belly this morning and remember to tell your future husband when you feed him coffee as breakfast, lunch and dinner that you are the queen of coffee!”

“I need not do that, you can do that when you meet him for me. Crazy ass!” she said hitting me throwing splashes of water from the sink at me as she went off to the bathroom.

“Wow! Looks like someone treated herself to a wonderful bubble bath. . . and all those love songs you playing. . .”

“That was mere coincidence.” I fired back.


Then she stopped talking and all I could hear was splashes of running water. In less than five minutes, Amaka was out; the fastest ‘bather’ I ever know. The highest she ever spends in the bathroom is 5minutes 60seconds and that’s approximately six minutes. Then she came out all dress in a white no-sleeved jumpsuit with her 7 inches braids all in black tied in a bun, makeup and brows on fleek and her feet perfectly rocking a 3 inches blue heels and a neutral coloured purse, Amaka rocks into the sitting room like a queen. It wasn’t only the makeup and brows that was on fleek, the jumpsuit put the nicki minaj behind her on fleek.

“Awwww! You’re gorgeous darling.” I said.

“I know that.”

“You are a fool, you can just say thanks and stop feeling yourself.”

“You know I meant thank you and by the way, your Beyonce is beginning to compete with my Nicki these days, are you taking something for those kids?”

“You’re crazy!”

“So, what’s the deal with you and Jide again? You’ve always liked the guy since the days of cray-cray at the restaurant but you’ve also always turned the guy down. . . And now he’s back, one date. . . What’s the deal?” She asked sitting beside me on the sofa, facing me like she wants to lie-detect me.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said slightly smiling and trying to avoid her eyes.

“Okay. . . what me I sha know is that, what you are feeling for this guy is Ebola! No cure for am! Is either you date him, that’s if he still wants to or stop wasting each others time but take it it easy though.” She said like a young mother advising her teenage daughter.

“Craze dey worry you. I swear.”

“Anyways, we would talk more about this when I get back but you have my full support in whatever your heart requires and cook something before I get back.” She stood to leave.

“Well, I have a date for 4pm and I might not be at home not to talk of cooking for you.”

“Date 2? Well, that’s good. Make sure you have fun only if you remember to bring another KFC.”

“No be only KFC, na CFK!. . . But it’s not yet 10!”


* * * * * * * * * * * * *



“Hello” I replied

That was Jide’s sister I guess. . . It was kinda weird, I mean this type of date. Jide didn’t tell me we were going for lunch at his parents. Too sudden I guess. . . It’s just date 2 after a six months reunion. Maybe he was overwhelmed by the excitement and he is trying to taking things a little bit up notch or he is trying to impress me. Whichever way, I am here already and it’s too late to turn back but I am definitely gonna make sure I tell him not to pull that kind of surprise on me again. I wasn’t used to it. I can only pray the lunch goes well.

“This is Sade Jones, my sister. Our last born. She is in the University studying Food Technology. In her second year actually.”

“Hi. It’s my pleasure to meet you.” I replied, facing the sister and exchanging handshake with her. Which lady does handshake? Except me! Handshake is typical guys.

“And this is my brother, Femi Jones, he’s the 3rd born, after me. He is in his finals at the University, studying Chemical Engineering.”

“And finally, this is my big sister, she’s the first born of the house, I came after her. She’s married and she came around to spend some days with Mum and Dad with her husband. She graduated four years ago with B. A. Mass Communication and she’s an ace broadcaster. Her name is Kayinsola and this is her husband, Uncle Funso.” He said pointing facing their side.

“And their little baby Folakemi.”

“Good evening ma, it’s a pleasure to meet all of you.”

“It’s our pleasure to meet you too.” They said in chorus. It’s like they’ve rehearsed it but yet I was still a little bit uncomfortable. I am yet to meet the real goons of the house; Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

Finally, the table was set and we were all seated to eat when Mrs. Jones walked in and I greeted her warmly and she gave me a warm embrace not knowing who I am yet. Maybe it never mattered for now because I was with her son and she knows definitely the introduction is going to come. With everybody seated except Mr. Jones, but not for long as he walked in a top and short. His face looked familiar. Can’t remember where but I hope it’s not where I am thinking it is and I hope it’s just an assumption and that hopefully none of us has ever seen each other before. He sat down and was calm but I greeted him and he greeted me too.

Jide blessed the meal and he told his family he wanted to say something.

“Before we eat, I would want to introduce someone who all my siblings have met except you Mum and Dad.”

“She is. . .”

“She is nobody!” Jide’s dad screamed.

Everyone was surprised and now it looks like my world was gonna crash.


“Son!” He screamed back at Jide.

“This is no girlfriend of yours.”

“She isn’t my girlfriend yet dad but I was gonna ask her to be my girlfriend today hoping she wasn’t gonna turn me down again.”

I really wished Jide hasn’t said that, that wasn’t necessary or maybe it was my feelings that was hurt.

“Well son, this is no soon-to-be-girlfriend of yours!”

“What’s going on here?” Jide’s elder sister, Kayinsola asked, facing her dad.

“Hey young lady, stand up, on your feet.” Chief Jones screamed at me.

I couldn’t stand up, my feet were cold, it was obvious we had met in the course of my rendezvous but I can’t remember having anything to do with him.

“Do you remember me? Allen Venue, late last year, around 10pm?”


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  1. You nailed this sis. I love it,from beginning to end. Catch ya in da next episode. Till then one love

  2. Scribbledheartbreak Reply

    And ghenghen is about to happen.. Jesu- nah war b dis ooo

  3. gbagaun!!!!! Ghen Ghen…… with all this nollywood keyboard sound join

  4. iamhorllamii Reply

    Ah!! Ghen Ghen, omo c me c gobe Our dear bae don enter am today her waka waka don dey pay her back CHAI… it shouldn’t b ds time nw…hmmm Lobatan Ooo

  5. Wow wow wow….bad turn. Jide’s father doesn’t have chill o. I can’t imagine being in her shoes. She’ll just be praying for d ground to swallow her.?

  6. Omo see gobe….most embarrassing moment. Gosh, the suspense is much oh IBK. Well done, keep it rolling dear.

  7. Serious gobe! But Jide’s dad has to explain to his wife what he was doing @ Allen avenue too.
    Good job@ibukun

  8. Gbese re o.
    But Mr man what were you doing at Allen avenue? Preaching the gospel?.

  9. Lobatan..this is not gonna end well o. Chaii..but ibukun, try tell us this escort’s name na,,i go vex oo

  10. He too has some explanation to give to his family nau. Karma is a bitch. Nice one Ibk

  11. Nice one IBK,,,.maybe she only escorted someone there naw!;;!! Mr Jones should explain too biko……THANKS IBK for making this episode longer than the usuals more pleaseeeeeee

  12. e Don red for escort oh! but Mr Jones should please tell us what he was doing at Allen avenue @10pm… thanks IBK

  13. Chai! The story has just begun. Good one IBK. I didn’t see it coming

  14. Shoo, see real gobe. Wetin elda Jones dey look for @ Allen Avenue junction d Red light zone for 10pm self. I tired for baba Jones who b joy spoiler o. D evils dat we commit always fine a way of coming to hamper ur latter in life but I pity her shaa afta all dis wahala, her just enta pond like dat ???????. She found love n it slipped thru her finger in a twinkle of an eyez due to her past life. Hahahaha hehehehe, loooooooool

  15. Drums rolling?? looking forward to the next episode good job ibk❤❤

  16. What goes around surely comes around too bad for her I hope she gets through

  17. Seye

    Ol’ boy ehn! Jungle Don mature o. And in situations like this na first to accuse.

  18. Hi Ebukun, Lovely write up, Hope you don’t mind, I just have one or two observations, I’m quite imaginative when I read these stories so I feel some of the expressions are not really necessary in some scenarios, like some of the “screaming” moments were not (to me) “scream-worthy” or “screamful”. I felt they could be “spoken with a calm but scary undertone” or “slightly raised voices” or something. (I never sabi di English finish sha). But on the whole, lovely suspense and looking forward to the rest of the story.

    • Ibukunwrites Reply

      Thanks Ojay! I sincerely do appreciate your comment and yea, I do appreciate more you reading and picturing! Will work on the area you’ve mentioned and I trust the rest of the story to adjust. Would be looking forward to more of your comments. Thanks a lot man! It makes me a better writer.


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