The Darker Berry #1

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83 Responses

  1. ibk says:

    hmm…I don’t normally do this but hey, who cares??
    1st to comment ever on the story
    sit tight.. strolling up to read from 2 amazing writers

  2. Jumes says:

    Yikes … juicy read…i like…all these complicated love….Tomi well done

  3. ty says:

    Wow! Well second to comment.
    Enjoying this already

  4. adebayo says:

    Ok ok ok ok…
    I’m glad this was long.
    Chai!, next week is 7 long days away o.

    Sally and Tomi keep it coming!

  5. T4temi says:

    Umi is such a beautiful name and she is a character i can relate with…… I dont understand why men cant just take what a woman is giving and be ok with it….. They must sha choke life and freedom out of u with all dese proposals….rubbish….. Eh eh…. Na joke i dey o….. I’m sitting tight for this one……it will be a nice ride with sally and tomi.

  6. Adefunke says:

    this is a love quadrangle or what? collaboration of two amazing writers leads to volcanic eruption. This is great

  7. iamhorllamii says:

    Great work there Sally nd Tomi. Dis Umi get men’s head oo, y all guys want her. Okay mke I sit down nd watch were it will end.

  8. bert says:

    Nice Hit Sally and Tomi. If u guys where musicians u wud have dropped platinum.

  9. Zee says:

    I am so gonna love this!

  10. Neymar 😍 says:

    Dis is aawesme . Naw i hav to watch out for next episodes like i do for IANS. PLENTY tanz Tomi n Sally

  11. Tomii says:

    OMG!!! I know this is gonna be a long ride and I’m so gonna love itttttttttttt.
    Thanks Sally boo and my namesake Tomi. This your combo is gonna be a badass one..hehehehe

  12. Social Islamic Ustadh says:

    Love, lust, faith, betrayal…d theme is vry erotic. Lookin forward to d darker part.

  13. Busola says:

    I love it already. I love Sally and Tomi. Tomi likes to write 18+ stories. I am certain she wrote Femi’s part. I always look forward to her stories…

    Umi darling what is wrong with you? Why are you doing men like that ehn? You need to face your fears and take risk. Life is filled with risks thats how we move up in life. I cant wait for the next episode. A lot will definitely happen. I just wonder how Femi and Umi will confront their fears because they will so fall in love…

    Thanks Sally and Tomi. I love you duo. Muah

  14. CHINNY says:

    Correct combination @Sally and Tomi. Waiting for next episode.

  15. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    It was worth the anticipation. Chibuzor already sounds like a bad guy…it’s crazy how one can wait someone they know is probably beyond their grasp. I’m salivating at the thoughts of how Umi and Femi’s love story would unravel.

  16. hacolyte says:

    Awesone n real tight, Tomi n Sally u guyz rock. An interesting reading from d start 2d end, waiting for d 2nd episode o. 💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👊👊👊👊

  17. gbemmy says:

    damn, damner, damnest. this is hot
    baddest combination from two awesome writers

  18. Pacesetter says:

    hummmn, but why Sundays only? will be salivating for a long time.

  19. Carah says:

    I like this femi guy already and I can’t wait for how his love story with umi will turn out.kudos to sally and tomi👍

  20. Damilola says:

    Good read ooooooo
    . But with Sally and Timi I didn’t expect less

  21. bi says:

    all I can say is gbam 👊👊👊👊 am hooked already

  22. Adeshina omotayo* says:

    Pls give out tomi blog name psl

  23. toyin says:

    Sally and tomi’s combo simply awesome, wish we can get this twice a week. I think I’m team femi and Umi already lol. buzor? nah. good work

  24. olabisi says:

    sweet… nice read Tomi

  25. @Oge_writes says:

    Trust you to deliver thunder.
    You and Tomi are fire.
    This was such a fantastic read Sal. And I love the plot already!

  26. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    I am already drowned by the twist.. Wondrous beginning, Nice read👌

  27. Quincy says:

    Hehehe I saw my name and just had to comment

  28. Rikitava says:

    It’s about to go down! Note to self: Always read on sunday, never on a Monday morning* really good read. Eku ishe

  29. Fsf says:

    Adekunle Gold’s friend zones is banging a loud Jam here.Umi i like already

  30. Kany T. Dahl says:

    2 outstanding writers, 2 blogs, 1 story.
    Am looking forward to more juicy scenes. I think I’ll like Femi’ character .
    Nice one Madam Salz and Sisi Tomi

  31. Iyanu says:

    Oh my loving this story😋😍

  32. Simplygold says:

    Interesting piece, thumb up to great writers.

  33. Modupe says:

    I am sorry i am vain ooo, but this line got me, “holding on to her as he emptied himself into the condom he wore minutes before”….more of these sex stories should have people wearing condoms……..aM Out, wanna continue reading…..great one tomi and sally

  34. Toyenlon says:

    Very interesting read…kudos

  35. Haryoka says:

    One Word C A P T I V A T I N G

  36. marytess says:

    Interesting,and captivating looking forward to next week.
    please how do I locate Tomi’s blog

  37. Sophia says:

    Nice, likey..its a long read.

  38. Temmy says:

    I just saw this now and damn!!
    I’m impressed., big ups

  39. Sarah says:

    Perfect beginning… Keep it coming

  40. lemubs says:

    Longggggggg Mehn
    I’m so gonna enjoy this.
    I came with a Mat

  41. the_word says:

    This is what you get when you mix the talent of two of the best fiction bloggers in the game: explosive awesomeness!

  42. Calliboom says:

    juicy beginning… loving it already.. thanks to two great writers Sally and Toni.. we love you guys.. keep it rolling in

  43. Deyrinsola says:

    When two masters meet they create a masterpiece, loving this already

  44. wasmakelly says:

    lip zipped, lets ride (in DJ Khalid voice)

  45. Seye Seye says:

    Not too late to join the party. I so enjoyed this start, and I’m 150 percent sure it’s gon’ be a jolly ride.
    Thank you Sally; Thank you Tomi.
    Lemme play catch up…

  46. amanda anne aziegbe says:

    when two great writers decide to collabo, you can only expect nothing but the best. keep it coming dearies…much luvvvv :* :* :*


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