It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #12

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  1. Asma says:

    Sally!!! You’re amazing! You’ve made my week!!!! 😁 Thank you!!! Now going on to read 🙈

    • Asma says:

      It’s so beautiful! I’m glad Dominic is fine and Lex and Kas are back together! Great job Sally! Have a great night rest 😘

  2. calabar gal says:

    Sally! U did not disappoint! Been refreshing like kilode! Off to read now. 🙂

  3. Fareey says:

    😘😘😘 You’re the best! I was just about to sleep and I remembered that you promised a new episode today. Rushed off to refresh my mailbox and there it was! Thank you 😊. Running off to read 😁 . Have a pleasant week ahead.

  4. Jumes says:

    First to comment.💃💃💃. Sally, first of all thank you.
    Hmmmm i remember it was Yaz dt Honey was defending dt tym dt she and Jide fought about it and blablabla happened, i hope nothing serious happens ds tym.
    Dominic, thank God you’re back, most times the idea of death itself is not painful but when you think of d people you love and how they will take it, dt tears you apart.
    Wura has to get to a point where her past won’t have a hold over her, my heart really goes out to her.
    Kasbi and Lexus, hmmm, i so love reunited love.
    Yaz, hmmmm however much i really don’t like you because you’re giving Tola wahala, Mex caused all these with his community penis.
    Sally ya forever d bestest.

  5. Folarin says:

    Lovely episode Mrs Dadzie, thank you.

  6. favour says:

    Like you are mega amazing Sally

    When the notification came in,am like Sally is so dependable

    Thank You

  7. Lady D says:

    Now I can go to bed. Thank you Sally!! 😊💋

  8. Abike says:

    Thank God Dominic is back! I love love Dominic❤. Thanks Sally, u rock!

  9. olabisi says:

    You rock Sally

  10. OBA says:

    Another wonderful episode, keep up the good work Sally

  11. iamhorllamii says:

    Wow! ds episode s amazing. Api 4 lex nd kas 4 making up. Tank God Dominic Ws alive…..Tanx sally 4 da bonus episode u really mke ma week splendid OSHEY

  12. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Wow, lovely read. Kasiobi and Lexus have got back together much sooner than I thought. Or, is there something that will draw them apart again? Mex and his harlem of women! One is tough enough to handle, not to mention two.

    Funny how I just learnt today that the word is ‘pouf’ not ‘puff’ as we thought when we were kids. LOL!

    • Kemi says:

      Thanks Sally for making my journey to work more interesting despite the mad *** traffic. I wish it would go on and on.
      Thanks for this and for always.
      I really love Kasiobi and Lexus re uniting but I wish they talked about the horse in the room first, though I’m sure reminding themselves of what they share might help ease off the steam of what is to come.
      For Wura and Mymood, this phase is bonding them in a way. Sometimes love is more proven in the phase of challenges.
      Have a good and highly productive week Madam Sally and all Moskedapages fan club.

  13. Carah says:

    I am glad Lex and kas are back and Dominic ddnt die. Thanks for not killing him sally. I love you 💋

  14. CHINNY says:

    Thanks Sally.

  15. pelumi says:

    Well it’s sally what do we expect,,this was breakfast for me,thanks Sally,I love yaz dunno why everyone is just rooting for tola and mex,

  16. Gift says:

    Well it’s sally what do we expect,,this was breakfast for me,thanks Sally,I love yaz dunno why everyone is just rooting for tola and mex,

  17. lola says:

    Oh sally….u made my day. Thanks in a million

  18. adebayo says:

    Please let’s take a minute and think about Yaz, my heart goes out to her. Sally biko hook her up with a good guy who gives her all she deserves. Emeka doesn’t deserve her.
    Dominic is alive and I’m sure that puts an end to all his incessant travellings.
    Lex and Kas nice one!
    Honey and Jide’s relationship….goals!

  19. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    I refreshed so tay sleep carry me waka… First thing i did on my phone too..
    I’m one big fan of Kaslex.. may nothing come betwixt them again.. Thank God Dom is back..
    i feel for Yaz and highly disappointed in Jide.. If Emeka loved Tola that much Yaz won’t have ever been in the picture-now that she is, he should own up to his responsibilities and love both women equally jae..

  20. Dayo says:

    So glad that Lex and Kas are back together. Thanks Sally for this episode

  21. Rikitava says:

    Awww….this episode is all shades of sweetness 😍😍😍

  22. Zee says:

    Aaaaaawwww! thanks for not killing Dominic, I feel so much for Yaz…. I love this Lex gal….. Lex and Kas… aaaaawwww

  23. wumi says:

    so much to love in this episode. how are you Sally?

  24. Adewunmi says:

    “I keep it 100”
    Forever loyal to your ministry.
    Sally don’t cause trouble for Lex and Kaz. Let Didi be occupied. Let ChiChi find someone else pls.
    Let Emeka free Yaz. Let her find someone else. Let Tola respect and care for Yaz. Yaz needs love biko.

    Dominic should be home for the next one year to breathe and play with the kids.
    Thank you Boss Sally

  25. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Kasiobi and Lexus were meant for each other.

  26. Tomii says:

    Wow!!!! I doff my hat for u Sally… need I say more on this episode? No
    Thanks so much for not making my refreshing of this page go in vain…u are simply awesome Sal…mwaahhhh

  27. onyichick says:

    everybody loves to blame yaz but they forget that it’s emeka that carried himself to yaz while he was still in a relationship with tola and went ahead to get her pregnant. I really do feel sorry for her cos she deserves better.

  28. zeeniey says:

    Yaz… So sad! LexKas… Yes! Thank you Sally

  29. folakemi says:

    Aww Sally this episode is soooo

  30. Damilola says:

    I don’t want to cry but cannt help it

  31. Classiq says:

    Thanks Sally for always coming through. U are the best.

  32. loolah says:

    This episode is just #Fiftyshadesof awesomeness. i just love lex and kas reunion rili routing for them. Thanks for this episode sally. u are d bestest!!!!!

  33. gbemmy says:

    sally you are just amazing…….God bless that mind of urs which conjurs the stories u write and make perfect the hands that types each letters

  34. Social Islamic Ustadh says:


  35. Melissa says:

    I really feel Mex should let go of Yaz, and let someone else love her.
    Thanks Sally for this beautiful story. I think you are one intelligent and versatile person, I say this judging from the quality of the way you write. I admire you alot.

  36. Simplygold says:

    Wow episode! Tnx Sally. Yaz should just leave and find someone that really love her. Getting pregnant after a baby for a man that is not really available is a very stupid move.
    Mymood, that is love; standing and taking the embarrassment with your woman..

  37. Funmilola Adekola says:

    If you marry another woman husband no matter the circumstances, expect the worst! Am happy for Dominic and Lexus, Lexus and Kas, all the best!

  38. Steven says:


  39. Seye Seye says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you Sally.
    Nice that Dominic is getting back on his feet gradually. Some of us have these huge set of ambitions and dreams that make us forget to slow down. Finding a balance is needed.
    I like how Wura stamped her authority in Gen’s absence. This Ndidi ehn! I hope she won’t get ‘hit and run over’.
    The Yaz-Mex-Tola drama tho. I like how it happens, I like how you settle them. These things happen…
    Thanks once again Sally. Bless up

  40. Busola says:

    Yayyyyy!!!!! Lexus and Kasiobi! Yayyyyy!!!! I have always loved them. I love their story…. Woo Woo, thats something about the past, it likes to show up unannounced. With time it wont affect you so muvh again…. Dominic is back. Yippee.. Yazmin the spoilt child…

    Thanks for the episode Sally.

  41. mz_eluanza says:

    Yaz n drama…honey d director… M not in d mood to comment jor il just stoll to Twitter

  42. Toyenlon says:

    Lovely episode as usual, thanks.

  43. bola says: Sally always keeps it real, love u and thank u so much

  44. Calliboom says:

    wow what a lovely episode! happy kas and Lexus are back together and Dominic alive… honey should better watch it before regretting for bringing yazmin into her home.. thanks Sally… forever continue to slay your are the best….

  45. Omowunmi says:

    I don’t like the direction the Emeka, Tola n Yazmin drama is going. I won’t blame Yaz, she craved attention and hoped to find it by getting pregnant.
    Wura needs to understand that her past would always be a part of her n live freely.
    Thanks Sally as always.

  46. AOS says:

    Finally, they are back together….yuppie.
    Thank you Sally and HBD once again.

  47. anita says:

    An incredible episode. i luvvvvvv it. tnks sally

  48. Sarah says:

    Well written Sal, I love every bit of it… You are the best

  49. the_word says:

    Kass and Lex. Jide and Honey. Genesis and Dominic. My favourite couples! I’m so glad Kass and Lex are back together. I hope they stay that way. No more unusual drama. Though I’m sure Chichi is around the corner, but we’ve seen that happen before. Didn’t work out then, won’t work out now. Oh man, lovely episode. Love the way it ended. I’m not a romantic kinda dude, but it touched me.

  50. mary says:


  51. Temmy says:

    Intriguing… I’ve been gone AWOL for a while now, but now I’m back. Big ups Madam Sally


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