It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #11

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  1. Sally says:

    I’ll be here tomorrow with Episode 12
    Have a beautiful day
    But I’d like to hear your thoughts. What do you think about the threesome of Tola, Mex and Yazmin? Think it will work? If it won’t, who would you rather see Mex with?

    • CHINNY says:

      Sally dearie…Happy Sunday o. How are you and the family doing? I have refreshed tire *smiles*. Bikonu Adaoma post 12.

  2. Seyifunmi says:

    I’m at a wedding right now and am laughing like a fool, mehn. Tola won’t kill me. I feel for her though.

  3. Seyifunmi says:

    Yea!!!! ! First to comment. I feel yazmin needs to go.

  4. CHINNY says:

    Nsogbu dikwa! Thanks Sal, can’t wait for tomorrow. Yazmin should grow up biko. Haba! I like their threesome, drama ti po ju (me am learning yoruba, hope I got that right)

  5. Nnenna says:

    Look Yaz ,carry your own and be going. Abeg

  6. adebayo says:

    Abeg Yaz should find another man biko. Why is she carrying pregnancy upandan?
    Sally thanks for not killing Dominic…else Lex will just disintegrate.
    Waiting for 12.

  7. Bimbola-Rikitava says:

    Well, one of them must leave at the end. Tola shud just leave joo. Their situation is annoying me sef 😕

  8. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Beautiful episode. I missed the Tola and Yazmin drama so much. Honey and her jealousy sha. She was getting worried over a 38-year old Hauwa. Hian!

  9. Bee says:

    Yippee bonus episode tomorrow.

    Yes, I think the Mex, Tols and Yaz triangle will work. I feel sorry for all of them though! Please Sally, let Emeka continue his polygamous life, he needs the daily lessons. Tola is trying, I can’t cope with what she’s going thru. Yazmin needs to grow up though, she’s walked into this intentionally.

  10. mo says:

    Yaz needs to go aunty Sally, please. Great episode as usual and I’ve refreshed like 3ce today.
    please make tomorrow longer

  11. Jumes says:

    Sally I love ds episode…Sad for what Hauwa is going through, no matter who you are, our society has made single people look like without marriage theyare not complete especially at her age. She should keep her deal breakers.
    Hmmm for Mex, Tola and Yaz, there is so much a woman can take. I don’t think three can work o. Even two sef had not finished working. 3 is a crowd abeg….
    Kasbi and Lexus….ahhhh. They’ll work through all their wahala. Thank God Domi is ok…
    My favourite couple of all time still remains Jide and Honey. Those are my role models o.
    Sally thank you for giving me people to look up to…God bless you…
    PS: pls do hardcover of all your books na…i wee buh everything😁😀😀

  12. Jay says:

    Well I feel Tola n Yaz should try to get along…

  13. Jumes says:

    I forgot to add this MexTol jor…sounds like a drug. Mex should stay with Tola, Yaz can hug transformer.

  14. Tosin says:

    I’m just tired of the Yazmin girl. Maybe the child is for omoh sef. And I just feel for Tola. Can’t share my man. Lai lai. I missed my mood and wura today sha. Weldon Sally

  15. Nykky says:

    Thanks for the update Sally.How are you and your family? I believe you are good, Yasmin and Tola’s drama can never end as long as they are still with the same man. Yasmin should go and have her baby in Mexico and remain there abeg. Genesis is one brave woman Lex and Kas should talk the remaining talk and ring the wedding bell without wasting time.Thanks Sal see you here tomorrow.

  16. wumi says:

    not been here in a long time.

  17. Ayshshat Hussayn says:

    I like the threesome, Yaz should stay please,I don’t want her out of the drama, though she deserves better than being a second wife… #my first comment ever..😸😸😸

  18. Wunmi says:

    Should Yasmin go? Hmm. Is she in love with the Omon guy? Is Emeka ready to let her truly go!
    How would her Father react to all Yaz problems.

    thanks Sally.

  19. ehimwenma says:

    I think yaz whatever her name is should just park well! The girl na baaaaaad market. Olosho gaan! Nice piece keep it up

  20. Calliboom says:

    I think yazmin should go haba! Tola don’t deserve this.. she should be given a chance to enjoy her marriage…, i see kas and Lexus working through their differences, it’s not easy to single at that age @ hawua, God bless every singles in the house please amen. i love Genesis she is a strong woman, and thank Sally for keeping Dominic alive, keep jihoney scene rolling loving it. thanks Sally for today’s episode see you tomorrow

  21. Tomii says:

    I kinda like Yaz, dunno why..i’ll cross my fingers till tomorrow all the same.
    Jidey and Honey are the bomb all the same. Ever wonder why sally didn’t give Dele’s wife a name since she began
    Thank u Sal, you are the best

  22. Miss B says:

    Why do I feel the pregnancy isn’t for me and his community penis?

  23. Kemi says:

    Mehn, I love this episode. So real. I can relate with Hauwa,when you are under pressure to get married and yet you don’t want to settle for less. I believe strongly that the right person will come along all that is needed is Patience. As for Emeka and his wife. Who I for choose before Sally? Tola of course, she was with him from the beginning,yes she herself get her own craze but Tola anyday. She has paid her dues for the Onuora family. Please let Yazmin go and find consolation in Omoh’s hands jare and let Tola enjoy ALL of her Husband. I like Jiney’s new name by the way. Sounds Yoruba too like her Father’s name. Another best part for me is Kasiobi and Lexus start to a better and loving relationship. I just hope Kasi will understand why she did what she did, though not right but find it in his heart to forgive her cos she herself has suffered for her wrong decision. Sally, thanks for tomorrow already,cant wait. Jide and Honey, e maa carry go. ALL this una loving, Belle straight o,anyways na Midwife Jide. Happy for the Ditorusin family as a whole. Thanks Sally,have a good night rest. God bless you and all that concerns you in Jesus name, Amen

  24. tee says:

    Kai Sally…. ya da bomb.. ive had such a gooood laugh ehnnn.. i love how tola talks to yaz.. If u leave tola she wld beat beat yaz.. i also love how she is aware that yaz has ber own powers over mex (sexually ) if not emotionally.. kai kina kokari kam.. God bless u loadz.. by the way.. how do yoir bones feel today.. healing in Jesus name. Hugs

  25. Aibee says:

    Egbami, who is Deles wife, she has been Deles wife since IAS, she no get name? Nywz Yasmin is too used to getting what she wants abeg. She has to grow up if that their tripod marriage is gonna work.
    Good job Sally, as always.

    • gbemmy says:

      true o, hahahahahahaha I can’t even remember if sally ever called her by a name, its always Dele’s wife. Sally abeg wetin be her name?

  26. angel says:

    hmmmmm,I really feel fr tola.I CNT bear d pains DT she’s going tru.I too gt jealously. I no dey share my man ooo lolz

  27. Just Dotun says:

    Why are pple acting like Yazmin is a bad person. This is a woman in love and has found herself in a hated situation far away from her own family. Her only comfort is Honey. If she leaves with tobe, there is nothing the onuoras can do as long as her mafia father is there. To me Yazmin deserves more than she is getting. No woman wants to share her husband but that doesn’t mean she forced herself on Emeka. If she must leave then Sally please give her an honorable exit.
    I feel her pain as a lone woman.

  28. Tess says:

    Wow really enjoyed this episode but i would like to hear from mary and ekene’s side.
    Ekene,mary,jide and dominc are my best characters…Good job Sally

  29. gbemmy says:

    I love all the dramas in this episode, yas wahala too much joor & Tola has paid for her sins against Jide enough its time she enjoyed the man she fought for.
    I love d name fumi,also keep d jiney’s going. pls make d threesome yas parting gift,when is Mary’s baby coming.

    till tomorrow,tanks again sally for not killing Dom & sleep well

  30. bi says:

    yeeppy tanks Sally, J. Dotun you just spoke my mind. Truly Yamzin deserves better, it not her will that she found herself in that situation never the less Emeka should give her some attention pls. l love every bit of this episode also anticipating to hear from Mary tomorrowwwwww. Thanks Sally & gdnite everyone.

  31. Bukkymama says:

    thanks madam Sally u rock. The Emeka’s ther drama no get part 2, i laugh tire haha they can be funny abeg pls let Yaz go jo, seriously Tola is trying i can’t tak it abeg. pls pls an pls madam Sally bring my favorite couple here Kenemary pls talk abt them too. thanks more strength in Jesus name.

  32. folakemi says:

    they should continue their threesome Drama.. it won’t be fair enough if we let Yaz go bcoz of Tola na make Mex choose by himself and moreover they have come a long way..
    Genesis Na one strong woman o if Na me I go do pieces Inside waiting room
    Jide and honey I love u guys always
    And this Didi abi Wtin be her name she needs to be watched careful
    kudos madam Sally
    see u tomorrow

  33. Tomii says:

    Am with ayshshat,,the drama is just supercool,meks is one lucky guy doh having 2 great women pining for him,lol community penis,make he face the consequence,he never start to hear am yet,,thanks sally Biko let the drama continue

  34. Zee says:

    I think Tola, Emeka and Yaz deserve the threesome. Thanks for keeping Ditorusun alive, abeg I no fit shout….

  35. thanks Sally for this episode, how are you a
    nd your hand? please don’t kill Yasmin character she should stay. I love their drama.

  36. Dolapo says:

    Hi Sally! I normally wouldn’t write anything on your posts but i just realized how terrible that is, so henceforth il comment because your mind is too beautiful for me to just be selfish about the comments.. lol.
    I hate the threesome between Mex, Tola and Yazmin because i always feel for Tola and i think she deserves Mex’s undivided love.. Maybe Yaz should die with the pregnancy *i don’t like her at all* lol.
    Sally I love you sooo very much. I’ve read all your stories and it feels like i know you already. Please can you make tomorrow’s episode lonnng *puppy face* 🙂

  37. AOS says:

    Threesome will turn to war zone between the women, so it’s a No for me but I like Yaz, she’s a woman who wants love and attention too regardless of who gets hurt. If Yaz must go please give her a wonderful exit with a correct bobo. Me don’t like the idea of Tola going over to Mary’s house at all.
    Another power couples I like Kene and Mary, please bless Mary with a child for us.
    Truly Dele’s wife needs a name.
    Honey and Jide, always on point.
    Hauwa really deserves a man that will treat her right, I can feel her pain. With African mentality, where been single as a woman is seen as a curse especially in her 30s. God bless every single who wish to marry with their own hubby, Amen.
    Thank God Dom is alive, Genesis well done for standing strong and as for Lex & Kas biko forgive each other and get back together. We all know your destiny are together.

    My great Sally, you are too much. Thank you always, anytime any Day. How is hubby and kids doing?
    Please, let’s break Okada bookstore again with “Boys With Toys”, just a suggestion. Please do take care of yourself and rest alot OK…..xoxo.

  38. Glady_coco says:

    This their threesome something is tiring but nevertheless I would not want to wish Yasmin Ill/ out of the picture because it was Oga Emekas roving penis that caused this whole drama.
    I believe they can all work it out.

  39. Bman says:

    Lovely episode, Sally. I think Emeka, Tola and Yasmin can work. It’s not an ideal situation for any of them, but it is what it is. Looking forward to today’s episode. Thanks, Sally.

  40. lola says:

    Tola better live with it after all she slept with jide and was still 4given so what’s the big deal.(though it’s hard but he don happen he don happen)

  41. Peace says:

    Beautiful as always Sally… didn’t notice when Tola & Mary became yummy, pls how’s Genesis holding it all in can’t wait for when she will burst. Sally thanks for keeping Dom alive. Keep writing beautifully

  42. Cheyi says:

    Madam Sally, D’alu for this episode! Abeg, Yaz should just go and sit down and let Tola have her baby jeje. Tola must not loose that pregnancy o. Dominic should get well soon, we still need him alive. Cheers!

  43. Jay says:

    Hahahahahahaha. I laff in spanish. Community penis indeed. Weldone sis.

  44. Dayo says:

    This Emeka sef, na wa.. so glad Dominic is fine…

  45. ola says:

    I m team Tola, abeg Yazmin should just disappear

  46. Nwanne says:

    Hook Yaz up with someone with plenty of time to pay attention to her. She’s too needy for a threesome with a strong character like Tola.

  47. Oluchi Amuda says:

    Oh Sally…. you always make my day anytime i read any of your stories, no dull moment. Thanks for the promised episode twelve, just cant wait to read it.

  48. Toyenlon says:

    Happy to see that Dominick didn’t die. Lex and Kasiobi should have their talk and decide once and for all which way to go instead of dancing round their feelings for each other. Tola, Yaz and Emeka are a funny lot but realy no woman will want to find herself in such a situation, Tola is really trying. Thanks for this episode.

  49. Queen Sadiq says:

    Great episode as always… pls would love to know sup with ekene and Mary na

  50. consyspark says:

    i feel for Hauwa tho. me i am not even yet in my mid twenties and my aunts have started singing marriage song not to now say when i am 38.
    as for Mex and his wives i dont even know what to think. Yaz should kukuma leave the equation lets know what we are dealing with.
    so Dom is still alive. was thinking he would die ooo

  51. Sophia says:

    Tanks Aunty Sally. I like Tola for Mex ,she’s a typical Nigerian woman,as for Yazmin,sorry o. you don’t have to be married to Mex,I understand your pain tho,. Am happy for Tonbra and Kasbi ,cool..Honey and Jide tho….

  52. Seye Seye says:

    Big ups Sally. Thanks for this, as I anticipate the next epsiode (shebi you promised us :D).
    I really wanna see where Lex and Kas are going. It won’t be bad if their no-holds-barred discussion bears a good fruit. Glad Dominic will likely still be here (as actor nor dey die for feem).
    Jide and Honey sha dey totori people (myself inclusive). One thing I have kept in mind is that it’s not an easy something sha. A lot of sacrifice and understanding makes a power couple. Meanwhile, I hope it’s not Kasiobi that just walked out with Ndidi…
    Much as most folks want Yazmin out of the picture, I’d still like to have her continue with Mex and Tola. There’s drama involved with the trio. Beyond the drama, this happens in real life, so biko let Yaz stay.
    I can sit back and wait for the next episode.
    Like I always pray, your ink won’t run dry and your mind won’t stop conceiving great stories.

  53. iamhorllamii says:

    Sally!!! Sally d gr8 writer tanx so much 4 ds episode I laff tired. As 4 Mex nd his yard pple I suggest u shuld let dem b let dem continue wv Der drama u knw….Yaz receive Brain 2 behave maturlly,Tolz receive grace 2 accept Ur cross,Mex receive wisdom 2 rule as a hubby IJN(amen). Genesis strong women tanx 4 staying wv our actor. LexKas abeg lke una settle once nd 4 all nd stop da emotional child play Oo. papa nd mama jidney una too much. . ….. Leme run go read nxt episode

  54. Carah says:

    “Sorry for yourself and your whole family back in Mexico” I don’t know why I find dt part really funny. Yaz no try at all o. I also don’t want her out of d picture . She ,Tola and mex make a good trio( because of their drama). Honey and jide 💕💕💕. Thanks sally

  55. Turban Girl says:

    Sal!! Too much sauce in this episode! Genesis’s strength is to die for, I love how she manages to contain her emotions, that can’t be easy. As much as I want to root for Didi and Kas, can’t let go of Lex and Kas.
    Am enjoying the polygamous house drama, but I really really feel their pain, Hauwa said it all, to have that one that is devoted to you.
    Thank you Sally, wish you good health always

  56. Busola says:

    Thank God Dominic is well… I have always loved Lexus and Kasiobi’s love story. Yipeee…How many guys will Ndidi bring home? Kasiobi hasnt even entered the picture niyen oh… I think Yazmin should go but it wouldn’t be right because its Emeka’s fault…

    Thanks for the episode Sally. Btw, will Dele’s wife be dele’s wife forever? 😀

  57. lemubs says:

    Thanks Anty Sally
    I love Yaz btw

  58. hacolyte says:

    Sally u rock, wat an episode. I’m happy for Genesis n Wonyintonbra dat Baba God releases Dominic back to earth. Sally u can work Yazsmin for me n I wud love her n take kai of her pregnancy.

  59. i_the_word says:

    I don’t know how many times I keep saying this: we need a Yaz-Emeka-Tola threesome! I’m sorry if that sounds dirty, but it is what it is lol. Really, though, Tola – too little too late. Should’ve done this a long time ago. I actually adore Yaz, and at the same time, Tola has grown from being the scheming, conniving bitch to someone with a lot of balls and a lot of wisdom. I can’t pick a side. They all need to work their shit out and start having threesome sex. Why won’t Sally give us the threesome episode!!
    And as for Dominic, he’s going to die. I don’t want him to, but the handwriting is on the wall.
    Off to read the next episode.


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